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This YouTube tribute to Pixar will leave you wanting a hug -- and a Pixar movie-night

In a choir of people who sing the praises of Pixar daily, a man named Leandro Copperfield has succeeded in distinguishing himself by producing a tribute to the animation studio that itself is worthy of laud — and maybe a few tears.

Admittedly the first song of three in the video, a new wave tune from the xx, is a strange fit. But I dare you to find a more appropriate sound to accompany the sight of the balloons flying out of the house from Up. (The intercutting with gazing Woody was also a nice touch).

Looking at Pixar’s greatest works (um, which is pretty much all of their works), it’s easy to see why the studio’s movies boast an impressive Rotten Tomatoes streak. Toy Story 3, in fact, was honored today with a Golden Tomato Award for being the site’s highest-rated movie of 2010. (EW’s Owen Gleiberman was among the stumpers.)

So watch this for yourself, PopWatchers — after work, of course, because it’s seven minutes long. And tell me what you think. READ FULL STORY

Pixar postage stamps coming in 2011: Which is the worst omission?

pixar-stampsThe United States Postal Service will release stamps celebrating five Pixar films on Aug. 19, as part of its “Send a Hello” campaign encouraging people to connect with loved ones through the mail. They are: Lightning McQueen and Mater from Cars; Remy the rat and Linguini from Ratatouille; Buzz Lightyear and two of the green, three-eyed aliens from Toy Story; Carl Fredricksen and Dug from Up; and the robot WALL•E and his potted plant from WALL•E. Admittedly, it’s been a while since I’ve seen Cars and Ratatouille because they’re not my favorites, but if connecting with loved ones is the theme, then I think I’m allowed to be disappointed that we’re not seeing Finding Nemo and The Incredibles represented instead. (Even Monster’s Inc. would have been great, what with Sulley finding his way back to Boo at the end. “Kitty!”) So while we applaud the USPS for honoring Pixar, let’s take this to a vote…

'Cars 2' teaser: Lightning McQueen to go undercover?

“Next summer…,” promises the narrator in the new teaser for Cars 2. “Get ready to roll with the world’s newest secret agents.” Huh? The sequel to Pixar’s wholesome story about talking racecars and small-town Americana is going to be a spy flick set in exotic locations? Yup. No word yet if Lightning McQueen is now an Aston Martin, but check out the brief teaser below.

Is you engine revved up for Cars 2? Is there part of you that hopes this teaser is playing a joke on us? Or are you comforted by Pixar’s flawless track record?

Girl power! Pixar names first female director

Forget about the boy. Let’s hear it for the girl! Pixar has named its first female director, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Brenda Chapman will direct and write the animated film Brave, due out in June 2012. The story follows Merida, a tomboyish royal with a love of archery. (Sounds like we got ourselves a rival for Robin Hood?) After a fight with her mom, Merida makes a decision with some major repercussions for her father’s kingdom. Reese Witherspoon, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, and Julie Walters are all expected to provide voices for the film.

So congrats to Chapman for nabbing this milestone role. Based on the little information I have about the movie, it looks like it could be a good one. But I’m admittedly a sucker for Pixar films. What do you think, PopWatchers? Will you be looking out for the trailer or passing on Brave?

'Toy Story 3' DVD and Blu-ray extras: Just reading them will make you cry

Toy Story 3, the No. 1 animated movie in box office history — and a film that made 87 percent of PopWatch readers cry at least once — will hit DVD and Blu-ray on Nov. 2. If you don’t have a Blu-ray player, you might need to find a friend who does. The DVD extras will include the short film Day & Night, which played before the movie in theaters; a closer look at the creation of the toys in the film; a “hybrid animation documentary of Buzz’s visit to the International Space Station” produced in conjunction with NASA; Pixar editors sharing anecdotes about their careers; a look at the returning and new voice talent in the film; a sneak peek at the new Toy Story-themed playland at Hong Kong Disneyland; and a series of stories about life at Pixar Studios (the Toy Story 3 animators shave their heads to mark the start of the film, an animator finds a hidden room at Pixar, and “the majestic and expansive Pixar cereal bar is explored”). The Blu-ray combo pack comes with all those features, plus: READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men,' 'Monsters Inc.,' and 'The Middleman,' together at last!

Blakenship-Roz-IdaImage Credit: AMC; Disney/Pixar; Eike Schroter/ABC FamilySunday night’s Mad Men featured yet more Miss Blankenship, Don’s new dottie secretary. She’s funny and all — although honestly, she’s a little much for me — but I felt like I’ve seen her before. Because I totally have! Because she’s basically Roz from Monsters Inc., and Ida from The Middleman. (So far, Miss Blankenship has yet to display an undercover superstrength of some sort, but I’m guessing it’s there. How could it not? Someone has to save Sally Draper!)

