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'24: Live Another Day' odds and ends -- who's gonna die first?

After the premiere of 24: Live Another Day, many fans were left with burning questions. Luckily, the online gambling site Bovada has calculated a few odds and ends about Jack Bauer’s return to television.

How many times will Jack give “his word” during the final 10 episodes? Who might target our hero next? And, oh yeah — who’s going to kick the bucket first? Check out all the stats below:


Oddsmakers favor Stephen Colbert to replace David Letterman

From the moment that David Letterman announced that he was retiring from his record-setting stint as the host of the Late Show, people have been speculating about what this could mean, us included. Will this be Jon Stewart’s chance? Or perhaps this is the time for a woman to take over the world of late night?

But as much as we can speculate, nobody at this point has much to go on. Turning to the professionals, we let the oddsmakers at Brovada tell us who they think will replace Letterman as host of the Late Show. Here are the odds they gave us:

Stephen Colbert: 3/1
Craig Ferguson: 7/2
Chelsea Handler: 5/1
Conan O’Brien: 6/1
Jon Stewart: 7/1
Jerry Seinfeld: 9/1
Neil Patrick Harris: 15/1
Louis C.K.: 15/1
Chris Rock: 20/1
Tina Fey: 33/1
Ellen DeGeneres: 33/1
Howard Stern: 40/1
Alec Baldwin: 40/1
Jay Leno: 50/1

What do you all think of those odds? Is Stephen Colbert sitting comfortably at the top of your list as well? Sound off in the comments below!

'Breaking Bad' odds: Who will walk away with the money?

After Sunday’s traumatizing episode of Breaking Bad, we are now more confused than ever. So in our desperate search for answers, we have once again reached out to the experts. We already talked to an oddsmaker about everyone’s chances of survival — sorry, Hank — but what about the many other possibilities for how this show could end? Like what will happen with the money? Could Walt and/or Jesse actually end up behind bars?

Well, thanks to Rupert Adams, spokesman for William Hill, we have a few more numbers for you.

First up, what are the odds that (insert character) will walk away with the money?

Who will die by the end of 'Breaking Bad'? An oddsmaker gives his take

After the ending of last week’s Breaking Bad episode, things aren’t exactly looking good for some of our favorite characters. Hank, considering he just had what could very easily be his final conversation with Marie, could be on his way out, and let’s not forget that Todd’s uncle originally brought his boys out to kill Jesse. And then there’s the fact that Walt’s cancer is back. So with only three episodes left, is anyone going to make it out of New Mexico alive?

The short answer is: We have no idea, which is why we turned to someone who has a little bit more experience with odds than we do. Kevin Bradley, a sportsbook manager for Bovada, is a huge fan of the show and was willing to take the time to give us what he believes are the hypothetical odds that Walt, Jesse, Skyler, Saul, and Hank will die before the series ends:

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