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Jimmy Fallon and Amy Poehler reminisce about their favorite (fake) film collaborations -- VIDEO

Poignant, daring, and set entirely within the walls of one seriously mysterious attic, Who Is “Mark Pelpy”? — a CGI-filled thriller starring Amy Poehler and Jimmy Fallon — is one of film history’s greatest mysteries. Or, at least, it might be… if it were real.

Both Poehler and Fallon had an opportunity to exercise their improv comedy muscles on last night’s Late Night. The game: Fallon pulled out a succession of ridiculous posters for fake movies he and Poehler had supposedly starred in together. The host and his guest would then spend a few minutes riffing on each faux flick, filling in plot details and making up behind-the-scenes tidbits. (Connect Four, for example, was shot in Yugoslavia. Naturally.)

Want to know more about the pair’s fantasy epic (Chronicles of Holkroft 3: Quest for the Krimson Amulet), or their British comedy of manners (Her Royal Heiny)? Of course you do! Check out the entire bit below.


'Parks and Recreation' returns! No more reasons to glum, sugar plum!

Who’s that person who loved last night’s Parks and Recreation? That’s-a-me!  (Still hungry? Check out these deleted scenes.)

So gather around everyone — that includes you, Mr. Hamster Penis — for a quick rundown of the big moments from last night’s episode, with some helpful context:

1. Is there anything sexier than a guy who fills his house with amenities? If there is, I haven’t found it. And the most shocking aspect of my newfound appreciation for men who own soft blankets and have refrigerators full of coconut water? That Tom is the person who helped me come to this conclusion. Congrats, Tom! You’ve finally done something sort of right. Ann certainly loved it, too. Yes, that’s still happening. But for how long? (See. No. 4) READ FULL STORY

Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally join Americans for Marriage Equality campaign -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are the latest celebrities to show their support for gay and lesbian marriage by filming a video ad for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest LGBT civil rights organization, and its Americans for Marriage Equality project.

Offerman, who wed Mullally in 2003, begins, “You know, the night Megan and I got married, she actually thought she was marrying Cedric the Entertainer.”

“I sure did,” Mullally says.

Watch their plea below. READ FULL STORY

Play ball! Nick Offerman versus Craig Robinson in New Era's Chi-town feud


Last year, Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski acted out baseball’s most passionate feud — Yankees vs. Red Sox — in a series of New Era cap commercials. An apartment building was set ablaze, animals were abused, and pants were soiled. More important to this impartial observer, neither rival went on to win the World Series. (So begins the New Era jinx!)

This year, Major League Baseball’s official hatmaker is staying within the NBC family, but shifting the bloodsport west, to the City of Big Shoulders. In the first of what we can only hope are a series of ads, Park & Recreation‘s Nick Offerman (Cubs) and The Office‘s Craig Robinson (White Sox) exchange digs at the Chi-town corner pub, the Dividing Line. It seemed like a fair fight, but then Robinson had to go all Chicago Way on the Cubbies, crossing a line that just shouldn’t be crossed. Take a look. READ FULL STORY

Aziz Ansari releases 'Dangerously Delicious' (and seriously NSFW) promo — VIDEO

Aziz Ansari is standing up to cable by bringing his latest standup special directly to his fans. In lieu of shopping his comedy routine out to cable networks, the Parks and Recreation actor has opted to release his special Dangerously Delicious directly on his website. Beginning today, fans can download or stream the hour-long routine for just $5. “Uncut, uncensored, with no ads and no bleeps,” promises Ansari. “Normally a special like this would cost $20 to get on DVD.”  Well, he has a point. Watch the rather NSFW preview below. READ FULL STORY

Adam Scott: Funny, adorable, sexy, or all of the above?

Everyone I’ve chatted with today who saw Jennifer Westfeldt’s Friends With Kids over the weekend enjoyed it — and leading man Adam Scott. Where we differ is how we think of Scott’s appeal: As someone who saw him do plenty of sex scenes in the 2007 HBO series Tell Me You Love Me, I have no problem thinking of him as sexy — which is why I love that Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) lusts after his character Ben on Parks and Recreation and the two of them name bedroom moves after politicians. Ben’s a sweet, smart, funny, sexy guy who should be getting some. But friends who haven’t seen Tell Me You Love Me, say they think of Scott more as “adorable” because they only associate him with Parks and Recreation and Party Down. A few gave me a break and said he is “adorable with sexy moments,” having now seen Friends With Kids. What do you think PopWatchers? Let’s take your (racing) pulse in the poll below. READ FULL STORY

'Crazy, Stupid, Love,' 'Bridesmaids,' 'Modern Family,' '30 Rock,' lead Comedy Awards nominations

The nominations for the second annual Comedy Awards were announced today. Television series Modern Family and 30 Rock and films Bridesmaids and Crazy, Stupid, Love all lead the pack with five nominations apiece, while Louis C.K. also picked up five nods, three of which come from his FX series Louie.

Nominees for the awards were selected by the Comedy Awards Board of Directors, which include high-profile comedians like Conan O’Brien, Stephen Colbert, Carol Burnett, Ray Romano, Jon Stewart, and Lily Tomlin, according to Deadline. The Comedy Awards will be presented on April 28 in New York City and will air May 6 on Comedy Central. Choice nominees are below. The full list is available on the Awards’ official site. READ FULL STORY

Leslie Knope loves you so much, she's helping you plan your own Galentine's Day celebration

Women of the world, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, but do not fear that you will be receiving the emotional equivalent of an empty, dark-chocolate-stained Kay Jewelers box if you find yourself without a significant other. Leslie Knope has a solution that will fill your heart with sisterly affection and distraction — her annual Galentine’s Day banquet! On NBC’s Parks and Recreation hub, you will find 10 useful tips for creating a self-esteem-building activity on Feb. 13. Too bad you didn’t already start planning for this last Feb. 15, when Valentine’s Day merchandise went on deep discount, but it’s okay: There are still a handful of other valuable instructions. Consider sharing your feelings with the group by customizing a song such as Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me.” But if you remember to do only one thing, it’s monogram everything. Feel the love right here.

NBC’s epic Super Bowl promo features literally everyone on NBC -- VIDEO

Whether or not you were happy with the outcome of the Super Bowl, you’ll find it hard not to smile while watching NBC’s ridiculously fun promo (which aired during the pre-show) featuring the casts of… well, just about everything on NBC.

The Peacock gathered its various stars together for a super-sized Super Bowl commercial featuring a rousing rendition of “Brotherhood of Man” from the Broadway musical “How to Succeed in Business (Without Really Trying).” READ FULL STORY

'Kinect Star Wars': Chris Pratt challenges Darth Vader to a duel -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Luke Skywalker. Obi-Wan Kenobi. Andy Dwyer? In Kinect Star Wars, the upcoming motion-controlled game for Xbox 360, anyone can feel as though he or she is a real Jedi master — even Chris Pratt, who plays the lazy shoeshiner-turned-assistant Andy on Parks and Recreation. Case in point: this new two-minute short film, which EW.com is exclusively debuting. The clip features a bathrobe-wearing Pratt facing off against Darth Vader in the iconic lightsaber duel from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. All I’ll say is that Mr. Vader is a very patient man (and that Pratt’s geeky giggle at 0:44 is priceless). Check out the video below: READ FULL STORY

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