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'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving': 5 cutest moments

Greetings, PopWatching Pilgrims and Indians. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving airs on ABC tonight at 8 ET. My sister and I were so freaking excited about it that we downloaded the special on iTunes and watched it early. We’re cool. Anyway, I wanted to post our Top Five Cutest Moments from the Peanuts Thanksgiving Special before tonight. Let us know if your favorite made the cut.

–Charlie Brown lamenting, “I think I’m losing control over the whole world,” after that nasty athletic sandals-wearing Peppermint Patty informed him that not only were she and Marcy coming over for dinner…Franklin was, too.

–Snoopy getting smashed by the ping pong table, and the epic battle with a Lounge Chair With Human Qualities that followed. ”Little Birdie, can’t your friend do nothin’ right?”

–The entire ”we’re kids, this is all we know how to cook” scene with the buttered toast, popcorn, and what Arrested Development would call “a whole thing of candy beans.” Those crazy trapezoidal toasters are wild.

–Woodstock rubbing his belly delightedly after being served Snoopy’s real Thanksgiving feast. Does a bird eat turkey? Bonus: He’s eating Continental-style.

–After everyone sits down, ice cream sundaes appear on the kids’ table…out of nowhere!

Cheap thrills, guys. Happy Thanksgiving.

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Fratmusic.com answers all of my (trashy) music needs

There are three instances when I listen to music — working out, while I cook (some light Bebel Gilberto tunes), and when I go out to dance. Yes, I know we have a lot of serious music listeners here at EW, but I, for one, am proud to say that my cup of tea is the top 40, trash-tastic mainstream hits, the ones that everyone hoots and hollers for when played at dive bars with a grungy dancefloors.

“Material Girl”? I’m there. Britney’s “Gimme More”? Yes please.

So as if to answer my call for such party-appropriate playlists, my friend shared with me fratmusic.com, a site that boasts all the dance-worthy hits, organized by Classic, Techno, 80s, After Party,  and other categories.

The creators, who on their site swear they were never in frats, acknowledge what I’ve always thought but have never been able to own up to — that frats always play the best music. (By the way, I went to a school with a Greek population of about 40 percent, so I have some experience.) Let me clarify that “best” is a relative term, and in this case it refers to the type of music enjoyed by people who like to pump their Britney loudly and proudly.

My favorite categories have to be the For the Ladies and Throwback Rap playlists. Miley’s “Party in the USA” in the same place as Warren G’s “Regulate”? Finally!

The site updates its selections regularly —  so PopWatchers, what songs do fratmusic.com need to add to the mix?

Katherine Heigl has a huge orgasm in 'The Ugly Truth'

Just when I was thinking “There is absolutely nothing ugly about that ubiquitous Ugly Truth TV promo, and we would all be lucky to remotely resemble Katherine Heigl in casualwear let alone a slinky black dress,” in rides Katherine Heigl’s series of not quite gorgeous but very realistic ‘O’ faces, as triggered by a delighted, preteen boy. I should clarify: The preteen boy is operating her turbo-charged vibrating briefs, which Heigl’s character has obviously chosen to wear during an important dinner. Don’t get her wrong — she’s not usually such a “sexual deviant.” (Boo!) Heigl’s great at faking it here, though I hope for her sake that she got to make actual use of the prop. Did I really just say that? Check out the NSFW scene below, in a clip from ComingSoon.net (And there’s a really annoying 30-second commercial before the clip begins, but just turn the volume down and use that time to embrace July by thinking about ice cream.)

I think the guy who wiped his forehead off with his dinner napkin may have had a little one, too. What do you think, P-Dubs — does this beat out Meg Ryan’s pie orgasm in When Harry Met Sally? Who wants ceviche for dinner?

