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Neil Patrick Harris on 'The Price Is Right': Barney Stinson -- and Bob Barker -- would be proud

To be fair, Neil Patrick Harris already had a bit of an unfair advantage going in to today’s episode of The Price Is Right. Not only does the universally beloved star have daytime television experience (sorry, Snoop), but before his appearance for Celebrity Charity Week, NPH already got to hear those magic words “Come on down!” Well, technically, it was Barney Stinson who became the single greatest player in the history of the “original” Price Is Right after he won everything (including some sweet gifts for Marshall and Lily’s wedding) and met his “dad,” then-host Bob Barker. It was… well, you know.

So things were a little bit different this time around for the How I Met Your Mother actor. Though he did suit up for the occasion, Harris — who was playing for breast-cancer research organization the Noreen Fraser Foundation — served as something of a cohost to Drew Carey and helped his fellow contestants (a very un-Barney-like strategy) snag some most excellent prizes ($10,000!, a new car!), including the episode’s eventual champ Adam, by knowing things like the price for a cupcake maker and having an excellent strategy for the frustrating game Gas Money. READ FULL STORY

'The X Factor' on the scene: Dear lord, that woman is trapped inside that giant holiday bauble!

If you need a reminder that there is hope for humanity this holiday season, look no further than the line of people waiting to get into Thursday night’s finale of The X Factor. Standing behind me: two-thirds of the miles-more-interesting-than-inTENsity, tight-fitting-pants aficionados the Anser. (Yes, their pants remain as snug as ever.) Standing in front of me: All of Chris Rene’s family, who, since we’re on the subject, are quite the fashionable bunch themselves. With only 45 minutes left until the show was live to the East Coast, the line was unusually long, and moving at a snail’s pace — but no one complained, no one pulled rank and cut ahead, and everyone got in with plenty of time to spare. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but after a season rife with ill-mannered judges and rattling extravagance, I’ll take any moments of quiet grace I can get.

And then there was the moment when, after I passed the gate and made my way to the ticket-tent area, I noticed a pair of PAs working furiously to vacuum up what appeared to be a cloud of lint from inside what appeared to be a clear plastic bubble. READ FULL STORY

'A Bitchin' Christmas' music video featuring Nadia G in a red unitard: Recommended for Scrooges!

I only knew of Nadia G and her Cooking Channel show, The Bitchin’ Kitchen, in theory. So when I pressed play on this Bitchin’ Christmas music video — featuring What Not to Hair‘s Guy Fieri, Ace of Cakes‘ Duff Goldman, Travel Channel’s Andrew Zimmern, and Nadia’s fellow Cooking Channel stars Kelsey Nixon, Ben Sargent, Alie & Georgia, Vegan Black Metal Chef and the guys from Epic Meal Time (and it was made for charity!) — I had no idea the creature writhing around in a shiny red unitard and ’80s hair/makeup was the actual host of a cooking program. I assumed she was a video ho for hire, like Old Navy’s animatronic Kim Kardashian.

Is it just me or is Nadia G a pretty convincing pop star? I mean, really think about pop stars. Wait, no, don’t exert yourself. Watch the madness here: READ FULL STORY

NASCAR's Kurt Busch apologizes for eviscerating ESPN race reporter

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch lived up to his last name on Sunday, unloading on Dr. Jerry Punch when the veteran ESPN race reporter attempted to ask him a question after his car limped into the garage during the season-ending Ford 400 in Miami. “Can you get this motherf—– out of my face,” Busch said after Punch tried to ask him what the automotive problem was. When Busch continued his expletives, Punch finally walked away.

Yesterday, Busch and his Penske Racing team officially apologized. “Unfortunately, our result in the season-ending race at Homestead on Sunday was not what we had hoped for as a team,” said Busch, who started the race fourth but finished 34th. “In my frustration with the loss of my transmission early in the race, I let my emotions get the better of me. I regret having done this and apologize to the sponsors of Penske Racing, to NASCAR, its fans, to the media and in particular, Dr. Jerry Punch.”

Watch the foul-mouthed exchange below:


This Week's Cover: Stars' Worst Movies! We list the most embarrassing films A-listers ever made

Like you, we like movie stars. We flock to see their films, cheer when they win Oscars, and memorize their famous lines. But sometimes they forget to return the love, cranking out movies that are so god-awful we’re left slack-jawed, wondering how the hell the things ever got made. We’re not talking about high-profile trainwrecks like Ben Affleck’s Gigli or George Clooney’s Batman & Robin. We’re talking about the under-the-radar pieces of celluloid dreck that, more often than not, limp straight to DVD and quickly vanish into out-of-print oblivion.

For instance, did you know that Johnny Depp once played a horny teen in a sex-romp called Private Resort? Or that Sandra Bullock made sweet jungle love in a cheap adventure called Fire on the Amazon? Or that Brad Pitt played a lovelorn high school jock in a move called Cutting Class? If you did, then we salute you. If not, then boy, are you in for a treat. We went back and unearthed the lamest, most ridiculous films your favorite A-List stars ever appeared in — and we giddily share with you all the hilarious highlights. Such as how Paul Rudd, as a peroxide-blond in Gen-Y Cops, chases a robot through Hong Kong and utters the line, “Roseanne Barr Arnold will be the President of the United States before you two punks see the light of day,” and how Ryan Reynolds’ facial hair changes from scene to scene in a raunchy American Pie knockoff that’s honestly called Coming Soon.

