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President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama's 'Oprah Winfrey Show' visit airs one day after Bin Laden news

It was nothing more than a strange coincidence that just hours after President Barack Obama announced to the nation and the world that Osama bin Laden had been killed, his appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show alongside wife First Lady Michelle Obama aired.

But the long-awaited episode — which hit airwaves today and had been scheduled for weeks despite some early criticism that the president and First Lady should not have taken time to visit Oprah Winfrey — took on a decidedly new tone.  READ FULL STORY

Michael Douglas discusses wife Catherine Zeta-Jones on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show': 'I'm so proud of her'

Michael Douglas was on The Oprah Winfrey Show today to discuss his recent battle with throat cancer and the recent acknowledgement by his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones that she suffers from bipolar II disorder.

When asked by Winfrey about how his cancer diagnosis (he has been cancer-free since January) changed him, Douglas choked up and said, “I have a much deeper appreciation of family and friends.” His wife, meanwhile, is doing “great,” and is currently shooting a film in Louisiana. “I think she’s relieved because she has a much better understanding [of her bipolar disorder],” Douglas said. The actor also explained that Zeta-Jones didn’t originally plan on disclosing her health issues but was “outed” by someone at the facility: “Some other patient probably said, ‘Hey, you won’t believe who’s in here now.’”

The actor also addressed his son Cameron’s current jail stint for selling crystal meth, saying that Cameron is “in real good positive shape.” One bonus: The Oprah Winfrey Show is apparently a must-see TV with the other inmates, or, as Douglas put it to Oprah, “Your show is very popular in the house.”

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'Oprah Behind the Scenes': Best episode to date?

If I ever run into Jennifer Hudson at a Weight Watchers meeting, I’m going to have to bop that girl upside the head. In Sunday’s episode of Oprah Behind the Scenes, we learned that the still-svelte crooner almost prompted Oprah Winfrey and her team to cancel their first show ever — the equivalent of Armageddon within the Harpo Studios walls. The irony of BTS, which is meant to chronicle what Winfrey describes as “the best team in the business,”  is that it’s at its juiciest when something goes wrong on Oprah. So while wreaking havoc on the good people of Harpo, Hudson also inadvertently helped to deliver the best episode to date of BTS. READ FULL STORY

James Frey returning to Oprah Winfrey show. Whose team are you on?

Back in 2006, it’s clear that James Frey vs. Oprah resulted in a total KO in favor of the talk show maven. But! Could the tables be turned later this year? Harpo confirms to EW that James Frey is set to return to The Oprah Winfrey Show sometime in May, five years after being publicly scolded and humiliated by Oprah for fabricating parts of his best-selling memoir, A Million Little Pieces. We shouldn’t, however, expect a scene as tense as the one we all witnessed in 2006; after all, Oprah did apologize to Frey for shaming him on TV in 2009. And the author has made quite a rebound since being forced to refund disappointed readers: He’s released the 2008 best-seller Bright Shiny Morning and is the man behind Pittacus Lore, the alien “author” of I Am Number Four. One thing is clear, though: The show will be must-see television. And no doubt you’ve already chosen a side. READ FULL STORY

Shirley MacLaine gives thumbs down to sexcapades on 'Oprah': Watch!

On Monday’s Oprah Winfrey Show, Shirley MacLaine, promoting her new book I’m Over All That and Other Confessions, entertained the audience with stories of her love life. “Well, I’ve had an awful lot of lovers,” she said, turning to the amused crowd, which applauded her candor. “They approve,” MacLaine said, before joking, “and a lot of awful lovers,” too. She would later make the point that she was always a serial monogamist who prepared genuine love affairs — and that when one gets older and interested in the spiritual dimension of things, sex takes on a different meaning and importance — but she had some fun getting there. “Yeah, I wasn’t into sexcapades, although I tried it once,” she said laughing. “I had three people in one day.” Watch the clip here. READ FULL STORY

Oprah's producers hoping to make over Donald Trump on one of O's final shows. What look should he go for?


