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Olympics recap: The Dutch dominate speed skating, the Americans go empty-handed

In an attempt to soften the blow of the US losing every event on Saturday, NBC spent much of its primetime coverage on non-competition videos. The first was a story about an American paralympic swimmer, Jessica Tatiana Long, meeting her Russian birth parents for the first time. A story that NBC felt couldn’t be told without clips of Anastasia. (Makes sense to me.)


Olympics: Jamie Anderson reveals 'Team World' karaoke song, Kaitlyn Farrington and Devin Logan perform a little 'Pitch Perfect' -- VIDEO


Here’s what we learned when we invited three hardware-sporting U.S. Olympians — snowboard slopestyle gold medalist Jamie Anderson, snowboard halfpipe gold medalist Kaitlyn Farrington, and ski slopestyle silver medalist Devin Logan — to EW to take our pop culture personality test: These ladies may be fearless during their runs, but don’t ask them to sit through a scary movie. Also, THERE WAS KARAOKE IN THE MOUNTAIN VILLAGE. Anderson, however, was the only one to find it. Farrington didn’t stay in the village; Logan can’t believe she missed it.

Watch the videos below. Anderson also acknowledges being dubbed EW.com’s Olympic Stud of the Day not once, but twice.  READ FULL STORY

Olympics recap: Adelina Sotnikova bests Yuna Kim, Maddie Bowman rocks the halfpipe

Let’s not mince words. Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova owned the night. Seemingly out of nowhere, the Russian figure skater became a podium contender (not to mention EW’s Olympic Stud of the Day) on Wednesday. With Thursday’s finals, she proved she was worthy of the title once more. READ FULL STORY

Olympics recap: Oshie shines in Sochi, but Shani Davis does not

The biggest win for the United States on Feb. 15 was unfortunately not for a medal. Hockey fans got to watch the game of their life as the U.S. faced off against Russia, resulting in basically another Miracle. Except our eye candy was upgraded from Patrick O’Brian Dempsey to T.J. Oshie. The only other American win was a bronze medal in men’s skeleton. As expected, the Europeans cleaned up in ski-jumping and super-G. But Team USA suffered another crippling loss in speed skating, and one that we couldn’t blame on the suits. Conspiracy theories may now commence.

Let’s start on a good note and introduce the Olympic Stud(s) of the Day: USA hockey players T.J. Oshie (forward) and Jonathan Quick (goalie). These two single-handedly orchestrated the win for the Americans. Yes, Oshie is getting a ton of press for being the newest hockey hero, but if Quickie hadn’t been blocking pucks like a fiend, then we’d have lost way before the eighth round of a shootout.  READ FULL STORY

Olympics recap: The Canadian curse on ice, one really happy American on a sled

Aside from watching skeleton slider Noelle Pikus-Pace finally win her Olympic medal, there wasn’t much to love in NBC’s primetime broadcast on Valentine’s Day. Commentator Scott Hamilton referred to the men’s free skate as “disappointing,” and Ted Ligety admitted he “choked” in the Super Combined. On the upside, I did have time to wonder how many people have sang, “I like the way you work it, Ted Ligety” to the tune of “No Diggity” to him, so that’s something. (Update: At least one.) Here we go.

OLYMPIC STUD OF THE DAY: It’s possible no runner-up in the history of the Olympics has ever been happier than Pikus-Pace. We heard her long journey in Thursday’s telecast, and her story finally got a happy ending as she slided to a silver behind Great Britain’s Lizzy Yarnold. What we learned: Noelle’s son (in green below) has inherited his mother’s good lungs. READ FULL STORY

Olympics recap, Day 6: A historic tie, Kaitlyn Farrington takes gold, and Russia wins pairs skating (and our hearts!)

Day 6 of NBC’s Primetime Olympics coverage saw more action than the Tinder-using athletes on the prowl at Olympic Village.

The biggest shock of the night? Something we thought only happened at the Producer’s Guild Awards — A TIE! Dominque Gisin of Switzerland and Tina Maze of Slovenia tied for gold in the women’s downhill, a race in which “nine one hundredths of a second” is an actual thing. For Gisin, the win comes after the athlete has endured nine knee surgeries (!!) , which [S.H.I.E.L.D. spoiler alert] is more surgeries than Agent Coulson received to come back to life. In other words, she’s amazing. And while we’re on the subject of fascinating facts, Maze, too, is a rock star. Literally. In her native country, the skier is a well-known pop star and model. The crown jewel of her country. Meaning, the Beyoncé of Slovenia. The T-Swift. The Britney. But more badass than all of those combined because she’s now also a gold medal-winning Olympian.

