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Inside the Best Picture Nominees: A deep dive into 'Philomena'

Name: Philomena

Release Date: Nov. 22, 2013 (limited)

DVD Release: Unknown

Run Time: 98 minutes

Box Office: $33.7 million domestic; $51.6 million foreign

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 92 percent fresh

Movie Math: (The Handmaid’s Tale minus the dystopia) + The Catholic Church x (The Trip minus the impressions) x (Driving Miss Daisy minus Morgan Freeman) divided by Philadelphia.

Tweetable Description: Sweet, old Irish lady and arrogant journalist team up to find her long-lost son, taken from her by evil nuns. Tears ensue. READ FULL STORY

'Philomena' QuickDraw: The never-ending story -- VIDEO

Judi Dench is endearing as Philomena Lee, the title character from the Oscar-nominated film. A role that also earned her a nomination for Best Actress.

Her portrayal of the woman eager to find her long-lost son is just as wonderful in stick-figure form — even if she can’t tell a story that well.

Watch the QuickDraw below: READ FULL STORY

Oscar Season: The Musical! What would this year's Best Picture nominees be like on Broadway? -- VIDEO


Though Frozen was nominated for two Oscars this year, including Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song, the crop of nine Best Picture nominees doesn’t include a musical.

But what would happen if you took the nine very different films and made them into a musical? You would get some hilarious high-kicking results. From The Wolf of Wall Street cursing on beat to an American Hustle bathroom showdown reminiscent of Rent, it’s clear some of these musical ideas work better than others. Like most Oscar-related parodies that have been happening lately, 12 Years a Slave is respectfully not given a full production number. But if you ever wanted to see Dallas Buyers Club‘s Ron Woodroof do a kick-line next to Philomena, you are in luck! Watch below: READ FULL STORY

'Philomena': Alexandre Desplat discusses inspiration for Oscar-nominated score

EW was on the scene Sunday night as the Beverly Hills Hotel played host to an intimate Q&A session with Academy Award-winning composer Alexandre Desplat. The famed French composer touched on some of his more notable bodies of work, and also discussed his inspiration for his work on this year’s Best Original Score nominee Philomena.

One of the most surprising things Desplat revealed about his latest Oscar-nominated score is that it took him merely two days to compose what would end up being the theme for Philomena. Despite the short turnaround, the composer also revealed to moderator and president of the Society of Composers & Lyricists, Ashley Irwin, that he struggled to come up with a score that would do Philomena the film and Philomena the person justice. READ FULL STORY

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