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In defense of Ray Romano getting cast in an HBO drama -- VIDEO

Ray Romano tends to get a bad rap. And it’s time for that to change.

On Friday, HBO announced that Ray Romano is the latest actor to be added to the cast of the upcoming New York-set drama about 1970s rock and roll from Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger, and Terence Winter. Ray Romano isn’t rock and roll, you may contest. And you may be right — Ray Romano, the person, may be not be “rock and roll.” But Ray Romano the actor? He’s got the talent to be the toughest music exec we’ve ever seen. READ FULL STORY

'Parenthood' finale react: A house is not a home

Even though I knew it was coming, losing the Braverman house hurts, guys. It hurts bad. Let’s be honest: Next to Joel, it was arguably my favorite thing about this show. Okay, that’s taking it too far, but I am going to miss that beautiful house for a number of reasons, and I didn’t even grow up there!

That being said, losing the house was not the thing that made me cry the hardest in this episode. Nope, that award (not surprisingly) goes to Mae Whitman and Matt Lauria. At the hospital, we finally got to meet Ryan’s mother, who was not only an awful person, but also came bearing awful news. Ryan had been discharged from the Army and was heading back to Wyoming with her. And when Amber — Ryan’s non-wife (sorry, hospital) — asked him about it, he revealed just how he was injured. Spoiler: It’s not as badass as you probably thought. READ FULL STORY

Matt Lauria is returning to 'Parenthood': We imagine the scenarios

If you’ve felt that Parenthood has been lacking in the hot guy department lately, well, you clearly haven’t been looking at Joel or Carl. But if you’ve been craving a certain young man in uniform, we’ve got good news! EW has confirmed that Matt Lauria, who plays Ryan York, is returning to the show.

But before you can jump for joy, let’s all remember that Ryan left Amber to go to war, because he feels the most like himself when he’s a soldier. So for starters, how is he returning home from war, and what could his return mean for Ryber?

As far as I see it, there are a few ways this could play out: READ FULL STORY

TV Recap: 'American Idol,' 'Parenthood,' and 'Parks and Recreation' -- VIDEO

Did you miss Thursday’s episodes of American Idol, Parenthood, or Parks and Recreation? Catch up with our recap videos below! READ FULL STORY

Are television promos ruining good cliffhangers?

I have a love/hate relationship with cliffhangers, as I’m sure most people do. Nothing is more exciting than a good twist, and nothing is more painful than having to wait to find out what will happen next. However, in today’s world of television speed-plotting, I find myself yearning for a genuine cliffhanger, particularly when it comes to mid-season and/or season finales.

What I realized last night is that speed-plotting isn’t the only problem for cliffhangers. In a lot of cases, the antithesis of a genuine cliffhanger seems to be an over-informative episode promo. You spend your summer waiting to find out if a character will live or die only to see them talking in a promo for the upcoming season, and all of a sudden, your urge for the show to come back is cut in half. For example, on this season of Parenthood, my biggest question has been, “Is Julia going to cheat on Joel?” And when promoting the show’s mid-season finale, they not only teased her temptation, but they gave me my answer … and  in a 30-second clip. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Matchmaker: Harrison Wright and Heather Hall

Some of our favorite TV characters are often unlucky in love. They just can’t seem to find The One — but what if The One is on another show altogether?

Being a part of OPA – Scandal‘s Olivia Pope & Associates — means being a Gladiator. And Gladiator is a fancy word for a super cool workaholic who does top-secret super cool stuff. And written in small font at the bottom of the Gladiator definition is “willing to follow Olivia Pope over a cliff.” It’s what they do. It’s who they are. And whenever Olivia has a personal crisis (which is often) or has to step away from the day-to-day happenings at the office, her second-hand man steps in — in a very fancy suit, no less.

