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'Orphan Black' star Tatiana Maslany to make New York stage debut

She’s probably relieved to just be playing one part this time.

Orphan Black breakout Tatiana Maslany will join The Newsroom’s Thomas Sadoski in the world premiere of Neil LaBute’s new drama The Way We Get By, which will premiere Off Broadway at Second Stage Theatre next spring.

The two-person play—which follows two confident wedding attendees who wake up next to each other on the blurry morning after—will be directed by Leigh Silverman (Broadway’s Violet).

The role marks Maslany’s New York stage debut and a return to LaBute for Sadoski, who earned a Tony Award nomination for originating the role of Greg in the playwright’s reasons to be pretty.

The Way We Get By will begin previews on May 12, 2015 and end its run on June 28.

'Orphan Black' responds to Emmy snub on Twitter

In case you haven’t heard yet: Orphan Black was totally snubbed at the Emmys this morning. Considering Tatiana Maslany plays an average of five characters a week on the show, that’s gotta hurt five times as much.

The show’s official Twitter had its own way of dealing with the news. First eager anticipation: READ FULL STORY

Which 'Orphan Black' clone won season 2? A needlessly detailed analysis

SPOILERS AHEAD. If you’ve been following our coverage of Orphan Black, BBC America’s clone-tacular sci-fi thriller, you know that we’ve been ranking the clones every episode. Why? Well the answer was never really clear at the time, but now we have found the deeper meaning: So we could determine which version of Tatiana Maslany won the show’s sprawling season 2.

How did we decide our rankings, you ask? Based on a totally scientific analysis of the amount accomplished per clone, per episode (Cosima, for instance, occupies a happy, illness-induced medium). We gave big points for power plays, but couldn’t help it if our rankings occasionally played favorites (Alison scored for appearing in community theater) and occasionally moralized (see Rachel’s abduction of Kira).

Then, with the help of the chart below—which tracks our rankings episode-to-episode and comes along with handy annotations—we assigned points to each clone (6 for first, 5 for second, etc., no points if they went AWOL). The winners are… READ FULL STORY

'Orphan Black' star Jordan Gavaris fondly recalls dancing with Joss Whedon -- VIDEO


You may think you know everything about Orphan Black star Jordan Gavaris — especially considering his costumes as Felix leave little to the imagination. But we’re betting his answers to our Pop Culture Personality Test might still surprise you.

Watch the video below to learn about Gavaris’s first celebrity crush, the movie he made his mother reenact with him as a kid, what he considers his prized pop culture possession, and what TV moment made him cry.  READ FULL STORY

'Orphan Black': Why Sarah should die

“No way!”

That was my first response to the shocking revelation at the end Orphan Black‘s season 2 premiere. And it wasn’t the good kind of “No way!” either. It made no sense. We saw her die! It felt like a betrayal. The producers insisted she was dead! It was worrisome. This cheapens her season 1 arc! This threatens the integrity of the storytelling! This…this…this is awful!

In short: I wasn’t wild to learn that somehow, someway, Helena — that sad, mad, Prolethean-warped, and apparently bulletproof Ukrainian killing machine — was still alive. READ FULL STORY

'Orphan Black' season 2 review: Tatiana Maslany continues to be one of a kind

For the women of Orphan Black, the world is an open prison, and self-determination is a tenuous contract with The Powers That Be, who view them only as property. Some take this raw deal to survive. Prim, panicky Alison sells out for security in the suburbs with a schlubby hubby who is secretly her jailer. Brainy Cosima ­bargains with a Faustian devil for a gilded cage — her own super lab — where she and her ladylove can pursue a cure for the disease that’s killing her. But woe to the one who refuses to settle: Sarah and her daughter are on the run from men who wish to exploit their bodies and all of Clonekind. Did I not mention the clone thing? Sorry. All these women are clones! Does that make a difference? READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: 'Mad Men' and 'Orphan Black' are back, 'Scandal' signs off, more

Secret identities and a whole lot of scandal — that about sums up television’s big premieres and finales this week. From whatever (ahem, or whomever) Don Draper/Dick Whitman is doing on Mad Men, to the deepening mystery behind the origin of the clones on Orphan Black, and however the heck Olivia is getting out of her latest jam on Scandal, there’s plenty of must-watch-live TV this week. But there are lots of reasons to get off the couch, too. Here are our picks over the next seven days:


Peabody Awards honor 'Breaking Bad,' 'Orphan Black,' and more

The University of Georgia’s 73rd Annual Peabody Awards set a record with 46 recipients, which were announced today on CBS This Morning. The winners, chosen from nearly 1,100 entries, were selected by the Peabody board to be named the “best in electronic media for 2013.”


This Week's Cover: The criminally underrated 'Orphan Black'

You may not have seen it, but you’ve likely heard the name: Orphan Black. What is it? It’s the show that came out of nowhere — well…Canada, actually — to become a buzzy underground sensation on the strength of a twisty-turny clone conspiracy story and a remarkable performance from a previously unknown Canadian actress by the name of Tatiana Maslany. Boasting a small but super-passionate audience after its first season on BBC America, this fan favorite was the perfect choice to grace EW’s cover and lead off our package of criminally underrated entertainment.

We track exactly how the cult of Orphan Black was born, from the unlikely genesis of the program to the even more unlikely casting of Maslany, who had never even played one truly adult role before, much less seven. “I’ve always played 10 years my junior,” Maslany explained. “This is definitely the most adult role I’ve ever gotten to play. I think that’s why I was so afraid of Alison, because she has two kids who are…you know, kids! And just that knowledge of what it is to be a mother is something I have never tackled on screen.”

Maslany’s ability to tackle that clone character as well as six others led to widespread acclaim both inside the industry (with a Golden Globe nomination) and out (with fans like the #CloneClub obsessing online over the show). But the ride is just getting started, with season 2 kicking off April 19. And the producers promise plenty more action and intrigue is in store. “We want to expand the world,” says co-creator John Fawcett. “We want to make the show a little bigger, make the show a little badder, make the show a little more off-center. There are more rabbit holes to go into.”

To find out exactly what rabbit holes he’s talking about, and what’s in store for Sarah, Alison, Cosima, and Rachel, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on sale Friday, March 14. Or click to the left to buy it right now! Also, for an exclusive photo of Maslany as three of the clones, be sure to like Entertainment Weekly on Facebook. And set your alarm to come back at noon on Thursday for a super-special treat: the exclusive reveal of a brand new clone!

EWwys: 'Orphan Black' co-creators and star Tatiana Maslany celebrate their wins -- LISTEN!

Leave it to BBC America’s Orphan Black to figure out how to clone our sheep trophies. The show took home two today when winners of EW.com’s 6th Annual reader-voted EWwy Awards, which honor the Emmy-snubbed, were announced live on Entertainment Weekly Radio’s TV Recap hour. Orphan Black co-creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson dialed in to accept the Best Drama honor, while star Tatiana Maslany phoned after she was named Best Actress. (She had 43 percent of the vote in her category, which had this year’s largest margin of victory — 3,331 votes.) Listen to them chat with EW’s Dalton Ross, Jessica Shaw, and Mandi Bierly below.* Because someone was out scouting a location for season 2 (which will premiere in April 2014), we got a bit of bonus scoop. READ FULL STORY

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