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PopWatch Planner: Girl power! 'Girls' finale, 'Brave' out in theaters, Fiona Apple release, and more

This week is all about strong women: a fiery Scottish princess; the powerhouses of the U.S. Olympic Track & Field team; and a ’90s indie rock star making a major comeback. Plus, tonight HBO wraps Lena Dunham’s thought-provoking new series Girls. The week rounds out with a controversial new show on ABC Monday, Sin City week on So You Think You Can Dance, and hunky Matthew McConaughey joins Jimmy Kimmel for an NBA finals preview. Have a great week!

Sunday, June 17
Girls season finale, HBO, 10:30 p.m.

Whether you love ‘em or think they are entitled New York spoiled brats, there’s no denying that the girls on Lena Dunham’s Girls were the talk of the town this spring. Say goodbye to Hannah and her sisters-in-arms tonight on HBO. Crackpipe not included.  READ FULL STORY

Pop Culture by the Numbers -- Oscar nominations 2012 edition!

When Jennifer Lawrence and AMPAS President Tom Sherak announce the nominees for the 84th annual Academy Awards tomorrow morning, lives will change, salaries will grow instantly, and new Cinderella stories will be spun. But what of the nominees of the past? What was Oscar’s most expensive film ever nominated? Who has been recognized the most times without ever actually winning? And which actor was nominated two years in a row — even after his death? Read on…

$320 million Production cost (adjusted for inflation) of 1963’s Cleopatra, the most expensive movie ever nominated for an Oscar — even with nine nominations, that’s about $35.6 million per nomination

1939 First year an Oscar (Hammerstein II) was ever nominated for an Oscar READ FULL STORY

Celebrities tweet reactions to Steve Jobs' death

The world lost one of its most iconic innovators today when Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc. and former CEO of Pixar Animation Studios, died at the age of 56. Word of his passing spread like wildfire after it was posted on Apple’s website, and celebrities en masse have taken to Twitter to commemorate his genius. We’ll be adding to this post as the night goes on, as more celebrities use their iPads and iPhones to tweet messages of fond remembrance.

Jon Favreau: “We lost a man of true vision today. Condolences to the whole Apple family.”

Ashton Kutcher: “I never thought I could be so busted up about the loss of someone I never met. #stevejobs” READ FULL STORY

Barack Obama, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates and others remember Apple legend Steve Jobs

As news of Steve Jobs’ death hit Silicon Valley, Hollywood and everywhere else today, friends, colleagues, and admirers of the Apple co-founder, former CEO of Pixar, and all-around visionary (who passed away Wednesday after a battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 56) shared their memories and tributes.

President Barack Obama:Michelle and I are saddened to learn of the passing of Steve Jobs. Steve was among the greatest of American innovators – brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world, and talented enough to do it.  READ FULL STORY

'The Smurfs' scores 0 on Rotten Tomatoes. So... how much do you love your children?


Image Credit: Courtesy of Sony Pictures Animation

No one is expecting The Smurfs to threaten Woody, WALL•E, or Shrek's place on the Mount Rushmore of animated films --
we've seen the trailer after all. But early critical reception for the Sony Pictures Animation film has been more grouchy than Gargamel, with the animated film scoring a perfect zero on Rotten Tomatoes. [Update: After a luke-warm endorsement from the New York Times, The Smurfs has risen to a 19 percent RT rating.]

Which begs the question: How much do you love your children?


The only Burning Question from 'Cars 2': Seriously, where are all the human beings? Did the cars pull a Skynet?

The Cars films are clearly supposed to be set on Earth. In the first movie, Lightning McQueen is on his way to Los Angeles, California. In the just-released sequel, McQueen and his pal Mater take a spin around the world, visiting Tokyo, London, and a city in Italy. These are all places that exist on our planet, rendered with Pixar’s usual attention to microscopic detail. And yet, I can’t help noticing that there appears to be one rather essential detail missing from the Cars duet: Human beings. READ FULL STORY

Tom Hanks says Pixar is working on 'Toy Story 4'; Should Woody and Buzz make sequels to infinity and beyond?

When a movie grosses more than a billion dollars at the global box-office, you better believe there’s going to be a sequel (or two). So I know I shouldn’t have been surprised when Tom Hanks, currently in England promoting Larry Crowne, let slip that the Toy Story gang was not about to be packed away in the Disney/Pixar attic. “Yeah, I think they’re working on it now,” he answered interviewer Tim Muffett when asked whether fans can expect another helping of Woody and Buzz. Disney didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment about any plans for a Toy Story 4, but after seeing them in the short that played before Cars 2, it’s clear these characters are still very much in play. READ FULL STORY

'Cars 2' trailer turned into a toy story

Disney has put together a new trailer for Cars 2. Well, check that: It’s not really new, but it was put together — literally. The Pixar peeps built a LEGO reenactment of their first trailer to promote their June 24 release — and their line of LEGOS toys, of course. The child in me is mesmerized — LEGO missiles! LEGO explosions! — and desperately wants to believe this entire clip was shot in some humongous studio hangar where the elaborate LEGO landscapes and toys still exist for play, so don’t ruin it for me if you know that it’s all a clever CGI creation. Take a look. READ FULL STORY

Darren Criss talks about 'Glee' and sings about 'Finding Nemo 2'

Glee star Darren Criss is on Ellen today, where he talks about his role as Blaine, “coming out” as straight, being on the cover of EW, and his hopes for a Finding Nemo 2. Actually, he sings that last part. Prepare the swoon-o-meter, friends, because there will be swooning. READ FULL STORY

Clip du jour: 'Up' reimagined as a 1960s Disney movie

What if Up was a live-action Disney movie from the 1960s, starring Spencer Tracy and Kirk Douglas? Well, it would be awesome if this “premake” trailer is any indication. I particularly like the god-awful ’60s version of Kevin, who looks like a cross between a parrot and regret. Perfection! READ FULL STORY

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