On the American front, Kaitlyn Farrington scored the US another gold by rocking the halfpipe, besting event fave and fellow American Kelly Clark, who took bronze. On a night that saw a number of upsets — Julia Mancuso and Shani Davis, who competed in downhill and 1000-meter speed skating, respectively, failed to medal — Farrington’s surprise victory was a spirit-lifter.

We also saw the conclusion of the pairs skate, where Russia’s powerhouse duo Maxim Trankov and Tatiana Volosozhar took the gold, which was not a surprise. More surprising? How incredibly interested I was in their romantic lives. Actually, no, that was not a surprise either. I have no self-control.

Time to give out some EW Gold Medals for the night: READ FULL STORY

Olympics Recap: Jamie Anderson wins big. Plus: The many faces of Gracie Gold

NBC’s primetime coverage of the Olympics on Sunday was all about the ladies. Jamie Anderson tore up the inaugural Olympic Snowboard Slopestyle competition. Gracie Gold took to the ice and gave a commanding performance…although not as commanding as Julia Lipnitskaia, the Russian skating superstar. Presumably both young ladies feel nothing but deep respect for each other as opponents, but let’s just assume for that they are the estrogenized figure-skating reincarnation of Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago, and this is all building up to an epic showdown in the individual competition. (Miley Cyrus will fill the James Brown role with a performance of “Party in the USA.”)

2014’s official will-they-or-won’t-they couple Meryl Davis and Charlie White performed a lovely ice dance, although now there are allegations about score-fixing, because we all know that ice-dancing is just a front for the mafia. (Which mafia? Oh, I dunno, maybe all of them.) Oh, and NBC sent Mary Carrillo to Siberia, presumably hoping she would just get the hint already. Mary discovered a whole network of ice caverns, containing a veritable ice king. What did this have to do with sports? Nothing. Everything.

Most Endearing Disappointed Reaction
Teenaged snowboarder Ty Walker couldn’t make the cut for slopestyle. Here’s how much that bothers her:


“Whaddaya gonna do?” she seems to be saying. “I’m 16, and I’m an Olympian snowboarder. I’m already cooler than like almost everyone who’s ever lived. I guess I’ll come back in four years and win then? Just think: In four years, you’ll feel really old, and I’ll be 20!”


Olympics recap: Ashley Wagner gets redemption, Sage Kotsenburg a gold (plus the Top 5 reactions of the day)

NBC’s primetime coverage of the Winter Olympics continued Saturday night with Bob Costas embracing viewers’ description of his post as the Fortress of Solitude and announcing that he’s still wearing his Clark Kent glasses because of his pinkeye. But which athletes would end the day feeling like Superman? Here’s a recap: READ FULL STORY

Olympics recap: Slopestyle, Team Skating, and 'Frozen' Bob Costas, plus the Top 5 coveted items of the night

The Olympics began in earnest last night, despite the opening ceremonies not taking place until Friday. New events slopestyle snowboarding and team skating took center stage, and not even 24 hours into competition viewers have already got Team USA heroes — hooray, Jamie Anderson! — and disappointments — when you cry, I cry, Jeremy Abbott. Look elsewhere for your recap of the actual athletic performances; here’s all you need to know about the best television moments. (I’m looking at you, cutaway to a USA top hat.)

He’s Such an Elsa: We kicked things off, as always, with Bob Costas anchoring. But while the Internet quickly decided Costas was announcing from Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, I’m more inclined to think the NBC  folks took their set inspiration from current box office hit Frozen. Perhaps by the end of this week we’ll get Costas covering “Let It Go”? The Olympics are the time for dreams to come true, after all. READ FULL STORY

POLL: Who is the All-Around Stud of the 2012 Olympics?

Throughout the 2012 Olympics, we here at PopWatch have been awarding the most esteemed honorific of the XXX Olympiad: The Olympic Stud of the Day. Some days, it’s been superstars like Michael Phelps, Gabby Douglas, or Usain Bolt. Other days, it’s been unexpected heroes like U.S. sprinter/comeback story Bryshon Nellum, Dutch high bar wizard Epke Zonderland, or British women’s pairs rowers Heather Stanning and Helen Glover, the first athletes from the host nation to score a gold medal.

But now that the London Games are coming to a close, it is time to turn the final honor over to you, PopWatchers: Who is the All-Around Stud of the 2012 Olympics? READ FULL STORY

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