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Olivia Munn, welcome to 'The Daily Show'!

“You, uh, slide the stories under the door?” On last night’s Daily Show, Olivia Munn attempted to report on the plight of Vietnamese fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico in her very first Daily Show segment as Senior Asian Correspondent. But Jon Stewart’s merry band of special, deranged correspondents thwarted our favorite Attack of the Show co-host and the whole gang ended up having a Race Jokes Sunset Party. The best kind! “I’m not here to replace anyone,” Munn assured her detractors and the audience. “I’m not the new always-pregnant lady [Samantha Bee], I’m not the creepy guy that smells like Bacardi and corn dogs [Jason Jones], and no one’s forgetting about (hushed tone) the blacks [Wyatt Cenac in the middle and Larry Wilmore, who stayed away].” Half of Aasif Mandvi (or sometimes just his disembodied head) also felt threatened, because he’s so Asian, he’s ninja.  READ FULL STORY

Pilot casting season: Which random star's new job has you irrationally excited?

Leah-ReminiImage Credit: Glenn Harris/PR PhotosIt’s pilot casting season, that Rorschach test of pop culture moments when the little bits of show/actor matchmaking news constantly trickling out of Hollywood excite each of us in patterns as individual as fingerprints. Me, I’ve been unnaturally thrilled upon hearing about the wonderfully versatile Jane Kaczmarek and always solid Adam Arkin pairing up in ABC’s Modern Family 2 comedy Who Gets the Parents?; Seinfeld‘s own Newman, Wayne Knight, joining the already-fun-sounding CBS pilot (directed by Borat‘s Larry Charles) about a British lowlife who moves to L.A. to reconnect with his teen-star daughter; and Autumn Reeser (the brilliant, show-saving Taylor from The O.C.!) joining Michael Chiklis and Weeds‘ sorely missed Romany Malco in the ABC clan-with-special-powers pilot No Ordinary Family. If I wanted to keep going on about ABC’s particular knack for casting, I’d mention Leah Remini (pictured) in Modern Family 3 comedy It Takes a Village. But enough already. Here are a few more tidbits out of the pilot casting factory lately:

* Attack of the Show‘s Olivia Munn in NBC romantic comedy pilot Perfect Couples

* Greek‘s philandering houseboy Andrew West, also in Who Gets the Parents?

* Jason Ritter in NBC’s assassination-plot thriller The Event

* ScrubsDonald Faison in CBS’ buddy-cop comedy The Odds

Which ones are you excited about in a way no one else could possibly be, PopWatchers?

Hollywood Insider: Lynette Rice’s full coverage of TV pilot season

Exclusive: Jennifer Lopez to suit up for DirecTV's Celebrity Beach Bowl

DirecTV’s fourth annual Celebrity Beach Bowl is starting to live up to its name. Jennifer Lopez has just joined the roster for the flag football game, which takes place Saturday, Feb. 6 in Miami (kickoff at 2:30 p.m. ET on DirecTV’s 101 Network). Other celebs scheduled to suit up now include: Twilight‘s Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz; Gossip Girl‘s Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, and Jessica SzohrAttack of the Show‘s Olivia Munn; Marlon, Shawn and Keenan Wayans; Victoria’s Secret model Marisa MillerBreaking Bad and Big Love‘s Aaron Paul; Dexter‘s C.S. Lee and David Zayas; Nurse Jackie‘s Dominic Fumusa; Clean House‘s Niecy Nash; singer/songwriter Brian McKnight; and The Green Mile‘s Michael Clark Duncan.

The New York Giants’ Eli Manning and the New York Jets’ Mark Sanchez will each coach a team, while Hall of Famer Warren Moon and former NFL MVP Rich Gannon serve as quarterbacks/captains. NFL greats Merrill Hoge, Daryl Johnston, Desmond Jones, La’Roi Glover, Eddie George and Mark Schlereth will also take the field. Dan Patrick hosts a pre-game show at 1:30 p.m. ET that features an interview with Herschel Walker, who recently made his victorious debut in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). He’ll also call the play-by-play along with Nancy O’Dell and sideline correspondent Andrew Siciliano. The All American Rejects handle post-show duties with a concert immediately following the trophy presentation.

Who are you rooting for? I’m all for the fun-loving way Lopez is choosing to promote her new album (see also: her monologue as the new host of Lopez Tonight), so I’ll cheer her on. Fingers crossed her teammates include Lautner and Nash.

Photo credit: Beach Bowl: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images; Munn: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos; Lopez: Wild1/PR Photos; Westwick: Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos

Guest Editor Olivia Munn: My Comic-Con readiness kit

Olivia-Munn_l You can’t go to Comic-Con with just one thing in your emergency go-bag. You need at least 9:

1. The Dagger of Razadeen: It glows when Shia LeBeouf is near. Maybe the best invention since Diet Dr Pepper — it tastes like the real thing!

