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Jon Stewart tackles gun control debate and Imaginary Hitler -- VIDEO

There ought to be a law against The Daily Show going on hiatus just when the political sh– really starts hitting the fan. The series aired its last episode of 2012 on Dec. 13; Newtown’s horrific school shooting came the very next day, spearheading the gun-control debate that’s since grabbed hold of the national news media. It wasn’t until last night — his second episode of 2013 — that Stewart finally got to weigh in on the issue, devoting two thirds of his program’s run time to a segment called “Scapegoat Hunter” — which detailed gun proponents’ reluctance to even entertain the notion that the United States needs stricter gun laws.

NRA head honcho Wayne LaPierre was a frequent target of the segment, as was Fox News host Mike Huckabee. And while Stewart made plenty of joking suggestions for ways to help curb gun violence — replace cool shooting sounds with goofy, cartoonish boings; have Woody Allen star in the next Bourne movie — he also got serious as the show’s first commercial break drew near: “We can dance around the issue all we want,” he said. “We can blame movies, or video games, or the mentally ill, or God. And it’s a complex problem, and all solutions have to be on the table. But it is time we talk about guns.” The host’s hoarse voice — the result of a winter cold — only gave more urgency to his words.


Conspiracy theorist goes off on epic gun rant, mocks Piers Morgan for being British -- VIDEO


Looks like “paleo-conservative” radio host Alex Jones has finally topped his raving, Charlie Sheen-defending 2011 appearance on The View.

The brains behind infowars.com — tagline: “BECAUSE THERE IS A WAR ON FOR YOUR MIND” — visited Piers Morgan Tonight yesterday, ostensibly to have a sensible debate with Morgan about gun control. Morgan has called for stricter gun laws in the wake of last month’s shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary; Jones, who estimates that he owns more than 50 firearms, has responded to Morgan’s statements by writing a petition to get the CNN host deported. As of this morning, the petition has over 106,000 signatures.

The whole “sensible debate” thing basically went out the window as soon as Jones started talking — about the “megabanks that control the planet” and “brag that they’re going to take our guns as well,” about selective seratonin reuptake inhibitors like Prozac (which he calls “suicide mass murder pills”), about the “criminal elements of the military industrial complex” that were also behind 9/11 and the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident, and about, uh, great white sharks. (It made sense in context. No it didn’t.)


YouTube reveals top 10 viral clips of 2012 -- VIDEO

The main takeaway from this list of 2012’s most viral YouTube clips? The days of “Charlie Bit My Finger” and “David After Dentist” are over.

Only one of these 10 videos — “Facebook Parenting” — was made by an average Joe; the other nine were all professionally produced. “There are more and more people who know how to build an audience, how to use YouTube,” YouTube trends manager Kevin Allocca explained to the Wall Street Journal. “There are companies who spend millions and millions of dollars trying to do create these videos.”

So yeah, that’s kind of horribly depressing. But watching these videos might cheer you up — even if many of the entries won’t surprise you at all. (Spoiler alert: Yes, Virginia, “Gangnam Style” made No. 1.)


Sarah Silverman reveals rules for being 'Bro-Choice' -- VIDEO

Celebrity PSAs aren’t just for election season anymore. This week, active activist Sarah Silverman released a new Funny or Die video supporting the Draw the Line campaign, which is working to collect signatures for its “Bill of Reproductive Rights.” (Silverman appeared in a video for Draw the Line alongside Meryl Streep, Kevin Bacon, and several other celebs when the campaign launched in October.)

The clip — which sounds like it was co-written by How I Met Your Mother‘s Barney Stinson — sees Silverman laying out the rules for being “Bro-Choice,” a.k.a. in favor of greater reproductive rights for women. Example: “The way to a woman’s heart is never through a mandatory vaginal ultrasound.”

Be bropen-minded and check out the (naturally) NSFW PSA below:


Chris Christie isn't 2012's 'Most Fascinating,' but delivers special's most memorable moment

Last night, Barbara Walters revealed 2012’s “Most Fascinating Person” in her annual ABC special. The winner: General David Petraeus, who “was not chosen this year for his war record or his exemplary service to his country.” Instead, said Walters, “This is about military honor, colliding with sex and lies in the digital age.”

Fair enough. Even so, the segment about Petraeus — who earned this same title in 2010 as well, albeit under very different circumstances — didn’t deliver the special’s most memorable moment. Neither did portions about Walters’s other picks, which included E L  James, Ben Affleck, Gabby Douglas, Prince Harry, Hillary Clinton, the boys of One Direction, Seth MacFarlane, and Honey Boo Boo (naturally).

