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Send us your pop culture Halloween costumes!

Halloweencostumelisabritney_l For the average Halloween lover, October 31 is the perfect opportunity to channel an inner witch, vampire, or lingerie-wearing animal. But for me, Halloween is all about getting in touch with my inner Britney Spears. Yep, I’ve gone as the many stages of the troubled-yet-fascinating pop tart over the years, but my 2007 costume (pictured) was by far my crowning achievement. I knew people would go as bald, umbrella-wielding Brit or lethargic VMAs Brit, so I went a different direction, funneling all of 2007’s tabloid fodder into my best costume ever: Britney as Perez Hilton post! How will I beat it this year? Especially with Spears’ quiet recent history? Only my local art-supply shop knows for sure.

Now, it’s your turn to wow us with your pop-culture-inspired Halloween costumes. Send us photos of what you’re planning to wear for Halloween 2008, and you might be featured on the Feedback page of the Entertainment Weekly issue that hits newsstands October 31, or a related photo gallery on EW.com. And if you have photos of a fabulous "vintage" costume from years past, you can send those, too. E-mail your picture(s) (a jpeg, with a minimum of 600 pixels at the longest edge and a maximum file size of 1 Mb) to popwatch@ew.com. In your e-mail, please include your name and a short description of your costume. Submit your costume photos from 12:01 p.m. on October 15, 2008 to 11:59 p.m. on October 22, 2008. U.S. entries only.  All photo entries will be judged by EW editors equally on creativity and quality. By sending your picture, you are representing and warranting that you took this photograph and giving us permission to print it in the magazine or post it on our web site(s) without compensation. 

Whew! And now that we’ve got those rules out of the way, get your photos scanned or downloaded and start sending! Looking forward to seeing what you guys cook up.

Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith (AKA the Fresh Prince) rock for 'Hancock'

All signs point to Hancock scoring a superhuman opening weekend in the next few days. So what’s Will Smith doing to celebrate, aside from crossing his fingers and hoping SAG doesn’t strike? Well, for one, he warmed a lot of old-school hip-hop fans’ hearts by reuniting with his old partner DJ Jazzy Jeff at the movie’s premiere party on Monday night. Opening DJ Mick Boogie caught part of the performance, below — two stone-cold classics, "Summertime" and "Brand New Funk," though sadly there’s no "Parents Just Don’t Understand." I gotta say, it’s great to see those guys back in action. They’ve still got real chemistry, even if their careers have taken them to very different places. (For the record, Jazzy Jeff has continued to do excellent work in hip-hop in recent years.) So what do you think? Would you buy a ticket for Will and Jeff’s rumored reunion tour this summer?

'Sex and the City' soirées more popular than Oscar parties?!

Satc_lIt’s true, y’all. At least according to Evite, which claims more invitations will have been sent through the site for pre- or post- Sex and the City screening parties than for watching last February’s Oscars, usually its biggest entertainment-related draw of the year. Evite says it’s helped plan around 14,000 SATC parties and that the average guest list is about 20 people. (They also have some party tips —  like repurposing the nine upscale variations on pigs in a blanket they suggested for your Super Bowl soirée into a culinary tribute to the show’s fifth lady, New York, which is famous for her hot dogs. Ha!)

So, have you made any unabashedly cliché special plans surrounding the movie? We won’t judge them. And neither will your fellow P-Dubs. (Wink.)

Who will La Lohan be sitting next to at the MTV Movie Awards? Find out now!

Lohanwahlberg_lChaos is sure to ensue at this Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards (remember when Will Ferrell made out with Sacha Baron Cohen?), but the real chaos began long ago for Shelley Lazar, who organized all of the seating arrangements for this year’s show at L.A.’s Gibson Amphitheatre. Even though she’s a veteran in the field of seating charts (her company, the Executive Ticket Club, has coordinated many events, including the papal mass at Yankee Stadium, Live Aid, and concert tours for the Rolling Stones and Billy Joel), it was still a grueling feat for Lazar. But thanks to a little thing she calls "Shelley’s follies," the game of musical chairs became much more enjoyable. Here, she explains the science of celebrity seating arrangement.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What’s the biggest challenge you face when you first begin to coordinate a seating chart?
Shelley Lazar: The first challenge is having enough tickets for everyone. The second is making sure the right people are sitting next to the right people, and keeping things in mind like marriages, divorces, and whatever might be going on in their personal lives. We also have to keep in mind if one of the performers stands on stage left, then we want to have his or her guest sitting near stage left. However, some of the performers that I work with don’t want to have their friends or family up close, some of them do.