2. GuyFi: Wireless Internet that increases signals when more guys are around.

3. Dead squirrels: When I need a quick protein boost. Don’t judge.

4. My mini-lightsaber: For cutting fruit…okay, it’s for cutting pie.

5. My iDontTouch: It’s new from Apple and allows fans to look but not touch.

6. My Stormtrooper bikini: It’s plastic and can deflect laser blasts.

7. My “Han Solo”: I can’t tell you what it is but it’s something I use when I’m solo.

8. My Munn-y: It’s my own currency with my face on it and everything. Totally worthless but occasionally fools some comic book vendors who are too busy checking out Megan Fox.

addCredit(“Jen Lowery/Startraksphoto.com”)

Guest Editor Olivia Munn: The first 10 songs that shuffle up on my iPod and what they mean

Alan-Thicke-Jay-z-Munn_l 1. “Growing Pains theme song,” Alan Thicke. Because I made out with him. Yes, the dad — not the super-sexy hip-hop star son.

2. “I Poke Her Face,” Kid Cudi/Kanye/Common/Lady Gaga. Because I know every lyric.

3. “Trouble,” by Ray LaMontagne. This is my theme song. “Worry been doggin’ my soul since the day I was born.” I just knew they’d cancel BSG, and I still can’t get over it.

4. “You Can Run,” Bryan Greenberg/Kid Cudi. The live version. It’s a song about the people who didn’t believe in you, and then you get successful and they can’t escape your good fortune. There’s an awesome, laid-back version of it on YouTube. It’s a must listen.

5. “Death to Auto Tune,” Jay-Z. Finally someone puts an end to the agony of Auto Tune!

6. “On My Way,” Ben Kweller. I found this song at a karaoke bar in Japan and fell in love with it. Note to self: Never sing in public. Ever. Again.

7. “I Don’t Think I’m Ever Gonna Figure It Out,” Elliott Smith. It’s a rare song from one of his demos and it’s amazing. Sometimes all you need is one guitar and a mic and a sick songwriter.

8. “Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked,” Cage the Elephant. This is my other theme song.

9. “Auditorium,” Mos Def/Slick Rick. Great beat, plus Slick Rick is back with a vengeance on this track.

10. “Take a Minute,” K’nnan. Not many good positive hip-hop cats artists out there who have a message to their music. If Bob Marley could rap he would be K’nnan.

addCredit(“Alan Thicke: Francis Specker/Landov”)

Guest Editor Olivia Munn: How to hit on a pretty girl at Comic-Con

Olivia_munn_leia_l There will be a lot of them roaming around, both on the convention floor and in the local bars. Time to man up, kid, and set your phasers on amour.

    1. Offer her your extra convention pass.
    2. Say you have an “in” to an exclusive Dungeons and Dragons campaign.
    3. Ask her if she likes Marvel or DC.
    4. Show her a big armload of indie comics.
    5. “You are one of the few people here who can pull off that Black Cat costume.”
    6. Mistake her for someone in Iron Man 2.
    7. Identify which Battlestar Galactica tribe she’s from based solely on her accent
    8. “Remember the Next Generation episode with Mark Twain? Oh man, was that crazy or what?”

addCredit(“Jen Lowery/Startraksphoto.com”)

Guest Editor Olivia Munn: 5 1/2 things you don't want to miss at the San Diego Comic-Con

Olivia-Munn-comic-con_l 1) The Panels
Almost all of the best things to see and hear each year at the San Diego Comic-Con take place in the non-stop panels over the course of the four-day event. Don't forget to escape the floor from time to time to take in panels on things that might interest you! The panels everyone will be talking about include Thursday's Avatar panel with James Cameron (Maybe he'll even show some footage instead of just talking for two hours!), Friday's The Guild panel with Felicia Day, and on Saturday, Lost's final Comic-Con panel, the panel for the new film Zombieland and Kevin Smith's annual profanity-driven rants about making films and comic books. I'd tell you to check out Friday's Star Wars panel, but in a Comic-Con first, G4 will be broadcasting it, so just set your DVRs and unwind with it when you get back home.

2) The Masquerade
The one thing that's different between Comic-Con and your local comic shop is nobody dresses up every Wednesday when new books hit the shelves — a fact I'd like you all to help me change! Your emotions will run the spectrum from amazed to scared to curious to dumbfounded at Comic-Con's annual Masquerade event Saturday night. Hundreds of people dress up as their favorite icons from comics, movies, TV, anime, video games, and more. And trust me, while the people who spend all year sweating over the perfect suits do amazing work, the bad costumes are even more divine.


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