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Cher apologizes for Twitter rant against Mitt Romney and conservatives: 'I was a Hater!'

Never one to mince words about the issues, Cher started a flame war yesterday when she tweeted — and later deleted — some harsh words for the GOP’s presidential hopeful: “If ROMNEY gets elected I don’t know if I can breathe same air as Him & his Right Wing Racist Homophobic Women Hating Tea Bagger Masters.”

Though many rose to support Cher’s passion, several followers railed against the Oscar winner for her opinions. It only fueled the diva, who responded to one fan, “TOO HARSH? That’s me Holding BACK! They care nothing about the POOR The OLD The SICK The HUNGRY CHILDREN & People striving 4 a Better LIFE ! –” READ FULL STORY

Celebs tweet their reaction to North Carolina's Amendment One

In the wake of North Carolina’s election results that approved Amendment One, a ban on same-sex marriage, celebrities have rallied on Twitter to speak out for equality. Ellen DeGeneres, who had a legal wedding in California before Prop 8 passed, tweeted, “Getting married was one of the greatest things I have ever done. I hope everyone in North Carolina gets the same opportunity someday.”

Fellow out actors Alan Cumming and Modern Family‘s Jesse Tyler Ferguson also tweeted their disappointment with the decision in North Carolina, as did straight actors Russell Brand, Christopher Gorham, North Carolina native Brooklyn Decker, and even a certain Harry Potter character who must not be named. See their responses and more below. READ FULL STORY

Johnny Depp's inspiration for Willy Wonka: An incredibly stoned George W. Bush

Johnny Depp visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show for the first time today, revealing the inspiration for some of his most iconic characters and his greatest personal terror — dancing. While Dark Shadows costars Michelle Pfeiffer and Chloe Grace Moretz hoofed it as they were introduced to the audience, Depp resisted. “I fear it more than anything in the world,” he told Ellen when she asked him why he refused to dance. “I’d rather swallow a bag of hair.”

Later, the star discussed some of his more famous creations, including Edward Scissorhands, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Willy Wonka. “Certain ingredients you add to these characters — Willy Wonka, for example, I imagined what George Bush would be like…incredible stoned,” he said, as the crowd began laughing at the mention of Bush and Wonka in the same sentence. “Anywhere that you can find a moment of irreverence or absurdity, I’ll stick it right in there — sometimes to the dismay of the director.” Watch the exchange below: READ FULL STORY

Ted Nugent defends 'CBS This Morning' blow-up with one truly unfortunate puppy reference -- LISTEN

Even Ted Nugent’s explanations are incendiary. After going off on a CBS This Morning correspondent last week, rowdy rocker Ted Nugent defended his outburst to AM radio host Mike Broomhead. Naturally, the way in which Nugent explained himself was just as outrageous as the incident itself. “The left media and Wasserman Schultz will try to tell you that I threaten the president’s life and that I’m a mean, nasty man who wants to rape your puppy,” said Nugent. Wait, what? Who brought puppies into this? Listen to the full interview below. READ FULL STORY

Ted Nugent is extremely irritated you don't think he's moderate -- VIDEO

Mouthy rocker Ted Nugent went off on CBS This Morning correspondent Jeff Glor for daring to say his rather un-moderate opinions might present problems for Mitt Romney’s presidential hopes. (Nugent endorsed Romney in March). So how does talk of charity work turn into an expletive-laden rant? That’s just how The Nuge rolls. He’s so moderate he’s extreme — “extremely loving, passionate… [and] a damn nice guy.”

Below, see Nugent talk about the Romney campaign’s response to his “accelerated” activism and describe his “adorable” meet-up with the Secret Service after “brain-dead” liberals questioned comments he made about President Barack Obama. Scroll to the 4:50 mark if you just want to see Nuge lose it.


Jon Stewart goes toe-to-toe with evangelical activist David Barton -- EXTENDED VIDEO

When is Comedy Central’s biggest fake news program not a fake news program? When host Jon Stewart engages in a serious, nearly joke-free debate with one of his guests. These discussions aren’t as rare as one might expect them to be, given The Daily Show‘s status as a comedy program — and that’s a good thing, since watching one sort of feels like eating a meaty entree after sampling some delicious but light appetizers.

Last night, The Daily Show welcomed controversial Christian advocate David Barton. Ostensibly, Barton was there to plug a new book about Thomas Jefferson. But after his guest explained the tome’s basic premise — contrary to one popular belief, our third president was a religious man rather than a secularist –the discussion soon veered off in a different direction. Stewart began asking Barton why modern Christians often feel as though they’re being persecuted, despite the fact that the U.S. is still an overwhelmingly Christian country.