With so many details to consider, how far ahead did you start working on the MTV Movie Awards?
We had our first meeting about seven weeks ago. When the RSVPs start to come in, we can start to really play the game of moving everything around. It’s like a chess game.

When does your work for the MTV movie awards end?
We’re going to be working up to the very last minute — up till the red carpet is done. And, if necessary at the event if something isn’t working out, you know if the camera view isn’t working, or if a certain celeb needs to be on camera and isn’t, we’ll have to move people around. It’s just, you know, Excuse me, can you please come with me, I just need to move your seats over here. I usually use the fire marshal as my excuse for moving people around!

Is there a certain rule on how far nominees should be kept apart?
It depends on who they are. My initial way of planning is what I call "Shelley’s follies": whom I would put with whom. One of the things is: should we have Tom Cruise in a seat or should we try to get a couch for him? Then I thought, maybe we’ll have Steve Carell sitting next to Lindsay Lohan and he’ll just keep repeating the name of his movie, you know Get Smart, Get Smart because we couldn’t find a 40-year-old Virgin to sit next to Steve. Maybe I’ll have Rumer Willis, Ben Stiller, and Liv Tyler sit in a row and maybe at the commercial breaks they can talk about what it’s like being a child of celebrity. These are the things that go on in my head, and I do my funny list. Then I’ll say, okay, for Verne Troyer, we can’t have anyone like Liv Tyler or Dwayne Johnson sitting in front of him because he won’t be able to see over their head, so we have to have somebody short, so Sarah Jessica Parker, I thought. Well, what if she wears one of those silly, little hats that she wore recently? Or if her hair is too high? Then how is he going to see? You can’t have all blonde people sitting in one row because it doesn’t look good for a camera shot. Do you want all the comics together? You know, are they going to sit and make jokes and disturb other people? Justin Timberlake, I said, well maybe I’ll have him sit with the Pussycat Dolls, but that’s only if he’s not bringing Jessica Biel because we don’t want any problems there.

addCredit(“Lindsay Lohan: John Shearer/WireImage; Mark Wahlberg: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage”)


Cannes report, Day 3: Animation rules

Bradangelina_lDay 3 of the Cannes film festival was dominated by an animated panda and a pair of unborn twins. Missy Schwartz and I spent the morning watching DreamWorks’ delightful Kung Fu Panda and ended our day at the film’s spirited beachside after-party. The classy affair — complete with movie-inspired dumplings and a man in panda costume (in case revelers cared for a photo op) — was further evidence of the power of DreamWorks head Jeffrey Katzenberg, who not only got a luminously big-bellied Angelina Jolie to show up with Brad Pitt (pictured) and stay for hours, but also convinced her to bang out a few TV interviews before she sat down for the night. Jolie’s Kung Fu costars Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman also were there, though their castmate Lucy Liu came down with a stomach illness and had to skip the soirée.

Panda received mostly positive reviews from festivalgoers, but no film has matched the buzz of Waltz with Bashir, an animated war drama from Israel that’s being compared to Persepolis. If there’s a hot acquisition property from Cannes’ first few days, that’s the one.

addCredit(“Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Daniele Venturelli/WireImage”)

On the Scene: EW's Upfronts Party

Ewparty_l_2New York City’s Bowery Hotel was the place to be last night, especially for TV stars who needed a break after a rigorous few days spent promoting their new and renewed series at their respective networks’ upfront presentations. And who better to host a TV soirée than Entertainment Weekly? I snagged the only designer item in my closet and camped out for nearly two hours on the packed red carpet, which featured a parade of stars both random (Jaslene and Saleisha from Americas Next Top Model) and hotly anticipated (hello, casts of 30 Rock and Gossip Girl!). After the jump, my rundown of the night’s festivities…


On the Scene: Backstage at the Grammys and EW's Grammy Party

Herbiehancock_lAnother Grammy weekend behind us, PopWatchers, and, like the four that came before it, my 2008 experience was a combination of soaring highs and crushing lows. (My life is very much like Wide World of Sports.) And while I may not have been called on to live-blog the action or take a late-night limo ride with a rock star this year, there’s still plenty to tell, from a Friday night all-star country music jamboree (no bears involved, but it deserves its own post) to a long but ultimately sort of fulfilling afternoon in the Grammy press room to our very own EW party last night, co-hosted by L.A. Reid.

