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Olivia Wilde will have fake CGI nipples in 'The Change-Up.' Oh, for the days before digital nudity...

You can blame digital effects for many strange and terrible things. Thanks to CGI, great Hollywood trades like production design, makeup, and old-school practical visual effects have begun to slowly fade away, with smiling teams of faceless engineers doing the same work for cheaper, Gooback-style. Thanks to CGI, 2-D feature animation has entered a period of eternal decline. Thanks to CGI, every freaking movie and a lot of freaking TV shows are shot in front of greenscreens. Thanks to CGI, Jar Jar Binks exists, and Green Lantern exists, and in the fourth Die Hard movie John McClane fought a freaking fighter jet, because why not?

But if you ask me, the single greatest crime of the Digital Effects Era is more subtle, and yet also more profound. I’m talking about fake movie nudity, which first made headlines last year with Jessica Alba’s shower scene in Machete. READ FULL STORY

Eddie Cibrian adds to list of Great Pop Culture Moments in Bathtubs

Eddie Cibrian, star of NBC’s new fall drama The Playboy Club, is, one must admit, an excellent model for Charisma, a luxury home brand that includes bedding, robes, bath rugs, and towels. For the fall 2011 campaign, he was photographed in bed, of course, and while those shots are worth looking at (check them out here, along with a behind-the-scenes video in which Cibrian is half-naked but hearing compliments like, “Look at those sheets! Ohmygod!”), it’s the bathtub shots that make me happy. I love when male celebrities agree to be photographed in a bathtub because it always feels so random even if it isn’t. See: Colin Firth and David Boreanaz. Therefore, I’m adding Cibrian’s shoot to my list of Great Pop Culture Moments in Bathtubs, which, my editor Mike Bruno said I could blog “only if you include the ‘When Doves Cry’ video, which starts with doves opening double doors to a purple misty room containing Prince in a tub. As Morris Day would say, ‘So sexy!’” So, we have that. What else should be on this list? Other colleagues have nominated Fatal Attraction, ScarfaceThe Talented Mr. Ripley, and Pretty Woman. Off the top of my head, my submissions would include:


Jake Gyllenhaal on 'Man vs. Wild': Top 5 Moments

On last night’s season premiere of Discovery’s Man vs. Wild, Bear Grylls took Jake Gyllenhaal into the snow-covered mountains of Iceland during a blizzard that shut down local airports for two days of adventure. Gyllenhaal wasn’t as much of a walking quote-machine as Will Ferrell was in 2009 (relive those highlights here), but he was arguably even braver. Below, the top 5 moments:

Jake and Bear cross a freezing river shirtless. Man vs. Wild fans know that Bear has no problem stripping down for such crossings — that way he can keep all of his clothes dry and put them back on after doing some nude calisthenics. It seems to me that if the situation didn’t warrant full disrobing, they probably didn’t need to get Jake shirtless. Though I suppose it could have just looked a bit unnecessary because the water never came above their waist and no one fell in. (How cute did they look holding hands?) “It takes balls,” Bear said of the crossing as they redressed, shivering. “Well, they’re right up in my throat right now,” Jake answered.  READ FULL STORY

Gwyneth Paltrow disrobes for 'Vanity Fair'

If you mention the word fishnet stockings, I automatically envision Anne Bancroft. It’s a Pavlovian reaction after seeing The Graduate when I was 16 years old — though in hindsight, I don’t think what Mrs. Robinson wore were technically fishnet. No matter. Well, Anne, it was a good run. May I introduce Gwyneth Paltrow’s Vanity Fair photo (below) for its On Jewellery calendar, which appears in the August issue. (Yes, she’s wearing jewelry. I had to look twice, too.) READ FULL STORY

Hugh Hefner adds 'Runaway Bride' sticker to Crystal Harris' upcoming 'Playboy' cover

Playboy founder and girl-next-door wrangler Hugh Hefner has been openly tweeting his feelings about the end of his relationship with Crystal Harris — the woman he was all set to marry until a couple days ago. Last night, in a move which could either be interpreted as a lovably droll joke or a surprisingly vicious spurned-lover kiss-off, Hefner tweeted: “Recent events call for a special sticker on the July cover. Look for it on newsstands.” Y’see, Crystal is actually on the cover of the July issue of Playboy… with a headline that proclaims, “Introducing Mrs. Crystal Hefner.” Commence awkward collar pulls, America! READ FULL STORY

'True Blood' returns THIS MONTH. Time to start thinking about who Sookie should sleep with first. Poll!

