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'Revolution'? 'Mindy'? 'Nashville'? What's your favorite new TV show this season? POLL


One month ago, Homeland and Modern Family were named Best Drama and Best Comedy at the 64th Annual Emmy Awards. Their crowning ushered in the 2012 fall TV season, an exciting new beginning filled with surprising triumphs and unsurprising failures. (Made in Jersey and Animal Practice, we hardly knew ye!)

It’s too early to tell whether any of the networks’ shiny new shows will dethrone Homeland or ModFam at next year’s Emmys. Still, we’ve seen enough of them to know which ones are live-watch musts, which deserve a spot on the DVR… and which should follow CBS’s legal drama and NBC’s monkey comedy to an early grave.

For now, though, let’s keep things positive. Which of the following new shows is your favorite one of all? Vote in the poll below — and explain yourself in the comments.


'Partners' react: Is a retro sitcom a good thing?

Following up the sweeter How I Met Your Mother and preceding the raunchier 2 Broke Girls, Partners feels right at home on CBS Mondays, but feels a little less at home in 2012.

Watching the show, (SPOILER ALERT!) created by the Will & Grace team and starring Michael Urie, David Krumholtz, Sophia Bush, and Brandon Routh, I was struck by the ‘90-ish feel of the program – much like with Guys With Kids. To me, it felt like an early episode of Will & Grace where everything is dialed up to 12 and a bit overblown. Many things about the show — even the basic gay guy/straight guy BFF-dom — seems wannabee edgy and from a recent but not quite current era.

The show revolved around lifelong best friends Louis (Urie) and Joe (Krumholtz). When Joe decides that he wants to propose to his girlfriend (Bush) the duo’s BFF status is threatened. When drama-loving Louis gets involved, there are all sorts of hijinks, prompting Joe to call off the friendship. READ FULL STORY

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