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Rebecca Black on 'Leno': Viral sensation talks 'Friday,' performs hit

Often, seeing a viral video star make an appearance in the mainstream media is like seeing a dog wearing clothes: confusing, jarring, and a little sad. Nevertheless, infamous “Friday” songstress Rebecca Black was perfectly likable on Leno last night. The 13-year-old told Jay the now-familiar story of how she got involved with Ark Music Factory, how she felt when she first read the nasty criticism “Friday” has inspired (“I was like, oh, the world hates me, I’m gonna die! … Now I don’t even read them, so they don’t bug me”), and what she’s going to do with the ridiculous amount of money she’s made off the song (it’ll be donated to Japan earthquake/tsunami relief). Leno went pretty easy on her, probably because he knows what it feels like to be the target of harsh words.

And then Rebecca had to perform the chorus of her song. Watch the interview below. READ FULL STORY

Rebecca Black's 'Friday' is bringing in the dough


Are you sitting down? Good, because I’ve got some shocking news. According to Forbes, “Friday” — the insipid but catchy tune created by Ark Music Factory and performed by shiny-haired 13-year-old Rebecca Black — is pulling in some serious bank.

As of a few seconds ago, Black’s video has some 33.5 million views on YouTube. READ FULL STORY

Randy Quaid explains his 'Star Whackers' theory in song form

Given all the big-name celebrity meltdowns lately, you’d be forgiven if you’ve already forgotten the strange saga of Randy and Evi Quaid, who dodged various criminal accusations before escaping to Canada, where they claimed in a strange interview with Good Morning America that they were fleeing from a conspiracy of “star whackers” who killed celebrities or maybe just embarrassed celebrities or something something the Mafia! Since the married couple seemed legitimately unhinged, it was difficult to find any humor in the situation. But now Randy Quaid has debuted his new song, “Star Whackers,” with his band Randy Quaid and the Fugitives. Based on his performance at Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom, “Star Whackers” sounds a little bit like the prose-poetry of Jim Morrison crossed with the lounge singing of Tony Clifton: Quaid makes repeated reference to “Those sleazy Star Whackers … they’ll sell your vital organs on eBay.” Start the theories now: Is that non-sequitur towel serving the same purpose as Linus’ security blanket? Also, is this funny or sad? Check out the video after the jump and decide for yourself… READ FULL STORY

Rebecca Black on 'Good Morning America': 'I think I have talent on some level'

Friday. Friday. Got to get down on Friday. Rebecca Black, the teenage singer whose music video, “Friday,” has become an Internet sensation, appeared on this morning’s Good Morning America. ABC’s Andrea Canning initially said she thought the song “was king of catchy,” but then she proceeded to read the worst of Black’s hate-mail and give the teen a singing test (At least she got the national anthem’s words right!). READ FULL STORY

Sarah Palin: Kathy Griffin's a '50-year-old, adult bully,' 'a has-been comedienne'

The feud between Kathy Griffin and Sarah Palin marches on, and this weekend, Palin took a few jabs via Fox News. When asked for comment about Griffin’s rumored upcoming role as a Palin-type Tea Party politician on Glee, the former Alaska gov responded: “You know, Kathy Griffin can do anything to me or say anything about me, because, you know, she’s a 50-year-old adult bully, really, is what she is — kind of a has-been comedienne.” READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: The song you can't bear to hear because it reminds you of high school mortification?

