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Riff Raff plays Jamie Franko on 'One Life to Live,' thinks clubs are full of tumbleweeds -- VIDEO

Rapper Riff Raff appears on the latest episode of One Life to Live, which now lives on Hulu, playing an art dealer named Jamie Franko. For a quick backstory, Riff Raff thinks that James Franco basically got all his inspiration for his role of Alien in Spring Breakers from him, isn’t super happy about it. Franco wrote an essay about how Dangeruss was one of his main inspirations for the role, also says it was inspired by a lot of people. Somehow, Jamie Franko has become the bizarre next chapter of this story. READ FULL STORY

'All My Children' and 'One Life to Live' make their dramatic comeback


From the new opening credits to the influx of new actors playing aged up characters to spicier scenes, the retooled online versions of All My Children and One Life to Live are trying to show they’re not your mother’s soaps… while still trying to hold on to your mother as a viewer. If you have not seen the new shows yet, stop reading. Spoilers ahead.


'One Life to Live' adds a little more drama... with me

If “every writer is a frustrated actor…,” as Rod Serling is quoted as saying, then shouldn’t the chance for a journalist to act in the medium they cover be equally thrilling? Yes… thrilling and terrifying, as I found out when I got to do a small part on ABC’s One Life to Live. My scene with Bo (Bob Woods) and Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) airs today, so you can judge how it all turned out. But I can tell you what it was like getting through it. READ FULL STORY

Sneak Peek at Snoop Dogg back on 'One Life to Live'

Snoop Dogg returns to his soap home tomorrow when he guest stars on One Life to Live for the second time in two years. Once again he’ll play a version of  himself (one with ties to the fictional town of Llanview),  perform a new song, and act. Snoop’s said that he grew up watching this show and has a special affinity for Robert S. Woods and his Bo character.  That’s probably why the pioneering rapper once again seems to really enjoy being a part of the action. Take a look as Snoop talks Bo and  Nora Buchanan (Hillary B. Smith) into letting their son Matthew (Eddie Alderson) go to his concert at Capricorn, the local club.

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The remixed the OLTL theme song that Snoop did for his 2008 appearance will air again on this Wednesday’s show. And Snoop will perform “I Wanna Rock” from his new album Malice N Wonderland.

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