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Clip du jour: Best Week Ever's 'American SuicIdol'

For American Idol coverage, there’s no one better than our own Michael Slezak. But we shall now be supplementing it with BWE.tv‘s new feature, American SuicIdol. Each week, Michelle Collins will “string together the worst notes from each singer in a glorious cacophony of epic proportions that may or may not make you want to off yourselves entirely.” After the jump, the inaugural composition. READ FULL STORY

Does Paige Miles' 'Late Show' performance atone for 'Against All Odds'?

I’ve been feeling for poor American Idol cast-off Paige Miles. While making the rounds on television talk shows, she’s repeatedly being subjected to video loops of her dastardly (how Simon of me!) performance of “Against All Odds.” But last night, Paige stopped by Late Show to sing for David Letterman — and, thankfully, she wasn’t forced to warble through the song she sang during what Annie Barrett called “the worst Idol performance EVER.” (Our own Mike Slezak thinks Camile Velasco’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” more deserves that title; I vote for John Steven’s season 3 performance of “Crocodile Rock.” It was so bad, it seems YouTube has even opted to not put it on its site.) Instead, she sang Stevie Wonder’s “Living for the City.” And I have to say, dawg, she did her thang! Sure, the performance was a little season 2 — about the time when Wonder’s songs became tired on the reality show — but, hey, it was in tune! I’m guessing she’s finally gotten over that whole Michael Jackson thing. See the video after the jump! READ FULL STORY

Crappy by association: What movies, shows, and songs have been ruined for you by bad romance?

the-banglesImage Credit: Paul Natkin/WireImage.comI just finished reading Julie Klausner’s profane, hilarious new memoir I Don’t Care About Your Band, in which she recounts a veritable fail-parade of romantic encounters—like “please alert the FEMA clean-up crew” bad, not “oh, he didn’t pull out my chair for me at dinner” bad.

But what stuck with me was how associated her cavalcade of chronic masturbators, obese cheaters, and all-around nutballs was with certain movies, music, and TV shows: making out to Glengarry Glen Ross; believing a shared teenage love of Kids In the Hall and They Might Be Giants = true love 4ever; recoiling at a smelly boy bedroom filled with Star Wars paraphernalia or Family Guy DVDs.

For various heinous and highly subjective reasons, I can’t listen to the Bangles’ “Eternal Flame,” (junior high, your cuts run deep), hear a certain sitcom theme song, or watch the otherwise perfectly nice Merchant Ivory movie A Room With a View without wanting to stab myself in the eye with a plastic spork. I know you’ve got your own date-related pop-culture Waterloos, PopWatchers. Please share the ugly in our comments section below.

'American Idol': Worst performance ever?

american_idolImage Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOXOn last night’s American Idol, Kara called Paige Miles’ rendition of “Against All Odds” the worst vocal of the season. “That song just killed you,” Simon informed Paige, who was then dead. Now, I’m not Slezak and don’t have a carefully organized (by hair color) brain database of 8.3 seasons of performances at the ready, but I dunno, Dawg — I think Paige’s warble might have been the worst Idol performance EVER. And I saw that bird dance by the blond tattoo lady last year. This was like a million billion times worse than that. Which ear-sore gets your vote for Worst Idol Performance Ever? Do you have recurring Oz-based nightmares of Camile Velasco’s sensational(ly awful) ”Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” like poor Slezak?

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Miley Cyrus will guest-mentor on 'American Idol'

Miley-Cyrus-IdolImage Credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR PhotosDuring a routine scrape, American Idol producers found Miley Cyrus at the bottom of a barrel next to some Hannah Montana doll hair and decided to make her a guest mentor on tomorrow night’s show. Cyrus will bestow unto the Top 11 contestants bits of wisdom such as “Wear boots” and “Sound like a chain smoker,” and then she’ll perform her hit “When I Look At You” on Wednesday’s results show, according to a press release from Fox.

Are we really that surprised? The point of American Idol is to become a successful recording artist, not a good singer. It’s nice when the evidence of both co-mingle in the bloodstream of a teenager with a perfect face for extreme close-ups, but let’s not forget that this singing competition is also a three-month-long audition to star in a car commercial. I am a little shocked, though, that the Idol people don’t think we’ll immediately turn the channel if Miley attempts to explain herself via “singing.” That’s not gonna be good for business. That’s not gonna be good for anyone.

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What stupid song is in your head today?