Have you heard that True Blood returns June 26? Yeah, we thought so. But look at this way: Now that it’s June 1, the level of your anticipation isn’t quite so freakish. As Pam suggests in the latest promo, embedded below, Sookie needs someone. Whose arms are you hoping she ends up in first? Do not let the accompanying photo sway you. READ FULL STORY

Eva Longoria shares more than her recipes with David Letterman

Eva Longoria visited David Letterman last night to promote her new cookbook, but she ended up revealing a lot more than her secret family recipe for guacamole. The Desperate Housewives star came dressed in a tuxedo — or as Letterman said, “Part of one.” Wearing just the tuxedo jacket and bottoms that must be from Armani’s Lance Armstrong Schwinn collection, Longoria had Letterman practically blushing. The Indiana boy didn’t know where to look. It only got worse when Longoria popped the inevitable button. As Longoria did her best to keep things under wraps, Letterman chimed, “We’re going to lose our liquor license, I know it.”

Longoria then delivered the understatement of the night, “I’m a lot more exciting than Don Rickle.” Rickle, Rickles, tom-a-to, tom-ah-to, Eva. Now tell me more about tortilla soup. The short clip is below. READ FULL STORY

'Camelot' premiere: Four ways this ain't your grandma's Arthur

The saga of King Arthur and his round furniture-loving knights has been done to death — so it’s no surprise that Starz’s new series, Camelot, changes a few key details in an attempt to inject new life into the story. While some of those tweaks are welcome (hello, Joseph Fiennes as a badass, baldheaded Merlin) others might end up rubbing Arthurites the wrong way. Here are the four main ways Camelot switches things up: READ FULL STORY

MTV's new teen hit 'Skins': Could it be flirting with child pornography?

skinsImage Credit: Jason Nocito/MTVMTV execs are scrutinizing upcoming episodes of their racy new teen-drama hit Skins to ensure they don’t violate child pornography laws, The New York Times reports today. And indeed, the unflinchingly realistic portrait of middle-class high school partiers — filled with unapologetic sex, booze, and drugs (the title itself refers to rolling papers for joints) — surely was made to court controversy. A stateside version of the edgy British sensation of the same name, it’s pretty much designed to finally make a splash in the scripted-series arena for MTV, no stranger to controversy. The Hard Times of R.J. Berger, another high-school-set show, tried and failed at the same trick — in my opinion, because it was trying too hard to be crude (its premise revolves around its title character’s ample endowment) while neglecting to add any real heart. Skins is more “dangerous” because, like its predecessor, it has soul, with well-rounded characters whose problems are, while a little melodramatic, relatable at their core (especially if you give them a chance beyond the overwrought pilot episode). Fans could actually get invested in this thing and pay attention to all the rampant naughtiness — indeed, an impressive 3.3 million tuned in for its premiere this week.

It’s also dangerous — legally — because the show cast kids as kids. READ FULL STORY

No Pants Subway Ride 2011: Did you show some leg?

If you noticed a slight uptick in nudity on public transit yesterday, thank Improv Everywhere and their annual No Pants Subway Ride, now in its 10th hit year! Who hasn’t wanted to press his or her bare flesh against a pole or seat on the subway?

This year, participants in more than 50 cities in 24 countries dared to bare their lower halves, and while the sight of people’s winterlegs doesn’t bug me at all, the idea that some woman in Australia touched her bare feet to the floor of a bus seriously gives me the willies. Enjoy your bird-flu-AIDS-cancer-of-the-foot, ma’am. (Unless buses in Australia are way, way cleaner than buses in the U.S.? Still. Shudder.)

Did you strip down this weekend, PopWatchers? And, just because, here’s the YTMND for Heed! Pants! Now! from So I Married an Axe Murderer. [makes noise, duh]

Image: Katie Sokoler

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