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Have you ever taken karaoke too seriously?

According to a widely read feature in Saturday’s New York Times, there have been at least half a dozen murders in the Philippines after people sang karaoke to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.” The “My Way Killings” have occurred “after the singer sang out of tune, causing other patrons to laugh or jeer.” This is so sad and messed up. We at PopWatch are such losers at karaoke that it has never occurred to us that things could so easily turn violent. The most potentially violent karaoke-related scene I’ve witnessed was when a coworker who may or may not be pictured muttered an obscenity under his breath after a karaoke-bar manager politely requested that we depart the premises because our paid hours had long expired. I guess I once technically killed a pitcher of Sapporo when I fell during “I Am The Walrus,” but I don’t think that counts. Wow, we’re cool! Your stories will be better. Tell us: Have you ever had violent thoughts during karaoke? And how did you suppress them?

PopWatch has always advocated private room karaoke, the benefits of which also include padded furniture, not subjecting strangers to the horrific sound of your voice, and the freedom to move about whenever, wherever you want.

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Jimmy Fallon parodies 'Glee': Living on a prayer for cue cards

Last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon parodied Glee, as Jimmy and his electric blue slushie stain rallied his crew to raise $375 to buy his sorry ass some cue cards. “SECTIONALS: $380,” read a conveniently placed sign in “Studio 6-Bee.” Look for Saturday Night Live‘s Fred Armisen as a Principal Figgins-like tightwad accountant with a Sue Sylvesterian knack for calling him by the wrong name, and Abby Elliott as a sickeningly sweet but naturally much cooler version of Emma. This is right up there with The Real Housewives of Late Night. Everybody take a knee!

By the way, I noticed that “How old is Bon Jovi?” was trending in Google after the Grammys Sunday night. Jon is 47. The band is 27. There are 70  days until the next new Glee. Can you handle it?

'Models of the Runway': Should Megan have spoken?

Allow me to introduce myself: I am the only person who’s seen every single episode of Models of the Runway. Please prove me wrong in the comments. Anyway, scandale! on last night’s Project Runway: Jesse/Ping’s model, Megan, dared to open her mouth. Megan tattled on Ping for not even glancing her way let alone fitting her for the pair’s “Look For Less,” a drab skirt and top that I was sure had been pulled out of the “formalwear: kind of” pile I had in my closet during seventh grade. On Models of the Runway, the models, especially Cerri the feisty Dubliner, harped on Megan for her gross display of the ability to speak, but later on, Jesse ended up thanking Megan for her loyalty and choosing her again. Find out who went home — and which designers chose which models — after the jump. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol' Los Angeles auditions: Going for joke!

At the end of tonight’s American Idol episode, Ryan Seacrest explained that Chris Golightly and “22 others” from the Los Angeles auditions scored Golden Tickets to Hell Week. And so, naturally, the producers chose to ignore said wealth of talent, showing only five successful auditions and instead choosing to focus on the sweaty, the sassy, and the possibly psychotic. There was time for other activities, too, like painting womankind with the ancient brush that tells us ladies who have a difference of opinion should be automatically labeled “catty”…by the likes of Ryan Seacrest. (Okay, okay, so Katy Perry bordered on vicious when facing off with Kara The Terrible. But Kara was perhaps more offensive for demanding this week’s guest judge should stand in lockstep with her voting choices just because neither one possesses a Y chromosome.) We also caught glimpses of season 6’s “crying girl” Ashley Furl and Project Runway contestant Daniel Franco during the course of the hour-long telecast — thanks to my hawk-eyed colleague Kate Ward for catching the latter — but I just wish we’d seen a few more Top 12 contenders, don’t you? On that note, I’m gonna get cracking on my full TV Watch recap (update: the article is now live on EW.com!), and until then, you can head to the comments section to share your impressions of tonight’s show, check out my week 2 American Idol Power list and a gallery of your favorite ‘bad’ auditions, then sign up to follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.

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'X Factor': Oops!...I can't look away from this train wreck

What is going on across the pond on The X Factor?! Simon Cowell’s UK Idol-esque hit already raised eyebrows when judge Dannii Minogue kinda sorta outed contestant Danyl Johnson, and on last week’s show, the twin act known as John & Edward performed a direct homage to Britney Spears’ “Oops!…I Did It Again” video that was…well…you’ll have to see it to believe it. If you can, keep watching at least to the 1:00 mark, when things get really, really creepy:


Did you celebrate One-Hit Wonder Day? What tune was stuck in your head?