After Kate Ward cursed me with a reminder of that Filet-O-Fish song yesterday, I woke up this morning with the annoying “I make a lasagna” song in my head from the Bertolli commercial, and I CANNOT flush it out. I need some Ke$ha, STAT!, to finally get this Carmen-crooning chef out of my head.

I know I’m not alone waking up with some strange ditty in my head. What’s on repeat in your brain today?

Baby Gaga's 'Bad Romance': Watch out, Noah Cyrus

Rah-rah-raht the hell is going on? This is 8-year-old Laura Fontana, a contestant on Brazil’s Qual é o Seu Talento?, a talent show. Oy.

I know little girls the world over dance in leotards at ballet and gymnastics classes and all, but crawling towards the judges and singing about wanting someone’s disease? Yikes. Plus this ruins my favorite website, raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala.com [makes noise/seizures]. Boo! If I want inappropriate kid/song pairings, I’ll watch this “TiK ToK” video.

Do you think this is over the line, PopWatchers?

'American Idol' Power List: We're down to 20! Who's your favorite?

After a rocky start to the semifinals last week, American Idol‘s top 20 contestants will be back tonight and tomorrow to prove they’re more Kelly Clarkson than Kelli Glover. Before they sing another note, however, it’s time for me to rank their place in the season 9 stratosphere — and for you to weigh in with your own vote in our handy Power List Poll. So, without further ado, let’s get to it…shall we? (Oh, and after you do your Idol civic duty, be sure to get up-to-the minute links to my coverage by following me on that Twitter thingie @EWMichaelSlezak!)

20. Tim Urban (New this week) Left the nation’s collective jaw on the floor after he tried and failed to reach the high notes of One Republic’s “Apologize” last week; that, combined with his wobbly David Cook cover in the Hollywood rounds, cemented the widely held impression that he’s the weakest remaining singer in the top 20. Nice head of hair, though, and recent shirtless-photo buzz could score points with more prurient segment of Idol fans.

19. Jermaine Sellers (Last week No. 15 ): Thuddingly awful Top 24 Week cover of Oleta Adams’ “Get Here” proved Jermaine has no understanding of/interest in the value of vocal restraint. Meanwhile, his apparent bewilderment as to the identity of Idol music director Michael Orland (whom he’d publicly clashed with during Hollywood Week) won’t win him any Mr. Congeniality points, either. Alas, his intriguing audition rendition of Joan Osborne’s “One of Us” seems a distant memory now.

18. Haeley Vaughn (Returns this week): One of season 9’s most polarizing contestants forcefully tackled the Beatles’ “I Want to Hold Your Hand” for her semifinal debut, and while her rendition creaked and whined like a rusty door hinge in a dilapidated mansion, it was at the very least…interesting? Plus, her black bubble skirt, green top, and feathered headpiece was the fashion highlight of results night. Hey, it’s somethin’!


'Idolatry': Miraculous survivals, new contenders, and a Bowersox concern this week on 'American Idol'

The first week of American Idol‘s season 9 semifinals resulted in some strange days indeed…most peculiar mama (nothing like dropping a random John Lennon reference on a Sunday morning.) But my co-host Missy Schwartz and I have tried to make sense of the insanity. How in the blankity blank did Jermaine Sellers violently assault the melody of Oleta Adams’ “Get Here,” yet live to survive another week? Are Siobhan Magnus and Lee Dewyze the season 9 dark horses, even if one of the two contestants doesn’t know what, exactly, that means? Was there a common thread among the first four semifinalists eliminated? (Read their respective exit Q&As here, here, here, and here.) Missy and I tackle all those topics, plus I offer a PSA to Idoloonies who are voting for male contestants based solely on their hotness. Press play below, then hit the comments section with your own thoughts on these subjects of vital national importance. (Also of vital national importance? That you follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak!)

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Dolph Lundgren must have really wanted to be part of PopWatch On Ice

Here is an odd song/dance/feats of strength obstacle course, performed by Dolph Lundgren on the Swedish show Melodifestivalen. Wait, no. It would be much better if I let Lost producer (and EW confidant) Damon Lindelof introduce the following crazy in 140 characters or less: This morning, I awoke wondering what Dolph Lundgren is up to these days. Your answer, friends:

Well, Dolph, after witnessing the wonder that occurred at 3:00, we have no choice but to grant your wish. Dolph, you are now a platinum member of EW.com’s exclusive PopWatch On Ice…society clique…thing. Mandi, an overly excited Scott Hamilton, Johnny Weir, commenter Jenn, and I are happy to have you! Here is your stamp of approval. You fought to win for you, for you, and it has once again paid off!

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