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'Orange is the New Black': Catherine Cleary Wolters fact checks plot

By now, we all know Netflix series Orange is the New Black is a fictionalized version of Piper Kerman’s life as a drug mule-turned-inmate. But how fictionalized is it?

Vanity Fair spoke with Catherine Cleary Wolters, the woman Alex Vause (played by Laura Prepon) is based on, and found out just how close she and Kerman were. And, sorry to break it to you, Alex-Piper shippers, but what really happened isn’t as romantic as the show makes it out to be: Wolters told Vanity Fair that the actual story is “so wretched and stinky, it would quite possibly result in a collapsed universe.” Harsh.

So we took a look at what Wolters had to say about her relationship — or lack of one, according to her – with Kerman and how it matches up with the show. See Wolters’ take on the events, and then thank Black creator Jenji Kohan for taking her liberties with the material. No one wants a collapsed universe, now do we?


Yeah, Kate Mulgrew doesn't really think the sun revolves around the Earth

(Wait, what?)

So here’s the situation: On Monday, word broke that Kate Mulgrew — best known these days for playing Red on Orange Is the New Black – is the narrator of an upcoming documentary called The Principle. Spoiler alert: The principle is that contrary to Copernicus and, you know, centuries of documented science, the sun revolves around the Earth.

This is notable for several reasons, including but not limited to these:


'Orange Is the New Black' cast plays Marry, Date, Incarcerate at PaleyFest -- VIDEO


When the cast of Netflix’s hit series Orange Is the New Black got together last week for their Paleyfest panel, they revealed a lot about the making of the show and the upcoming second season. But now, the actresses who play the inmates on the show are revealing a lot more to EW with a game of Marry, Date, Incarcerate. Would you want to walk down the aisle with Crazy Eyes or make sure she stays behind bars? Or would you be like Yael Stone, who plays Lorna Morello, and date yourself? Watch the video below: READ FULL STORY

'Orange Is the New Black' at PaleyFest: Five things we learned from the panel -- VIDEO

The Dolby Theatre stage was filled with a beautifully eclectic group of women when the cast of Netflix’s critically acclaimed series Orange Is the New Black sat down for their first PaleyFest panel. Well, it was almost all women. Joining creator Jenji Kohan and stars Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon, and Natasha Lyonne, among others, were two of the men of the series: Jason Biggs and Michael Harney. However, the talk of the night mainly focused on the diversity of the show and the bond the cast mates have outside of their prison set. From the amount of giggling that went on throughout the night, it appears they know how to have a good time together sans screwdriver (more on that later!).

From a new inmate to explanations of some of the differences between the original book and series, the panel revealed some exciting things for OITNB fans eagerly anticipating the show’s return to the streaming site in June. Here are five things we learned: READ FULL STORY

'Star-Crossed' reminds us of pop culture's greatest breakup line: The 'different worlds' excuse

It only took two episodes of Star-Crossed for someone to utter the line we’d all been waiting for (and secretly hoping would kick off the pilot): “We’re from two different worlds.” To be fair, in Star-Crossed‘s case, that is an accurate statement. Emery is from Earth and Roman is from Atria, a planet we know little about other than that it’s dying and yet somehow superior to Mars. Intergalactic drama, amirite?

But in watching Roman pull the “different worlds” card, I couldn’t help but be transported back to the second episode of The O.C. Fans of the show will remember the moment well. It was the first time Ryan and Marissa confessed that they had any sort of feelings for each other. She showed up at the model home on his last night asking to stay, and he told her, “We’re from different worlds.” She tried to deny it, but he followed it up with, “I’m not like you.” Basically, he was comparing her privileged, party-filled upbringing to his grainy, misdemeanor-filled life in Chino.

Long story short, this got me thinking: How many times have I heard some version of this “different worlds” crap, and what does it even mean?! This is what I came up with: READ FULL STORY

Jason Biggs' wife finds humor in the story of her miscarriage in 'Cosmo' essay

Sure, Jason Biggs has a reputation for being candid — but he may have nothing on his wife, Jenny Mollen. Turns out, Biggs’ partner isn’t just an actress (best known, perhaps, for playing Angel’s werewolf girlfriend Nina on Angel); she’s also a writer who will publish her first collection of comic essays this summer. And if those pieces are as provocative as the article Mollen wrote for Cosmopolitan‘s website, her book might end up causing quite a stir.