John Wesley Harding: 20 Reasons Why A Private Concert By Me Is Worth $5,000

Johnwesleyharding_l Singer/clever-song writer John Wesley Harding is back with his first rock album in five years, Who was Changed and Who was Dead, and an inspired marketing plan: In advance of the March 10 release, fans can purchase various packages on his website, including the "Crazy Deluxe & Personal," which, for $5,000, comes with a private concert at their home. While house gigs aren’t a new concept, Harding himself has shied away from them in the past. "There’s one guy whose house I’ve often played at in New Jersey, but I don’t go ’round looking for those kind of gigs," he says. "Like, people have asked me to play their weddings, and I have said no. I mean, I’ll be the reverend and marry you, which I’ve done a couple of times, but I’m not a party band. It wouldn’t mean very much to the rest of their family having somebody playing the acoustic guitar."

As of now, he has one confirmed date and four floating. While the rider for his upcoming public tour, Wes & Eugene’s Cabinet of Wonders with comedian Eugene Mirman and friends, is a work in progress — sample: "The dressing room must be newly painted white, and a large selection of Sharpies should be provided" — his demands for in-home performances have been finalized: "Don’t insist that I stay in your house. That won’t happen. That’s the only thing on my rider… That, and a bottle of bourbon."

Is a private John Wesley Harding concert worth $5,000? Since Harding is also an accomplished author (his novels, Misfortune and by George, were published under his given name, Wesley Stace), we asked him to pen a list of reasons why that answer is yes…

Here are 20 Reasons Why A Private Concert By Me Is Worth $5,000:

1. The price for me NOT playing a concert at your house is $10,000, and it therefore saves you $5,000.

2. Otherwise, you might have to see me in a local club or similarly disreputable establishment, and this would mean mixing with the unwashed, unvetted and underhand. Avoiding this is worth about $4,980.

3. Because you get to pick the songs — but only if they’re ones by me that I know.

4. Because a concert in your home by anyone is worth about $3,000 — even by one of your children, if you add up the money you’ve spent on their musical tuition. And I’m probably a little bit better than them.

5. Oscar Wilde said: "A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing." Don’t be a cynic. Leave that to me.

addCredit(“Bill Wadman”)


Roisin Murphy: How do I talk to you, angel?

Roisin_leaningMy favorite artist in the whole wide world (WWW), Irish dance-pop goddess Róisín Murphy, played a five-song acoustic set last night at the after party for the fashion show of her longtime friend, designer Kai Kühne. The venue — the National Arts Club on Gramercy Park — was intimate, but crazy-packed and loud — many of the partygoers wouldn’t even shut up while she was singing! I wanted to murder them. But I didn’t! 

After her set, Róisín kept drifting back and forth through the crowd, indulging obsessive fans whose audacity (obnoxiousness?) I very much envied. My partner-in-party-crashing Missy Schwartz kept nudging me towards her, aggressively whispering missives along the lines of "Seize the day!" and other sweet, sweet nothings. We didn’t have an interview set up, so I had no legit reason to bother Róisín. I was just there on last-minute notice as a super fan. The voices in my head began to argue. (Don’t bug her! She’s used to it. What are you even gonna say, fool? JUST SAY HI — you’ll never have another chance!) I imagined the thousands of ways I could mess this up. Maybe I’d whip out a color printout of my desktop background (Róisín’s Overpowered album cover silhouetted against the Candy Land game board) and say something terrible like "Check it out — YOU’RE ALWAYS ON MY COMPUTER." Or I’d force her to inspect the back of my iPod, on which is engraved a quote from the Moloko (Róisín’s former band) song "Forever More" — feel it furious / the fire burns on. And she’d have to politely pretend to be able to read the tiny letters amidst my disgusting finger smudges, in a darkened, incredibly noisy room. I shuddered. Suddenly she was right there.

In the end, I awkwardly spit out around 18 variations of the general concept of "I love you/I’m obsessed with you" which was both A) a major understatement and B) possibly creepier than the hypothetically embarrassing scenarios mentioned above. But, of course, she was totally sweet about it. So that’s my story. I love/am obsessed with Róisín Murphy. For better or worse, now she knows.