From there, Barton began talking about the work he’s done with Christians who have been targeted for what he calls exercising their free speech — things like handing out bibles and, in the case of one five-year-old kid, praying over his lunch at school. READ FULL STORY

Hillary Clinton to Jason Segel: 'I love you man, but I won't be in your movie'

Jason Segel will have to start courting another leading lady. After mentioning that he would like to work with Hillary Clinton, the Five-Year Engagement star just received a “Dear Jason” letter from the Secretary of State herself (courtesy of Politico). Click through to see how the most powerful woman in the world gave Segel the gentle brush-off and which co-star she won’t work without (hint: it’s not Bill). READ FULL STORY

Lindsay Lohan will attend the White House Correspondents' Dinner -- but she's not the event's oddest guest ever

This Saturday night, while you’re watching John Cusack brood in The Raven or catching up on Game of Thrones — or doing something besides staring at a glowing rectangle — a certain flame-haired actress will be dining with America’s commander-in-chief. That’s right: Lindsay Lohan, newly minted Lifetime movie star, will attend 2012′s White House Correspondents’ dinner. Her rep tells the Washington Post that Lilo is going to be a guest of Fox News host Greta van Susteren, who must be a closet fan of I Know Who Killed Me. And to make matters even odder, Lohan’s defense attorney Shawn Holley will also be present at the soiree. I guess that’ll come in handy if another lady accuses her of battery afterward.

It’s bizarre that Lohan’s going to rub elbows with Barack, Michelle, and a roster of Beltway insiders and Hollywood A-listers at the event. But ever since famous residents of the Left Coast started attending the WHCD in greater numbers, the event’s guest list has included more than a few head scratchers. For example: READ FULL STORY

Obama talks Jon Stewart, Mick Jagger, and his burgeoning musical career ('I can sing') in new 'Rolling Stone' interview

Barack Obama let loose with Jimmy Fallon last night, gamely slow-jamming the news and making cracks about not legalizing weed to a crowd stuffed with college students. But the president’s a bit more buttoned-up in a new Rolling Stone interview with Jann Wenner — well, at least until the conversation turns to a certain legendary soul singer.

The 6,500-word piece tackles everything from Obama’s views on marriage equality to the Keystone pipeline to turmoil in the Middle East. But we know what you’re really interested in: More scoop on 44′s famous take on Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” Apparently, the singing was inspired by the president’s deep aggravation: “It was my fifth event of the day,” he explains to Wenner. “It’s about 10:30 at night, and we go up to the Apollo. I wanted to hear Al Green. The guys who were working the soundboard in the back, a couple of real good guys, they say, ‘Oh, man, you missed the Reverend, but he was terrific, he was in rare form.’ So I was frustrated by that.”

But just as searing post-breakup pain leads to awesome post-breakup jams like “Since U Been Gone,” Obama used his frustration to fuel his musical outburst: “I just kind of broke into a rendition of ‘Let’s Stay Together.’ And they’re like, ‘Oh, so the president, you can sing, man. You should do that onstage.’” Though senior adviser Valerie Jarrett was against the idea, press secretary Jay Carney told Obama to go for it.

Was he nervous about taking on a classic in front of the man who made it famous? Of course not — this is No-Drama Obama we’re talking about. “I can sing,” he says. “I wasn’t worried about being able to hit those notes.” READ FULL STORY

Obama visits 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' tonight: Examining his talk show history -- VIDEO

Tonight marks President Barack Obama’s first appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, but it’s not the first time POTUS has made stops on the late-night circuit. Until former actor Ronald Reagan moved into the Oval Office, it was unheard of for the president to debase his political capital by visiting the same talk shows that trade in celebrities and animal segments. These days, it’s a required a stop on the campaign trail and an extension of the State of the Union address (minus the drinking games).

Indeed, conservative website the Washington Free Beacon reported yesterday that Obama and First Lady Michelle — who appeared on Late Night in February — have overtaken the Reagans as the most televised presidential couple in history. Even after 2008 opponent John McCain dismissively referred to Obama as a “celebrity,” Obama has been unabashed about appearing on a number of talk shows, including The View, The Daily Show, the Today show, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. He’s also filmed segments for programs ranging from The Colbert Report to American Idol and Betty White’s 90th Birthday: A Tribute to America’s Golden Girl. Below, we run down some of his notable appearances. READ FULL STORY

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