Forget roasting, brining, or deep-frying. This Thanksgiving, we bring you 24 turkeys that are delicious all by themselves.

For the full helping of Stars’ Worst Movies, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands now.

Black Friday commercials: The best ('Rocky IV') and worst (Rebecca Black)?

The battle of the Black Friday TV commercials has begun. What are the best and worst you’ve seen? As you can tell from the headline, I’m loving that Target has brought back its training montage ad, which allows you to feel superior to others in the room when you ID the song as being from Rocky IV. Kohl’s, on the other hand, has opted to revamp Rebecca Black’s “Friday” with an actress who probably still has the song in her head. Watch below and nominate your own picks!  READ FULL STORY

Joe Frazier: Remembering a fighter with a glorious record in the ring (and a few he sang on too!)

Joe Frazier, who died yesterday at age 67 after a short bout with liver cancer, was a boxing legend. But if you were around in the ’70s, you may remember that his pursuit of hits went beyond his devastating left hook; the champ put out a number of R&B 45s, mostly on small labels, but also including a 1975 single on Motown called ‘’First Round Knockout.’’

With Frazier a top draw in the ring in the early ’70s — encompassing three legendary battles with Muhammad Ali and a fascinating loss to a young George Foreman — he would make guest appearances on talk shows, particularly on the Mike Douglas Show, which taped in his adopted hometown of Philadelphia. On these leisurely visits, he would talk boxing, but also would get up to sing a tune from time to time. As it turned out, Smokin’ Joe recorded a number of singles over the years. He covered “Knock on Wood,” and “My Way”; songs with a vague boxing theme “The Bigger They Come (the Harder They Fall)’’ (not the Jimmy Cliff classic, but it did have boxing gloves on the label); would-be heartstring-tuggers like “Little Dog Heaven”; and a few more.

Joe Frazier even had competition on vinyl from his legendary rival Ali, who would even one-up his opponent’s ode to a passed-away pooch on the weird record scale. But what was always nice about seeing Frazier sing was that, while you had a pretty good sense these records were not going to be hits, that didn’t seem to bother him a bit. He seemed to be enjoying it, and gave the impression he’d genuinely have liked us to be enjoying it too.

As a tribute to Smokin’ Joe Frazier, boxing legend and would-be chart-topper, here’s a clip that brings his two passions together, a live performance of ‘’First Round Knockout’’ against a backdrop of highlights from his ring career. Boxing fans surely will be singing his praises for as long as they’re touching gloves and coming out fighting. READ FULL STORY

When Beavis and Butt-Head met Snooki: Watch the trifecta converge on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

As promised, Beavis and Butt-Head paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel on his show last night. But before the animated duo made their Jimmy Kimmel debut, MTV’s other animated success, Jersey Shore‘s Snooki, was on first to discuss how Italy is different (“The roads… and the cobblestones… and the language”) and her arrests (“I’m a badass.”) When asked by Kimmel what her favorite TV shows are, Snooks replied she’s a fervent watcher of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Mob Wives.

In what could only be described as pure coincidence, Snooki also announced she was excited for the return of Beavis and Butt-Head. Which was convenient considering the duo were watching — and judging — the show from the comfort of their famous tattered couch. (“This is a horrible interview!”) Sick of the taunting from Beavis and Butt-Head (“This a whole other show.” “You said, ‘A hole’!”), Kimmel offers up his show to the pair. (Huh-huh, pair.)

Watch Butt-Head, host of Butt-Head Live!, attempt to interview Snooki (who they have already mocked on their own show), while Beavis holds up helpful cue cards. (“Talk About Boobs”) below. Come on, you don’t want to be the only one at your Mensa meeting to have missed this! READ FULL STORY

'The X Factor' on the scene: Simon's shameless cheerleading, and L.A. Reid's soft side

I’m torn. After spending two-and-a-half hours inside the sound and light and choreography blender that is The X Factor live studio, I cannot decide whether my nom du snark for the place should be the Xanadome or Starship Migraine. Whatever I’m calling the joint, it lives in the exact same space as American Idol‘s Idoldome — Studio 36 at CBS Television City in Los Angeles — but other than the live studio audience and the judges’ table, that is where the similarities end.  READ FULL STORY

Zooey Deschanel sings 'Star-Spangled Banner' at World Series. Was the performance a bomb bursting in air?

Think you escaped New Girl‘s quirky wrath, thanks to the World Series? Tough tator tots, tooter! In a scene that seemed more fit for a joke than real life (Nolan Ryan, George W. Bush, and Zooey Deschanel walk into a baseball stadium… ), New Girl darling Deschanel reminded viewers that her Fox hit is still alive — and picked up for a whole season — with a performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Game 4 of the World Series. Though I’ve never been a fan of Deschanel’s She & Him tunes or the apparent belief that those with big eyes and bangs lead to vocal talent, the actress still pulled off the challenging National Anthem last night. And, despite the fact that I’m admittedly hard on the actress and her new sitcom, I have to respect the bravery behind the National Anthem feat — it’s certainly not easy to sing a song performed expertly by some of the music industry’s most talented, especially when your vocals haven’t been heard by 99 percent of the population outside of a Cotton ad ( …or Elf or (500) Days. Good call, commenters!). Watch the performance after the jump, and tell us how you think Deschanel did! READ FULL STORY

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