Have you ever completely wigged out in the presence of a pop-culture obsession?

More Róisín Murphy:
I got ‘Overpowered’ by Róisín Murphy at Mansion in NYC (Oct. ’08)
Róisín Murphy’s ‘You Know Me Better’ video: There are no words
Seriously, just spend a half hour watching all her crazy videos

Lisa Lampanelli: Queen of Mean celebrates her first HBO special

Lisaiampanelli_lLisa Lampanelli, famous for stealing the show at Comedy Central roasts, celebrated the premiere of her first HBO special, Long Live the Queen, Saturday night with a viewing party at New York City’s Friars Club. After the couple hundred guests gave her a standing ovation — and a cake — PopWatch grabbed a minute with her highness and asked her to give us a quote that, unlike 99.9 percent of the special, we could actually print. "Hmmm, what can I say that’s clean? I’m called the Queen of Mean. I make fun of every race, creed, and color, no matter how lowly they are. Or smelly. Or [something we can’t print]. So I feel that my show brings all people together," she told us. "And if you don’t believe me, just watch HBO, ’cause trust me, they’ll run it so many times. ‘Cause [something we can’t print]." Well, she tried.

Lampanelli said she wasn’t nervous about how the special would be received. "I know it was all great. That’s not out of conceit, it’s just when you know you’re taping HBO, you can’t screw around. You have to only bring your best stuff," she said. "But the Sarah Palin stuff was the harshest, and it went over the best in this room. Now that may be because my family and friends are the sickest people on the planet, but I just think it’s because it’s a funny joke. The special alone is worth watching just for that joke." (We won’t attempt to make "the warning shot of the reproductive system" translate in print. Watch a fan-shot video of Lampanelli’s TV-MA Barack Obama and Palin material from a different performance here.)

Borrowing a line from her act, Lampanelli summarized her feelings on the evening’s accomplishment thusly: "I now feel that with this HBO special, I’m up there with George Carlin or Chris Rock… but I’m not dead or black, so I’m better. That’s quotable! I didn’t even say [something we can’t print]!"

So what did you think of Long Live the Queen? I’d give it a B+. I thought she was even funnier than she is on roasts. Would I want her brand of humor to be the only comedy out there? No. But I like knowing that in today’s world, people can be in on the joke and laugh along. I did, consistently.

addCredit(“Janet Van Ham/HBO”)

Apple and Steve Jobs, Happy Anniversary! The Mac Turns 25


If you’re spending your Saturday morning like me, you’re looking around the web on your ‘puter — I’m a Mac, perhaps you’re a PC? — and you also saw a story or three about the Mac, Steve Jobs’ ingenious invention before his other ingenious inventions like the iPod and iPhone, turning 25 today. With all the news around Jobs’ health these days, it’s nice to be able to gnaw on the thing(s) that made Apple, and the man behind it, great.

Check out our gallery of things we’d like to thanks Mr. Jobs for — his contributions to pop culture have been indelible, and quite edible. (If you missed the link, click here.) And join us in wishing Mac a happy 25th birthday!

(Not) Actually live at Comedy Central's Indecision 2008 viewing party

Annie_plinko_cheating_lHow’s your hangover? (Take our poll, after the jump.)

Considering I spent five hours at Comedy Central’s open-bar "Indecision 2008" viewing party, mine could, theoretically, be worse. I’ll share the highlights of my election night, you share yours.

CNN calls Florida for Obama, Times Square erupts Annie Barrett and I were in a cab, headed down Broadway when we heard the cheers. And allegedly high-fived. (I should have cut myself off then.)

Indecision Plinko! Judging by the line to play Plinko at The Park restaurant, I’m guessing Annie (pictured) was the only one who’s never heard of the famed Price is Right game. How it worked: Two guests faced off on matching boards. The one who scored the most points won an Indecision 2008 T-shirt and a Subway gift card. Annie was victorious (in her second match, against a Daily Show staffer).

