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Democratic National Convention, day 2: Top 15 faces of people waiting to hear Bill Clinton

There is little doubt that former President Bill Clinton’s speech during Wednesday night’s Democratic National Convention was nothing less than a barn-burner. “Loose and ebullient, sprinkling his text with ad libs, Clinton reminded viewers what a powerful speaker he is, and how his pleasure in speechifying can be contagious,” wrote EW’s Ken Tucker. “Obama has his work cut out for him [Thursday] night to top this.”

Clinton’s oratory had the added effect of blasting away the cobwebs from an evening of speeches from non-professional speakers that ranged from agreeably engaging to stilted and bland — in marked contrast to the DNC’s first night of expertly choreographed and electrically delivered addresses. One need only look over the faces of the convention crowd Tuesday night to get a sense that many attendees were pretty much just waiting for the evening’s headliner to show up already. Forthwith, I give you the top 15 faces of people biding their time for Bill Clinton, rating their state of political lethargy ranging from 1 (fifth season of The West Wing) to 10 (five-hour C-SPAN broadcast about sorghum futures). Enjoy!  READ FULL STORY

Democratic National Convention, day 1: Recapped by America (on Twitter)

The #DNC was all the rage Tuesday night on the Twitter — as my dad calls it. And if you followed the hashtag throughout the night, a few things became clear as the speeches went on:

1. No matter who wins in November, there will be Mitt Romney Santa Clauses on store shelves.

2. Kal Penn can get anything to trend.

3. Suri Cruise just met her match in the kiddies with ‘tude department.

4. The night was filled with some highly quotable moments.

5. And speeches are so much more interesting when experienced in a community of Tweeting maniacs (#oneofus). In fact, if you followed closely, you probably didn’t have to watch at all. (NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN ADVISED ACTION.)

So I present a recap of last night’s DNC, seen through 30 tweeting Americans — plus a few observations from CNN and Buzzfeed:  READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: 'Breaking Bad,' President Obama, and NFL football

President Obama and the Democrats get their chance to respond to last week’s Republican convention, as their own three-night infomercial kicks off Tuesday night in Charlotte. The Republicans had to deal with a hurricane that spared Tampa but flooded the Gulf Coast. The Democrats have their own sideshow problems: The NFL season kicks off Wednesday night.

If you’re already conventioned out, and the first blitz of football fever makes you twitch, there’s still plenty of top-notch entertainment to consume, beginning with tonight’s Breaking Bad and culminating with the premiere-packed opening weekend at the Toronto Film Festival. READ FULL STORY

InvisibleObama account takes Twitter by storm, despite brief disappearance

Shortly after 10 p.m. Eastern last night, Clint Eastwood took the stage at the Republican National Convention and began arguing with an empty chair meant to represent President Obama. Moments later, an enterprising Twitter user created a novelty account based on the incident: @ClintsChair. That handle didn’t really catch on — but rival account @InvisibleObama did. When I retweeted the account’s first message around 10:21, it had fewer than 100 followers. An hour later, it had amassed tens of thousands — by 10 a.m. this morning, the count was up to 40,000. See, transparency works!

Sometime after 9 a.m. today, Invisible Obama was temporarily suspended; we’re working on finding out why. (It reappeared around 9:40 a.m. with this message: “I’m back. Sorry about that. @Twitter took the invisible thing a little too literally. Now where were we…”) Thankfully, retweets and screenshots mean that this masterpiece’s best jokes were never truly lost. Here are some of my favorites:


Do Facebook political rants make you want to UnFriend?

This Nov. 17 is National UnFriend Day, the third annual holiday that encourages Facebook users to prune their roster of “Friends” of people they haven’t spoken to in 11 years, but nevertheless grant access to their online vacation photos. But with the Republican National Convention in full swing and the presidential campaign kicking in to high gear, it wouldn’t surprise me if many Facebook users are jumping the gun on the cleansing holiday.

Surely you’ve checked your Facebook account in the past two days to discover posts, links, and status updates related to the convention in Tampa, where Ann Romney, Chris Christie, and Paul Ryan have set the table for Mitt Romney to accept his party’s nomination for president tonight. Facebook is a forum that inspires great personal proclamations, sentiments we might be more reluctant to express in a real, face-to-face conversation. Looking at some of my Friends comments, I can’t decide if Facebook acts as an X-ray machine or a warping funhouse mirror. Some of the comments are so belligerent and obnoxious (and in many cases, misinformed) that one can’t help but feel to urge to… Unfriend. READ FULL STORY

Who should be the mystery GOP convention speaker? Clint Eastwood? Tim Tebow? Hologram of Reagan?