Donald Trump and his hair — two things as inseparable as peanut butter and jelly, like Richard Hatch and prison, or Rod Blagojevich and goldenrod balloons. But will the real estate mogul and reality star soon part ways with his most famous attribute? The New York Post‘s Page Six reported earlier today that Oprah Winfrey’s producers are hoping to score Donald Trump for one of the talk show host’s final shows — in order for her to make him over. Harpo confirmed the rumor to EW, saying, “Our producers reached out to Mr. Trump to invite him on one of our final 20 episodes. We hope he’ll accept our invitation.”

I’ll say! Though Trump’s reps have yet to respond to EW’s request for comment, here’s hoping he agrees to play along. READ FULL STORY

'The Oprah Winfrey Show' ends May 25. What's your favorite Oprah memory?

As revealed in Oprah Winfrey’s Jet cover story in February — and during the talk show host’s January interview on Piers Morgan Tonight — Harpo has confirmed that The Oprah Winfrey Show will air its final episode exactly two months from now, on May 25, 2011. We know what we’re all thinking: I need a new car, so how can I get tickets to that show? How sad! It’s a fitting date to say goodbye to Oprah though — the talk show maven has been airing headline-making interviews and giving away heart attack-inducing items for 25 seasons now.

So here’s the tough question (one that requires you to think alllllll the way back to the ’80s, even if you’d like to pretend your hair in that decade didn’t happen): Over the course of 25 seasons, what’s your favorite Oprah memory? READ FULL STORY

'Friday Night Lights,' 'Parenthood,' 'Private Practice' to be honored as 'Television with a Conscience.' Which shows changed you?

The Television Academy will honor eight programs this May for exemplifying “Television with a Conscience.” The fourth annual Television Academy Honors will single out Friday Night Lights‘ “I Can’t” episode for its handling of unwanted pregnancy; Parenthood‘s pilot for showing the impact of an Asperger’s diagnosis; Private Practice’s “Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?” episode for its depiction of sexual assault, its aftermath and the long-term mental health effects that follow; The Big C’s “Taking the Plunge” episode for exploring the transition from denial to acceptance of living with life-threatening cancer; Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution for its movement to reduce childhood obesity; the Morgan Freeman-narrated documentary The 16th Man for educating viewers on how Nelson Mandela used the sport of rugby and the 1995 Rugby World Cup title to help heal South Africa; the documentary Wartorn 1861-2010, executive produced by James Gandolfini, for its chronicling of the lingering effects of combat and post-traumatic stress on military personnel and their families throughout American history; and The Oprah Winfrey Show‘s self-explanatory “Two-Day Oprah Show Event: 200 Adult Men Who Were Molested Come Forward.”

Thinking back, what would you have wanted to receive this honor had it existed before 2008? The first thing that came to my mind was “The Runaway” episode of The Fact of Life, which I’ve embedded after the jump for anyone who wants to see Tootie nearly be tricked into becoming a teen prostitute.  READ FULL STORY

Oscar Twitter stats: James Franco feels the online love/wrath

James Franco may not have won the Best Actor Oscar, or the hearts of Oscar watchers (save our Ken Tucker), but according to Tweetbeat, which tracks the most talked about things on Twitter, he was by far the most tweeted about personality during last night’s Academy Awards. Of the estimated 400,000 Oscar-related tweets logged — half as many as the Super Bowl — 21,117 of them involved the actor/cohost. Anne Hathaway was the second most mentioned person with 14,530 tweets — though users were kinder to her than Franco. See the full Top 10 list below, along with other fun stats such as: the Top 3 most tweeted designers during the red carpet, the moments that caused “unexpected spikes of tweets” (hello, Melissa Leo!), which films were referenced the most (and whether those sentiments were positive or negative), and who Kirk Douglas bested… READ FULL STORY

David Arquette opens up to Oprah about his childhood, his marriage, his separation, and his intervention

David-ArquetteImage Credit: Harpo Productions/George Burns/AP ImagesThe only thing that could have made David Arquette’s sit-down with Oprah Winfrey seem like even more of a success would be Charlie Sheen calling into another radio show on the day it aired. (Oh wait, Sheen did.) As Arquette joked to Winfrey, you have your breakdown on Howard Stern, then you come back together on Oprah — and it appears he has. Arquette taped the interview a little over two weeks after completing a 28-day rehab program for alcohol addiction. He was honest and more serious than most of us have ever seen him as he discussed his public spiral and detailed the events that led to his separation from wife Courteney Cox. READ FULL STORY

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