Celebs… eating! Among the stars we spotted at the party: Ethan Hawke, Seann William Scott, Top Chef‘s Padma Lakshmi, Flight of the Concords‘ Kristen Schaal, 30 Days‘ Morgan Spurlock, and 30 Rock‘s Jane Krakowski, Jack McBrayer, Scott Adsit, and Lonny Ross. Memorable moments include my colleague Tanner Stransky following a plate of bite-size brownies… right to Hawke’s table. (I like actors so much more when I know that they eat dessert; Hawke also enjoyed one of the delicious cupcakes with Barack Obama’s face on it.) And, of course, Annie getting her moment with Schaal, whom she was most excited to see: "I said, ‘Oh hell no. Said I would stalk ya. Livin’ my dream,’" Annie recounted. "She just stared and said, ‘Thank you?’" 


We want more pictures of your best Halloween costumes!

Teenbeathansoncostume_l Last week, we made a plea for you to send us pictures of your best-ever pop-culture-inspired Halloween costumes. We’ve gotten some good entries so far, but we still need more. Soooo, as a way to prove that no photo is too embarrassing for public consumption, I now offer up a snapshot of my Teen Beat magazine cover frock (starring Hanson) — designed by mom and worn by yours truly back in 1997.

Here are the rules again for those of you who are getting those costumes together last minute, or who simply forgot to email us last time around: Send us photos of what you’re planning to wear for Halloween 2008, andyou might be featured on the Feedback page of the Entertainment Weeklyissue that hits newsstands October 31, or a related photo gallery onEW.com. And if you have photos of a fabulous "vintage" costume fromyears past, you can send those, too. E-mail your picture(s) (a jpeg,with a minimum of 600 pixels at the longest edge and a maximum filesize of 1 Mb) to popwatch@ew.com.In your e-mail, please include your name and a short description ofyour costume. Submit your costume photos from 12:01 p.m. on October 15,2008 to 11:59 p.m. on October 22, 2008. U.S. entries only.  All photoentries will be judged by EW editors equally on creativity and quality.By sending your picture, you are representing and warranting that youtook this photograph and giving us permission to print it in themagazine or post it on our web site(s) without compensation.

Now that we’ve cleared those legal hurdles (whew!), it’s time for you to start scanning and sending. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Send us your pop culture Halloween costumes!

Halloweencostumelisabritney_l For the average Halloween lover, October 31 is the perfect opportunity to channel an inner witch, vampire, or lingerie-wearing animal. But for me, Halloween is all about getting in touch with my inner Britney Spears. Yep, I’ve gone as the many stages of the troubled-yet-fascinating pop tart over the years, but my 2007 costume (pictured) was by far my crowning achievement. I knew people would go as bald, umbrella-wielding Brit or lethargic VMAs Brit, so I went a different direction, funneling all of 2007’s tabloid fodder into my best costume ever: Britney as Perez Hilton post! How will I beat it this year? Especially with Spears’ quiet recent history? Only my local art-supply shop knows for sure.

Now, it’s your turn to wow us with your pop-culture-inspired Halloween costumes. Send us photos of what you’re planning to wear for Halloween 2008, and you might be featured on the Feedback page of the Entertainment Weekly issue that hits newsstands October 31, or a related photo gallery on EW.com. And if you have photos of a fabulous "vintage" costume from years past, you can send those, too. E-mail your picture(s) (a jpeg, with a minimum of 600 pixels at the longest edge and a maximum file size of 1 Mb) to popwatch@ew.com. In your e-mail, please include your name and a short description of your costume. Submit your costume photos from 12:01 p.m. on October 15, 2008 to 11:59 p.m. on October 22, 2008. U.S. entries only.  All photo entries will be judged by EW editors equally on creativity and quality. By sending your picture, you are representing and warranting that you took this photograph and giving us permission to print it in the magazine or post it on our web site(s) without compensation. 

Whew! And now that we’ve got those rules out of the way, get your photos scanned or downloaded and start sending! Looking forward to seeing what you guys cook up.

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