The success of any tightly scripted, live event is certainly measured in ratings, ticket sales, buzz, and — with regard to quadrennial political nominating conventions — voting returns. But the real yardstick for any major pop-culture event comes down to one simple element: The surprise celebrity cameo. Recent examples include James Bond and Queen Elizabeth skydiving into the London Olympics Opening Ceremonies; Tupac Shakur’s hologram at Coachella; and when Jon Hamm popped up to say goodbye to Kristen Wiig on SNL.

Hoping to add itself to that storied list, apparently, is the 2012 Republican National Convention. The latest RNC schedule, released on Monday, notes that before presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney is introduced by Sen. Marco Rubio, the convention will hear remarks from someone — or something — “To Be Announced.” That tantalizing clue lead FoxNews.com today to report via a single unnamed source that actor, filmmaker, and all-around American icon Clint Eastwood is indeed the surprise guest.

Unless it’s football player Tim Tebow.  READ FULL STORY

Republican National Convention: Tuesday's winners, and who'd play Ann Romney in a movie?

I can’t believe I watched it either! I’d like to thank the following five forces of nature for making my first prime time RNC viewing experience such a pleasure.

1. Mitt’s Body Man: This is the genius name of Mitt Romney’s personal aide’s Twitter account. The guy keeps posting pic after pic of Romney doing human-like activities like watching TV, and of the happy Happy Days couple settling down in their sexy hotel room. But I’m mostly excited by the name.

2. Erin Burnett: The third Deschanel sister is a complete delight, able to voice everything CNN viewers are feeling with just her face! I like how she’s constantly tweeting on her smartphone and can barely be bothered to look up. (Along with Wolf.) READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: 'True Blood' season ends, but the political season kicks off. Plus: Alanis, 'Lawless', and more!

We’re nearing the end of the dog days of summer, which means it’s time for summer finales, fall TV on the horizon, the political conventions getting underway, and (soon) a coveted Labor Day off. This week has True Blood wrapping up in all its gore, Alanis putting out a new jam, and Doctor Who kicking off its seventh BBC America season (but actually its 50th year on TV – wow). Have a great week!

True Blood season 5 finale, 9 p.m., HBO

True Blood’s fifth season has been gory, creepy, and intense – with more sups, more death, and loads of flashbacks. Will we find out what the deal is finally with Lafayette and all those spirits? Will the Vampire wars come to a head? Will Bill and Eric emerge as friends or mortal (er, immortal) enemies? True Blood season 5 wraps Sunday, so get your mind reading skills in shape.


Obama opens up about Clooney friendship: 'George is a wonderful guy'

Don’t get Barack Obama wrong: While he regularly rubs elbows with the likes of Catwoman and Sarah Jessica Parker at fundraisers, he’s not constantly palling around with Hollywood’s elite. No, sir. Not one bit. Well, except for George Clooney, who is legitimately one of the president’s close buddies. “George is a wonderful guy,” Obama tells Entertainment Tonight during a segment that will air this evening.

“And he’s cute, too!” his wife Michelle chimes in.

That’s right: Obama and Clooney are tight, and apparently have been since the commander-in-chief’s pre-White House days. As Obama explains, “The truth is we got to know each other because of a substantive issue. He is a terrific advocate on behalf of the people of Darfur and to the people of Sudan who’ve been brutalized for a long time. And so when I was a senator — this was well before I was president — that was an issue that I was working together on a bipartisan basis, and George, who had traveled there, done documentaries there, and was very well-informed, came to testify in Congress. And so we got to know each other, and he is a good man and a good friend.”


Presidential PopWatch round-up on Joe Biden: 'Chariots of Fire,' Michael Connelly, and whichever football team his current audience likes

When Joe Biden shakes hands with Paul Ryan before the vice-presidential debate on Oct. 11, many observers will focus on the contrasts. Notably, their ages: Ryan is only 42 while Biden is now 69. But the vice-president may feel for a moment as if he’s looking in the mirror. After all, he was one of youngest men to ever join the U.S. Senate when he was sworn in at the age of 29 in 1973 (when Ryan was only 2 years old.) Both men are favorite Irish sons from their respective states, Roman Catholic, and famously more handsome and charismatic than most of their Washington peers. Ryan is happy to discuss his workout regimens, but Biden is an ex-football player who maintains that he still pumps some iron now and again. It will be interesting to see whose hand is whitest when they finally release their killer grips.

One of the reasons we’re interested in politicians pop-cultural preferences is because their selections sometimes give us a clue about who they really are, in a way that 1,000 stump speeches cannot. Biden’s not exactly an open book, but his favorites do tell you quite a bit about who he is and where he came from. First off, he embraces his Irishness, and all that it entails. READ FULL STORY

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