Separated at birth, PopWatchers. I’m telling you. Whom did I forget? I’m sure there someone… Oh, also, your daughter’s psychiatrist called!

'Toy Story 3: Inception': Watch this dream of a fake trailer

ken-leonardoImage Credit: Disney/Pixar; Melissa MoseleyWill we ever tire of movie mash-ups? Not when they’re as imaginative as this few-weeks-old faux trailer for Toy Story 3: Inception, a clip that — depending on your point of view — imbues the Pixar blockbuster with a sense of brooding menace, or gifts Christopher Nolan’s brain-acher with yet another layer of phantasmagoric weirdness.

Either way, the result does make you wonder, A) if these two films are really as different as one might have previously imagined, and B) whether there’s any movie that can’t be improved by the presence of a jovial toy octopus.

Check out the trailer after the jump and give us your thoughts.


'Toy Story 3': Best reaction you witnessed from a child?

toy-story-3-buzzImage Credit: Disney/PixarThere are those adults who would go to a late showing of Toy Story 3 in an attempt to avoid seeing it with children who haven’t yet learned that one doesn’t talk during movies. Then there are those of us who can’t do that know that hearing what an uncensored child says during a Pixar film is part of the experience. What’s the best reaction you witnessed at Toy Story 3? My Father’s Day afternoon screening had plenty of surprisingly well-behaved kids. (On second thought, I’ve never had a problem at Pixar movies because they hold children’s attention.) The moment I was reminded I was surrounded by kids was when (spoiler alert!) Buzz was about to be switched to demo mode. One boy at the back of the theater screamed “Noooooooooo!” The isolated outburst wasn’t annoying, it was heartwarming. You felt how much he loved Buzz and didn’t want him to change.

Your turn.

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'Toy Story 3': Have adult moviegoers finally embraced animation?

Toy-StoryImage Credit: Disney/PixarKnowing full well that Toy Story 3 was on its way to a record $109 million weekend, I walked into a 7:30 p.m. showing on Saturday, expecting to find a theater consisting of mostly parents and their kids. This was, after all, an animated film or “cartoon” — a label that’s still used derogatorily by some adults. But to my pleasant surprise, my sold-out auditorium was packed with grown-ups, and nearly all of them had arrived sans kids. This made for a particularly satisfying movie-going experience. There were no crying babies or incessantly chatty tots, and while Toy Story 3 is a movie that children will undoubtedly devour, its poignant coda will be appreciated most by those with multiple decades beneath their belts. And so when that moment came — a brief facial expression from a college-bound Andy — my theater was reduced to sniffles.

There are a couple of possible explanations for why my Toy Story 3 theater contained an adult-to-child ratio of approximately 9-1. On one hand, I went to a 2-D showing. (I’m against wearing those 3-D sunglasses unless a movie, such as Avatar, absolutely demands it.) So maybe parents whisked their kids to the pricier 3-D shows, while we childless adults opted for two dimensions. But I think something else was also at play here. READ FULL STORY

'Toy Story 3': Q&A with the voice of Andy, John Morris

toy-story-andyImage Credit: Disney/Pixar; Courtesy of John MorrisJohn Morris was seven when he was cast as the voice of Andy in Toy Story. He went to an open call for boys, who were each told to bring their one favorite toy. He brought his entire X-Men collection. “I remember my mom saying, ‘No, no, no, you have to choose one toy, and I was just like, ‘Unheard of!’ I brought 45 X-Men figures and dumped them all out on the floor,” he says. “I remember [the Pixar team] bursting out in laughter. I couldn’t choose just one. I had to bring them all. It was a part of a set. I think Pixar sort of got that. They were just like, ‘Yeah, he had to bring all of his toys.'”

Morris had to read for the role again when it came time for the first sequel (he was 13), and once more for Toy Story 3, which hits theaters today. Pixar needed to know if he could still capture Andy’s spirit and imagination. After speaking with Morris — now 25, and living in the San Francisco Bay Area where his dream is to bounce back-and-forth between theater (Berkeley Rep and A.C.T.) and voice work (Pixar and Lucasfilm) — it was clear that the 2007 graduate of UCLA’s Theater Arts program has managed to hold onto that little boy’s enthusiasm, not to mention his love of toys. READ FULL STORY

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