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The 20 Best Summer Blockbusters of All Time: 'Toy Story 3'


Pixar must have known what it was doing when it scheduled Toy Story 3 for Fathers’ Day weekend 2010, over a decade after the release of Toy Story 2. For as much as kids were eager to catch up with Woody and Buzz, it was the fathers who inevitably stayed in their seats during the film’s closing credits, trying to compose themselves before their children noticed dad’s cheeks were wet. Adult conversations about the film that summer often began with, “Sooo… Did you cry?” or rather, “How hard did you cry?” READ FULL STORY

The sweariest movie in Academy history, who's up for an EGOT, and more 2014 Oscars talking points

Want to win friends and influence people using your intimate knowledge of this year’s Oscar nominees — and how they stack up against Academy history? Never fear: EW’s got you covered. (Caution: Nerd alert!)

– It’s unclear how many times the F-word is used in The Wolf of Wall Street. Vulture says it’s 569; Slate says it’s 544; some guy at some blog says it’s 506. In any case, it’s one of the most profanity-laced films in history and certainly the swearingest movie ever to be nominated for Best Picture. Wolf director Martin Scorsese’s own Goodfellas, with a mere 300 documented “f—“s, is the previous record holder.

American Hustle is the 15th film to receive nods in every acting category. David O. Russell is the first director to helm two movies (back to back, no less) that have both achieved this feat. No movie has ever won all four acting awards, though A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) and Network (1976) got three wins apiece. Also worth noting: While quadfectas generally snag at least one acting award, only two (1942’s Mrs. Miniver and 1953’s From Here to Eternity) have ever managed a Best Picture win.

'Pixar Theory' creator: 'This is my love for Pixar movies manifesting itself in over-the-top conspiracy theories'

What if I told you that every single Pixar film since the release of Toy Story in 1995 is somehow connected. Don’t believe me? Well, you’ll have to answer to a rather detailed analysis done by blogger Jon Negroni.

Negroni’s Pixar Theory has been causing quite a stir lately. In his elaborate blog post, Negroni created a sequential timeline of events, analyzing how iconic animated films such as Finding Nemo, Brave, Ratatouille and more exist in the same world at different times — with each one existing as the result of the previous one. READ FULL STORY

The Northeast finds Nemo -- in the form of a giant winter storm

An historic storm’s a-brewin’ over New England and the northeast Mid-Atlantic — though once you hear what the Weather Channel is calling it, you might want to give it a hug rather than flee from it.

Yes, the catastrophic blizzard expected to drop up to three feet of snow on some northeastern areas has been dubbed Nemo. And while the name has a lot of connotations, chances are that hearing it makes you think of an adorable cartoon fish rather than a mysterious sea captain or a sleepy little boy.

It’s not exactly the most intimidating moniker for such a gigantic storm — though that isn’t really The Weather Channel’s fault.  READ FULL STORY

Inside the 'Up' house: Our 10 favorite objects -- VIDEO

When you fantasize about your dream home, what comes to mind? For me, it’s Carl and Ellie Fredricksen’s charming, vibrant, cozy house from Pixar’s animated film Up. (It used to be the blue-shuttered mansion Noah built Allie in The Notebook until I realized Ryan Gosling would never come with the house.) Bangerter Homes has built an exact replica of the residence (complete with Carl and Elie’s adorable hand print-stamped mailbox) and a family in Utah has made the fantasy home their reality. They’ve even shot a seven-minute video tour of the interior.

Here are some of our favorite things: READ FULL STORY

Woody exposed! What the 'Toy Story' character does in his spare time -- caught on camera

Pixar’s Toy Story movies revealed what your toys do when you’re not looking. But what about when the other toys aren’t looking? What does our favorite cowboy doll do when Buzz and Bo Peep aren’t around? One ambitious fan has given us his take on the answer to that question.

Woody apparently is a big fan of Apple products, is quite the sneakerhead and loves taking photos of his food, at least according to a photographer who goes by the name Santlov. He’s also prone to a few vices that we didn’t see in the final cut of any G-rated Pixar movies.

Check out more of the secret life of Woody below: READ FULL STORY

This adorable working Wall-E replica -- and its creator -- are our new heroes

Here’s something you won’t find at your local Buy N Large. Computer programmer Mike Senna recently unveiled a life-sized, working Wall-E replica that can trundle around on its treads, wave both hands, raise its eyebrows, and — of course — warble its own name. Senna has spent a staggering two and a half years on this project, toiling for about 25 hours each week while holding down a full-time job at a biometrics company in Orange County. Though Senna has some experience bringing beloved pop culture bots to life — he completed a similar R2D2 replica in ’03 — Wall-E presented a unique set of challenges.

For starters: The robot “changes size during the film,” Senna tells EW, which made its dimensions difficult to determine. Without real-life schematics or prototypes, Senna had nothing but screen shots from Pixar’s movie to guide him. Senna also had to custom create nearly every one of Wall-E’s parts, although he did luck out by finding a perfect pair of eyes at Home Depot. The builder wanted his creation to be able to convey emotions — just like the “real” Wall-E — so he spent the lion’s share of his time building its head.

All that effort paid off: The larger-than-life Wall-E that roams around Disneyland has immobile eyes, but Senna’s 3.4-foot-replica features peepers that can move. READ FULL STORY

What is your damage, Princess Merida's hair?

Welcome to ‘What Is Your Damage,’ Annie Barrett’s summer shop of all the melodrama and self-absorption she misses from springtime reality TV. Every Tuesday and Friday, she’ll rant about a current offense to her humanity, then assess readers’ damages via video replies. Don’t be shy about admitting what annoys or intrigues you. We’re all in this pop cult together!

What is your damage, Princess Merida’s hair? I am going through some MAJOR HAIR ENVY this week and it’s all 1,500 of your individually animated CGI curls’  fault!

You’ve completely mesmerized me. I see you everywhere now — undulating and breathing fire over my bed, waving your honorary Independent Spirit award in front of my face and whispering with varying degrees of fierceness, “Look at all my different textures.” I want to buy a blanket of you that I could drape over my head while in public and prop up somewhere in my line of vision while resting in private, non-mirrored rooms. Since you came into my life, I’d mist you so bad. READ FULL STORY

Could the heroine of Pixar's 'Brave' be gay? (Warning: Spoilers!)

Today, crowds will line the streets of cities like New York and San Francisco for parades that mark the high point of LGBT Pride Month. At the same time, legions of kids will swarm into theaters to watch Pixar’s Brave, the animated story of a young Scottish princess named Merida who goes to extreme lengths to avoid having to marry one of the three noblemen that her parents have chosen for her. The two events don’t seem to have much in common at first glance.  But it’s quite possible that while watching Brave’s tomboyish heroine shoot arrows, fight like one of the boys, and squirm when her mother puts her in girly clothes, a thought might pop into the head of some viewers: Is Merida gay? READ FULL STORY

'Toy Story' or 'The Incredibles': Vote in Best Pixar Movie poll

Want to start a debate among friends? Just bring up Pixar. The animation giant has put out a dozen films, and each has their worshipers. With the release of Pixar’s newest endeavor, Brave, out today, EW wonders: Are you a foodie, a fish fan, or a supporter of alien love? Vote and tell us your favorite Pixar film in the poll below. READ FULL STORY

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