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'Parks and Rec': 8 great Ron Swanson-isms from 'Ron & Diane'

Last night’s episode of Parks & Recreation took us deeper into Chris’ ongoing psychological collapse and introduced us to Gayle Gergich (Christie Brinkley), Jerry’s incomprehensibly beautiful but slightly robotic wife. It also brought back Tammy II, Ron’s deranged, nymphomaniac ex-wife (or “sex-wife,” as she calls it) and pitted her against Leslie in what is probably the greatest dumpster fight ever depicted on screen.

But the heart of the episode took place at the Indiana Fine Woodworking Association Woodworking Awards, a surly event that Ron referred to as “heaven.” Given that he was surrounded not only by hand-made wood crafts but also by three of the most important women in his life — Leslie, Tammy, and new flame Diane — Ron had ample opportunity to dish out his singular wisdom. So grab your belt sanders and strap on your safety goggles folks, because it’s time for the eight best Ron Swanson-isms from “Ron & Diane.”


'Parks and Rec': Leslie's 5 Best Lines from 'Pawnee Commons'

Image Credit: Adam Rose/NBC

Image Credit: Adam Rose/NBC

Leave it to Eagleton to stir up the crazy in Leslie Knope.

Last night’s episode of Parks and Recreation rekindled the “blood feud” between Pawnee and neighboring Eagleton when an Eagletonian architect offered to design Pawnee’s new park. The guy’s nice as can be and extremely well-qualified, but Leslie’s knee-jerk derision threatens to thwart the whole plan — which happens to be pro bono. The situation further deteriorates when a couple of pranksters from Eagleton make a mockery of Pawnee’s citizens. As you can imagine, Leslie’s vitriol makes for some of the more memorable moments.


'Parks and Rec': The 5 best moments from 'Ben's Parents'

Last week’s episode of Parks and Recreation, in which Ben finally proposed to Leslie, set the bar pretty high — some might say impossibly high — so last night the writers stepped up and let loose with some top-shelf material. We met Ben’s sparring, divorced, insufferable parents (played by Glenne Headly and Jonathan Banks) and watched Chris have a total, happy-sad mental breakdown (“It’s like a perfect storm of emotions!”). The team even brought back the scene-stealer (and arguably the show’s most consistently funny character) Jean-Ralphio, Tom’s flamboyant cad of a business partner. With so many memorable moments, it’s hard to narrow down the episode’s highlights… but here goes.


'Parks and Recreation': Pawnee's crabby seniors get a dose of sex-ed

Last night’s episode of Parks and Recreation ranks as a series standout. It tackled well-established themes — Tom’s media addiction, Pawnee’s laughably archaic social policies — in ways that felt fresh, timely, and subversive. Even bit player Perd Hapley, a witless and perpetually dramatic talk show host, took the spotlight and dished out some ridiculous one-liners.

Here are some of last night’s best moments.


'Parks and Rec': The Leslie Knope Grill Jam Fun-Splosion! -- POSTER

Image Credit: NBC

If you follow Parks and Recreation, you know that it’s a marvel of mise en scène – Ron Swanson’s Pyramid of Greatness,” anyone? Well, last night’s season 5 premiere kept the game rolling. Early in the episode we hear the Parks Dept. team hyping their annual employee appreciation BBQ. It’s one of those peculiar Pawnee events with bizarre traditions (a Gazpacho-Off?) and a name fit for a mental ward: The Leslie Knope Employment Enjoyment Summerslam Grill Jam Fun-Splosion!

The camera zooms to the poster for a split-second, but we figured it deserved some more screen time.  Check out the full-size poster below, and just imagine taking part in all those activities; fingers crossed we get to see “The One Woman Show: Parks and Dolls” as a web special!


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