You’ve been there before: You’re walking down the street, and suddenly, a song from your past creeps into your head and refuses to get out. The most frustrating part? You can’t remember what song it is, or who sang it, because you’re fairly certain he went out of style with twin sets. You return home, log onto your computer, Google the lyrics, and discover you’ve got Tal Bachman on the brain. And now you’re wondering, what the heck ever happened to the guy?

Yesterday, as you must know, was the obscure national holiday known as One-Hit Wonder Day. So we’re assuming you spent the day in silent appreciation of the “She’s So High” singer, as well as folks like A-Ha, Nena and Dee-Lite. Now that the sacred holiday passed and you can return to our ordinary lives, let’s hear it: What is your favorite one-hit wonder?

I’ll go on record saying nothing compares 2 OMC’s “How Bizarre,” for sheer badness’ sake. Then again, I have a strange obsession with Shawn Mullins’ “Lullaby” and 5ive’s “When the Lights Go Out,” so maybe you shouldn’t trust my musical judgment. (P.S. Based on its spelling, shouldn’t “5ive” be pronounced “Five-ive”?) So come on, commenters! Relax, let the dogs out and tell me your favorites! Toora Loora Toora Loo-Rye Aye!

New radio gambit for NBC's 'Trauma' to totally stress you out

Um, no thank you. The Hollywood Reporter has news that NBC’s new medical drama Trauma (it rhymes!) is going to be invading the airwaves in 13 markets with two-minute radio ads that dramatize a fictional 911 call, complete with commentary from the paramedics on the scene. Now, I’m all for new shows looking for novel ways to promote themselves. And I’m not saying the radio ads won’t be gripping to listen to. But generally, I listen to the radio to relax after a long day, and I’m not sure I really want to be ambushed by all-too-true-to-life-sounding ads recounting someone’s (admittedly fictional) personal disaster. Wasn’t the lesson of Orson Welles’ infamous War of the Worlds broadcast not that a Martian invasion was totally entertaining, but that if you draw too fine a line between fact and fiction on the radio, you can really scare the crap out of people? Am I alone in this? And does it make you look forward to Trauma, PopWatchers?

Kim Zolciak's first single: Rest easy, Beyonce!

Kim-Zolciak_lEver since The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Kim Zolciak bleated the first few aborted notes of her country career last season, I knew America was in for a treat. Now her very first (not at all country) single has dropped, and to my utter shock, it is not technically the worst thing I have ever heard!

It’s…not the best thing I’ve ever heard, but “Tardy for the Party” is more lame than it is unlistenable, unlike the “music” of Heidi Montag, say, or that terrifying, hilarious cover of “Such Great Heights.”

Lyrically, though, I’m puzzled. I think most of us associate the word “tardy” with school and propriety and all, and if you’re keeping track of what time people show up, well, that’s hardly a party attitude. I’m not much of a club person — no, it’s true! — but the line “I’ll be feeling good by nine / after my third glass of wine” sort of threw me: I don’t usually associate dancefloor antics and club-going with wine per se, but if The Real Housewives franchise has taught me anything, it’s that other people don’t always think the way I think, particularly when it comes to wine drinking. (And breast management.)

Are your ears bleeding, PopWatchers? Or is this going to be your end-of-summer jam?

Photo credit: Wilford Harewood/Bravo

Miley Cyrus pole dancing at the Teen Choice Awards: Rather unfortunate, yes?

In what could be perceived as an attempt to be edgy or an homage to ice cream distributors (they probably don’t get enough credit), Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus pole danced on top of an ice cream cart at the Teen Choice Awards Sunday afternoon (the show airs on Fox tonight at 8 p.m.). Personally, I never dropped it like’s it hot when the ice cream truck came ’round the neighborhood; I usually just went straight for a Good Humor Chocolate Eclair bar. Call me old-fashioned. But the stripper-esque choreography, coupled with Cyrus’ questionable red-carpet attire, came off completely inappropriate and ill-advised.

What did you think of Cyrus’ performance, PopWatchers?

David Hasselhoff on 'The View': America's Got...no idea what you're talking about

The Hoff's bleary-eyed appearance on The View this morning was so awkward it was a little mind-blowing. Below, a smattering of the cringe-iest moments. "Entertainment brings the world together. You know?"

Which part made you most uncomfortable?

a) His verbal assault of The View's hosts and visual assault of the audience (necklace!)
b) Women in burkas are not threatening once you realize they have Prada purses
c) People under burkas are also not scary because they have blonde hair and wear JEANS!
d) The blonde girls "singing" at the end are his 17- and 19-year-old daughters. "Bitchin."

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