I recently purchased En Vogue’s “Hold On” off iTunes for $0.69. It played on my iPod for the first time this morning during my commute, and I had to shut it off immediately. I had a flashback to a high school dance marathon, and more specifically, to three friends and I “performing” that song in a lip-synch contest. We had our own choreography, but the only move I actually remember — one hand to forehead, one hand on waist, and step with hip roll — we did steal from the video, embedded below. Naturally, I need to hear your horror stories so I know I’m not alone. What song can’t you bear to listen to because it reminds you of high school mortification?  READ FULL STORY

Mike Tyson picks 'Avatar' for Best Pic, says Wahlberg vulnerable without Funky Bunch

I always loved when The Spectacled Critic and The Bald Critic would tangle over movies from the balcony during Oscar season, so I was a sucker for Leonard Maltin discussing this year’s Oscars with Mike Tyson, via FunnyOrDie. The champ flexed his dynamic verbosity, calling Halle Berry’s performance in his Best Picture prediction Avatar “stupyfying.” Maltin carefully switched subjects, asking Tyson what he thought of Mark Wahlberg’s performance in The Fighter and whether Wahlberg could hold his own in the ring. “Is it going to be Marky Mark by himself or is he going to have the Funky Bunch with him?” asked Tyson. “There’s a possibility he might get obliviated without the Funky Bunch.”

I nominate Mike Tyson to work the red carpet next Sunday. Check out the slightly NSFW meeting of cinematic minds below. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol' exclusive behind-the-scenes report from L.A.: Your audition round burning questions answered!

american-idolImage Credit: Michael Becker/FoxFor last month’s EW cover story on the new team behind the judging table at American Idol, I was invited by Fox to exclusively observe the Los Angeles auditions last November. During the 30-or-so minutes I got to sit amid the small village of cables, cameras, lights, monitors, and crew surrounding the makeshift Idol audition stage, I saw 13 people sing. Five of them, including Tim “I had a crush on J. Lo when I was in the 6th grade” Halperin, were sent to Hollywood, exactly as many as were seen getting golden tickets during last night’s Los Angeles audition episode. So, were the L.A. tryouts really as awful as they seemed on TV? In a word, no.  READ FULL STORY

Act now to secure your own Sarah Palin!

Steve Winn, an entrepreneur from New Orleans who once developed a talking Mr. T keychain, is busy hawking an updated model: the Sarah Palin in Your Pocket. Winn credits his sales (35,000 and counting) to “the rhythm, the cadence, the cartoony up and down of her voice. I don’t know how to describe it,” he told The Los Angeles Times. “It’s beautiful. It’s enchanting!”

In isolation, the lines do have a weird poetry. Among the keychain’s repertoire:

  • “Doesn’t it split the cheechakos from the sourdoughs?” In this instance, “it” is the “ice-fogged frigid” Alaska cold that Palin invoked during her farewell speech in Fairbanks. A Cheechako is the Alaskan term for a newcomer, and a Sourdough is an old-timer. In other words, “Aren’t the freshmen lame and the seniors cool?” But it’s better this way — like an innocent question about breads.
  • “In what respect, Charlie?” Have four words so represented a time, a moment, a facial expression and an outcome as much as these?
  • “Alaska!” The keychain includes three versions of Palin saying this word. Alaska! Alaska! Alaska! Say it over again and you realize 1) how easy “Alaska” is to repeat and 2) how fun. Alaska!

So what do you think Popwatchers? Beautiful? Enchanting? Any interest in owning this database of oral history?

Open letter to Hyundai: Christmas is over; 'tis the season to put the hipsters back in their cage

Dear Hyundai,

It was kind of cute at first. We had fun mocking the breathless innocence of Nataly Dawn’s voice on “Up on the Housetop,” replacing “Up on the housetop, reindeer pause” with “Hah, hah-hah-hah, hah, hah hah hah”…the first 17 or so times. “Jingle Bells” was always  just sort of there. “Deck [pause] The Halls” was annoying from the start. You know that. How could anyone not realize this? Have you just been f—ing with us the whole time?

Come on, we’re begging you. Does the Genesis come with a calendar? It’s December 30. Enough is enough. We’ve seen these commercials 2847582 times. You’re scaring away what could be scores of new Pomplamoose fans who will never want to hear “the dreaded car-commercial hipsters” again — let alone buy a car! I mean you can just forget about the car thing altogether. Weirdos.

From every one of us, have a safe and happy holiday, WHICH IS OVER.
Love, Scrooge!

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

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