“First Comes Miscarriage, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes Baby” opens with Mollen recalling the first thing Biggs’ mother said after learning that Mollen had gotten “knocked up” by her son: “You know you don’t have to marry her just because she’s pregnant?” That quote sets the tone for the rest of the piece, a mostly humorous chronicle of what happened when Mollen found herself suddenly pregnant just six months after she and Biggs started dating — then lost the baby three months after that.

As if it weren’t clear already, Mollen’s essay isn’t for the faint of heart. Here, for example, is how she describes the baby’s conception:

'Orange Is the New Black': Taystee and Crazy Eyes spread holiday cheer with a song -- VIDEO

What do Danielle Brooks and Uzo Aduba do when they’re not filming Orange Is the New Black or re-enacting their favorite Scandal moments? They sing!

The actors, who play Taystee and Crazy Eyes on Netflix’s hit show, just released an official music video for a “Jolly Christmas Medley.” Basically, they spread joy and love and all things good by singing a mash-up of “Jingle Bells” and “Silent Night” while dancing and decorating. So if you’re feeling a little low on holiday cheer — it is December now! — get into the spirit by watching the music video below: READ FULL STORY

'Orange Is the New Black' star Laverne Cox on Julianne Hough's blackface costume: 'She doesn't seem to understand'

With Halloween fast approaching, talk of Julianne Hough’s offensive blackface costume isn’t slowing down. At last night’s TV Academy event celebrating LGBT characters, Orange Is the New Black star Laverne Cox told EW her thoughts about the actress’ blunder.

“I think it’s great she likes our show,” Cox said. “Crazy Eyes is my favorite character besides mine too. But it’s really interesting that she doesn’t seem to understand. It’s historically tricky in this country to re-create blackface. I’m not opposed to someone having their form of expression, but she seemed to be completely unaware of the historical implications going in, and I think that’s problematic. If you want to make a choice like that, I think it’s important to understand the historical context you are walking into.”

Although Hough’s outfit is receiving negative attention, Cox is enjoying seeing other fans dressing up for the holiday as characters from the hit Netflix show, which is currently filming its second season in New York. “It’s so amazingly flattering. I don’t know if that’s a sign that you’ve made it, but it’s wonderful.”

Jason Biggs calls Tara Reid a 'hot mess;' Tara Reid is not amused

The days of pie and roses are over.

When Sharknado star Tara Reid landed in Los Angeles Sunday after a long weekend jaunt to Israel, she discovered a nasty surprise: Her old American Pie pal Jason Biggs had gone on Watch What Happens Live a few weeks ago. During the show, host Andy Cohen asked his guest to come up with Orange Is the New Black-style prison nicknames for some of his old costars — including Reid. Biggs’s response? “Hot Mess.”


Netflix experiments with DVD-style extras for 'House of Cards,' 'Orange Is the New Black': 10 things we want to see

The success of Netflix’s original series has brought up many questions TV viewers had never had to ask before: Will these shows be included in the Emmy race? Will we be able to get the season on DVD? And most importantly, what does it really mean to binge-watch something?

At this point, those questions have been answered: “Yes,” “yes, if you really want to,” and “a serious lack of sleep.” Now Slashfilm reports that Netflix has thought up an answer to another unknown: What about all those fun DVD extras we typically get when we fork over $40 for a season of our favorite show? Answer: You just might get them for Netflix originals.

Netflix is reportedly thinking about experimenting with bonus features for their original series — think House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black. The jury’s still out on what, precisely, that might mean — but in the meantime, here’s what we’d want to see:

More Scandal re-enactments: Watching Taystee and Crazy Eyes re-enact the scene between Olivia and Eli Pope in Scandal‘s season 3 opener was like a dream come true for fans of both shows (they like Scandal too!?). Nothing’s better than watching two Tv worlds collide. Can we get some more, please?


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