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'Please Like Me' star Josh Thomas really regrets dressing like Eminem


Josh Thomas is no stranger to a bottle of peroxide. During his awkward teen years, the Please Like Me creator and star emulated Slim Shady’s style, much to his own chagrin when he looks back now.

Fortunately, Thomas is well past his teen years as PLM picks up for a new season. Though the penultimate episode of the first season centered on Josh’s (Thomas) 21st birthday, the latest batch of episodes take place a few years later. Thomas jokes, “We just had to go a bit farther forward because my face is falling apart. I look not-as-radiant as when I was 21.”

In addition to a new baby stepsister, Josh and his best friend Tom (Thomas Ward) have picked up a third roommate named Patrick (Charles Cottier), who piques a still-single Josh’s interest. Thomas says the chemistry with Patrick is “not as, like, ‘SEX!’ as [it was with] Geoffrey.” Geoffrey, for those who haven’t watched the Australian series (which airs on Pivot), is Josh’s ex played by Wade Briggs. Thomas promises the fan favorite will make a return: “Everybody wanted more of Geoffrey,” he admits. “Tumblr just wants Geoffrey to be naked all the time.”

Thomas says he “totally” gets where that impulse but is resisting the temptation to write an all-nude Geoffrey episode… at least for now. “I could do it!” he says. “The network is really easygoing; they trust my creative vision. I could say, ‘There’s this half-hour episode where Geoffrey’s just naked and, like, touching himself.’ I could come up with a creative justification… but it’s just not very compelling plot-wise, you know? So I had to not do it; I had to write, like, stories. When we kind of give up in a few [seasons], we’ll do that.”

Instead, Josh will continue to live a relatively simplebut profoundly amusinglife and receive “a constant amount of gentle sass” from his friends and family. As such, Thomas vows not to go the soap opera route with PLM: “You can get ridiculous with these stories over time where everyone’s dating everybody and everything’s happened to the same character: ‘He has cancer and then two months later he’s getting married.’ In soap operas, they have these wild lives, but we don’t want to do that, so we’re… keeping it a bit more honest.”

Below, Thomas gets honest about everything from his bottle-blonde locks to his fondness for Will & Grace‘s Jack McFarland when he takes EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test. READ FULL STORY

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What I'm Watching Right Now: 'Please Like Me'

If you’ve already bingewatched every single critically acclaimed show out there, and you’re wondering what to watch next, TV critic Melissa Maerz has a few suggestions. Her column, “What I’m Watching Now,” is devoted to the best underhyped series on television (or Amazon, or Netflix, or whatever iDevice you’re using), whether they’re just premiering or have been lingering on your friends’ season pass queues for years.

This fall’s best new comedy might not be on your television—yet. It’s called Please Like Me, and it premiered last month on Pivot, a new network geared toward Millennials that broadcasts to 40 million homes across the country. (Click here to find out if it’s available in yours. Pivot will marathon all six episodes on Saturday, October 5 from noon to 4:30pm ET, and single episodes will begin airing weekly that day at 9pm ET.) Of course, if you’re a good Millennial, you’ve already watched it on iTunes and tweeted about how you’re now obsessed with its very charming, self-deprecating writer/producer/star, Josh Thomas, a muss-haired, bow-tied, 26-year-old who admits in the show that he looks “like a 50-year-old baby.”

If you’ve never heard of Please Like Me, which originally aired in Thomas’s native Australia, Pivot President Evan Shapiro has helpfully described it as “a coming-out quarter-life-crisis suicide comedy” that’s just like Girls—“if Girls had a soul.” Sure, like Girls creator Lena Dunham, Thomas plays on a semi-fictionalized version of himself. “Josh” was inspired by a stand-up routine he came up with at age 20, three years after killing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, right around the time he stopped fooling around with women and fell for a man who may or may not have been prettier than he is. Thomas’s best friend Thomas Ward plays Josh’s best friend “Tom,” and his real-life cavoodle, John, appears as his dog. (The pet names here are hilariously ill-advised. There’s also a rabbit named Shaniqua.) But while PLM captures its creator’s life well, along with twentysomething life in general, the Girls comparison still seems slightly unfair. Thomas recently told EW that PLM had already been shot when Lena Dunham’s breakthrough premiered, and judging by his well-intentioned but slightly myopic characters, who are always trying (and often failing) to do the right thing, he has more in common with Mike White, whose bittersweet tribute to good people behaving badly, Enlightened, will be sorely missed.


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