After the jump, a complete rundown of all the Sunday fun, plus more informative press room nuggets than you can shake a stick at. Here’s one to get you started: Josh Kear and Chris Tompkins are the writers of "Before He Cheats," which won Best Country Song at yesterday’s pre-telecast awards ceremony. But before Chris could make it to the Staples Center this weekend, he first had to go see Ozzy Osbourne’s doctor and get "three shots in the ass" of some sort of superdrug in order to beat a deadly case of the flu. Furthermore, although they originally started writing "Before He Cheats" for Gretchen Wilson, Chris was confident that Carrie Underwood could handle the tune. Why? Because he watched her whole season of American Idol. Why? Because he used to be in a band with Bo Bice. IS YOUR MIND BLOWN YET?


On the Scene: the 'Weeds'/'Californication' premiere party

Weeds_lL.A. hotspot Boulevard 3 was blazing last night as Showtime and Lionsgate Entertainment celebrated the upcoming premieres of Weeds and Californication (August 13). No thanks to some horrendous (and typical) cross-town traffic, I missed the screening, which was held earlier at the Cinerama theater (though I have seen the first few episodes of Weeds and, let me tell you, this season will not disappoint), but at least I got to the afterparty nice and early.

Like, first. Still, I was able to avoid the drink lines and get a bite to eat. Of course, the buffet was munchies heaven: everything from burgers (veggie and meat) and onion rings to mini-lettuce-head salads, and I think I even saw steak. I couldn’t go near the dessert spread, but it had loads of make-it-yourself options and looked delish. No skimping here.

And while the Californication girls (tall, lanky babes in tiny leopard-skin bikinis) did their jobs (to sit around and look sexy), I did mine, checking out the indoor area where I was impressed once more. This time, by the decor: plastic (but surprisingly realistic-looking) plants at every corner and atop the bar, plus a giant joint mobile (above) hung from the ceiling like a chandelier, which puffed out wafts of smoke every few minutes. I couldn’t help but chuckle every time it did. Kind of genius, maybe even the highlight of the party.


Rihanna wowed us at the EW 100 party

Rihanna_lLast night EW threw its annual party for its EW 100 issue — on stands today! — at the cavernous Gotham Hall in Manhattan. I went for one reason: to watch Rihanna perform "Umbrella" in the flesh.

Pop music ain’t my beat at EW. I grew up on classical, then switched to your typical twenty-something white-dude indie rock sometime around college. Then, out at a party one June evening back in 2003, while drunk, I heard Beyonce’s "Crazy in Love" for the first time. Ever since, I’ve been moderately obsessed with the idea of the summer song — i.e., the infectious and inescapable pop tune will define and even mythologize the year’s three or four best months for sunshine, drinking, yakking, sweating, and all that rigmarole.

And now "Umbrella," according to my music-o-meter, is the truest, best summer song since "Crazy in Love." 2004? We heard "Yeah," by Usher, pretty good, but only that. (And since tainted forever by Hitch.) 2005? "Hollaback Girl" will be the first song I dance to at my wedding, I love that stupid ditty so much. But it came out in the spring. Disqualified. And last summer was a disaster. Timing is everything in a summer song, and no tune last year got it right. "Crazy" and "Sexy Back" were formidable, but they came out too late into the season, after the annoying "Promiscuous" had been anointed the S.S. by default. What a mess. It’s a big relief — given that I was starting to wonder if "Crazy in Love" was a fluke and I had it all wrong about the summer song — that "Umbrella" arrived perfectly timed to take over the season, and is awesome. And after the jump, "Rihanna" will sing it to us at the EW 100 party!

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