Meet Harrison Wright. He’s the sharpest-dressed man in television. We don’t know much about him other than the fact that he can talk incredibly fast, he’s quick on his feet, and he’s 100 percent devoted to Olivia. Oh, and he has a dark past that we’ve only begun to get into. Harrison has tried (and failed) to be Olivia’s shoulder to cry on a number of times, but she isn’t exactly one for hugs that aren’t given by President Fitzgerald Grant. So what does Harrison do with his life other than serve Olivia and pick out outfits? We have no idea. And quite frankly, Harrison is too smart and too attractive to pine after Olivia. Come on: He totally loves her, right? Regardless, he needs a woman. Enter Heather Hall.

'Parenthood' spot inspection: Heed the warning signs, Bravermans!

I only cried once. I ONLY CRIED ONCE! It’s a Braverman miracle. But don’t be alarmed: Though the two often seem to correlate, you can’t judge an episode of Parenthood by how many times it makes you sob. I recently saw a film that was so melodramatic I wept for 75% of its duration, even though it hardly developed a character beyond “she’s the nicest one, and she’s definitely going to die in an hour.” It went for the cry every time and it was not enjoyable.

Parenthood, by contrast, doesn’t go for the cry. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that Parenthood is only about the cry.

Thursday’s episode was a great contribution to a confident season. Perhaps its swing to the less-than-three side of my crying average had to do with its focus on non-original Bravermans — people we don’t know enough about to get emotional just thinking about all they’ve been through in the last four years.


'Parenthood' react: 'You don't wait for anything'

I have a confession to make: In the span of two months this summer, I binge-watched all of Parenthood, overheated my laptop, used up a grand total of 3.25 tissue boxes to soak up my tears, and fell in love with this show. Yes, there were bumps along the way — looking at you, Sarah Braverman — but I went into this season premiere expecting only charm coupled with the most emotional gut punches from the Braverman clan.

And this episode delivered the classic Parenthood I’ve come to love.

“It Has to Be Now” was an hour of the Bravermans taking chances with a renewed sense of “carpe diem,” as Kristina calls it, but as usual, realizing their flaws in the process.

Kristina, now cancer-free, is enjoying time with Adam, telling him cheesy-but-sweet phrases like “Life is a gift” as they dance together at a bar. But just as the two agree to seize each day, Bob Little pays them a visit and gives Kristina the opportunity of her dreams: to run his mayoral campaign. Adam retreats into his protective nature, warning Kristina how Bob, sleazeball extraordinaire, spent last season lying to her — but all that said, it’s clear Kristina wants to finally take a chance. And her thoughts of taking the job are encouraged by Gwen. “If this is something you want to do, you do it,” she tells Kristina. “This is not the dress rehearsal.” The music swells, and I grab my first tissue. (Sorry, readers, I’m a crier. Perfect choice in shows, don’t you think?)

EWwys voting is on! Races are close -- like 10 votes close


Yes, it’s the weekend, which means you should have plenty of time to scroll through the nominees for the 6th Annual EWwy Awards, which honor the Emmy-snubbed, and vote for your favorites. As I’m typing this, 10 votes separate first and second place in one category; 46 votes in another, and 194 votes in a third. You could be the difference between someone having to explain why they have a tiny statue of a black gold sheep on their mantle and someone not having that pleasure.  Vote now!

Character Rehab: How to fix Sarah Braverman from 'Parenthood'

Here at EW, we have a new weekly series in which we — and readers — weigh in on ways to rehab much-maligned characters on some of our favorite shows.

The Bravermans are one of television’s greatest families. Whether they’re teaching us valuable lessons, screwing up their own lives, or just cooking dinner, we can’t help but love them. However, there is one thing that needs some adjustment within the clan: Child number two, Sarah. Although we love that she and Crosby were always the so-called screw-ups amongst the original siblings, there’s only so much of that we can take before the whole being-an-adult thing needs to kick in.

And after watching Sarah chase after men and search for her passion for four seasons, now is the time for her to take things to the next level … without losing her charming sense of humor, of course. We don’t want this screw-up to go perfectly straight-and-narrow. Rather, here’s what we suggest: READ FULL STORY

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