Instead, the “Most Fascinating” scene came when Walters interviewed listmaker Chris Christie, New Jersey’s chief Springsteen lover (and, oh yeah, the state’s governor). At one point, the newswoman brought up a subject that made her feel “very uncomfortable”: his size.


Matt Damon's great Bill Clinton impression feels your pain -- VIDEO

Hold the phone — Matt Damon hasn’t hosted Saturday Night Live since 2002?! That’s bananas. The show could definitely use a strong dose of Bourne 1.0 in 2013 — especially if Damon whips out his unexpectedly spot-on Bill Clinton impersonation.

The Promised Land star did that impression on The Tonight Show yesterday, regaling Jay Leno with an anecdote about a screening of Good Will Hunting at Camp David circa 1997. He sounded just like our 42nd president — or, at least, like Darrell Hammond speaking as our 42nd president. And as a bonus, the story revealed why Clinton loves Tom Hanks. (It’s not just because everybody loves Tom Hanks.)


Bill Murray in 'Hyde Park': A very different FDR on film

Being an election year, it’s appropriate that 2012 has been a presidential year in Hollywood, too. The season would be remarkable for Daniel Day-Lewis’ portrayal of Abraham Lincoln alone, but this weekend, Bill Murray tackled an equally iconic American president, playing Franklin D. Roosevelt in Hyde Park on Hudson. Roosevelt took office in the midst of the Great Depression, was re-elected an unprecedented three times, and prepared the nation for World War II and successfully waged it — all the while being crippled by polio and anchored to a wheelchair.

Although FDR was famously charming, he was equally manipulative, a trait that Hyde Park director Roger Michell knew required the perfect actor to properly tell his story. “I needed someone with his sense of mischief and charm and sort of humanity, [in order to] forgive some of the things that he does in the film and some of the things that FDR did in real life,” Michell told EW in September. “I don’t think the film would’ve worked without Bill.”

Murray’s version of the president is extremely magnetic, but he’s hardly a saint. He disarms the visiting King of England with precision flattery, and his relationship with distant cousin and close confidante, Daisy Suckley (Laura Linney), reveals not only his vulnerability but his selfishness, his narcissism, and his outright deceitfulness. “Can you imagine being asked to play FDR?” said Linney. “I just couldn’t get over how brave Bill was. What an intimidating thing to take on. Because he’s playing an icon.”

An icon that Hollywood has often portrayed in more glowing superficial terms, focusing on Roosevelt’s optimism, determination, and charisma and relying heavily on caricature — the pince-nez glasses and cigarette holder, the clipped Transatlantic accent — to capture his essence. Click below to see some examples, from Ralph Bellamy to Kenneth Branagh. READ FULL STORY

Best of 2012: The real-world feuds

Here’s a list of 2012’s most memorable ongoing conflicts from the real world. READ FULL STORY

Best and Worst of 2012: The good, the bad and the grumpy memes

grumpycatmemeWhile 2011 was all about Ryan Gosling and Tim Tebow, 2012 was a ladies’ game. From Olympic gold medalist McKayla Maroney to Secretary of State Hillary and, yes, even those Hot Problems hot messes, it was girls who run the world… wide web. Though a few fellows managed to sneak in — and cats of course (this is the Internet, after all). Below, the best and worst of 2012. READ FULL STORY

President Obama hosts Twitter Q&A about fiscal cliff negotiations

There’s been a lot of big news today breaking online and in social media: Kate is having a baby, The Pope is on Twitter, Chris Brown is back on Twitter (Ugh), so naturally the President scheduled a Twitter Q&A to discuss it all.

Just kidding. His 2 p.m. live chat stuck entirely — with one exception — to fiscal cliff negotiations, primarily centered around his main point that without a deal being reached, the average middle-class family will have about $2000 less to spend or save next year. For those who think even a soundbite is too dense, check out his 140-character responses!

Sticking with the hashtag #My2k the President encouraged followers to ask him questions – which he then answered briefly before signing off each one with his standard ‘-bo’. For the conspiracy theorists among you, the White House also uploaded a photo of Obama’s hands typing out the answers (OR WERE THEY?!).

Unlike the President’s reddit Ask Me Anything chat a few months ago, the questions were handpicked by the White House and then were retweeted along with President Obama’s answers. You can check out a full play-by-play on The White House’s Twitter feed; check out some of the highlights below: READ FULL STORY

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