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Kathy Griffin strips to underwear, but Anderson Cooper still more embarrassed by Green Goblin abduction on New Year's Eve


Kathy Griffin broke CNN’s “no nudity” order on New Year’s Eve when she stripped down to her bra and underwear shortly before midnight. Watch the video below. Sadly, we’ve yet to see anyone upload her and Anderson Cooper’s second most talked about moment: That bizarrely unfunny interruption of the telecast when we — and all of the confused Times Square revelers looking up at the JumboTron beneath the ball — watched the Green Goblin from Broadway’s Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark try to convince a kidnapped Cooper to become an anchorman on his World Wide Freak Network (WWFN). Maybe that bit would have played better if the Green Goblin had identified himself sooner, or had the picture and sound not gone in and out for home viewers, or had it felt at all timely. Still, watch Spider-Man save Cooper below in a short clip. Griffin properly ridiculed Cooper afterward, at least, with lines like: “This is what happens when I take a day off,” “If you think you’re ever gonna live this down,” “Was that your integrity coming up and now it’s gone?” (after Cooper coughed), and “After that last bit, I feel above you. Trust me.”


Hef says Lindsay Lohan issue is breaking sales records. What does that really mean?

The Lindsay Lohan issue of Playboy magazine seems to be a hit. Hugh Hefner tweeted on Sunday that “The Lindsay Lohan January-February Double Issue is breaking sales records.” Though Playboy isn’t releasing official numbers yet, a spokesperson for the magazine said the issue is doing “very well.”

A spokesperson for Hudson News, one of the countries largest chains of newsstands, also didn’t have figures yet, but concurred that “we have noticed excitement in the stores about this issue … so we assume that the issue will do very well.”

But will it be a record-breaker? READ FULL STORY

Hugh Hefner talks about Lindsay Lohan's 'Playboy' spread

In a recent interview with E!, Hugh Hefner discussed his initial ambivalence about Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy pictorial. The mogul explained that his Chicago editors suggested reaching out to Lohan, which “really came as a surprise to me.” He admitted he had “kind of mixed emotions about it initially.” Perhaps alluding to Lohan’s bumpy track record with court and rehab, he said, “I wasn’t sure where she was at in her life, obviously.” What else did Hefner say about Lohan’s shoot? See the full video below.


Queen and Helen Mirren strip down in different ways to help U.K. economy

File this under: Otherwise Inconsequential News Item That Gains Import Because of Barely Tangentially Related News Item

Queen Elizabeth II is feeling the crunch of the British recession. According to ABC News, she and the crown will have to make do with only $50 million of the tax-payers’ money per year — approximately half the family’s take pre-economic downturn. In fact, the royals are renting out St. James palace to corporate bigwigs during next summer’s Olympics to raise funds, and there are even reports that the Queen would welcome some help in paying her high utility bills.

Fortunately, there are loyal subjects who are willing to contribute more than their share during these difficult times. Take Helen Mirren, for example, who won an Oscar for portraying Her Majesty in The Queen. The sexy 66-year-old actress is auctioning off the famous red bikini that reminded so many of the icon’s timeless bodaciousness to raise money for the needy. “It happens to be one of the best bikinis in the world because it fits!,” Mirren told a British morning show. “The minute I bought it I loved it because it’s so hard to find a bikini that fits if you’ve got bosoms like I have.”

Pause. Breathe. Recover.

“I would love it to raise money for an organisation that I support called Age UK,” she continued. “I love the idea of this little flimsy summer thing is going towards helping old people stay warm and comfortable and toasty in the wintertime.”

One queen forced to pinch pennies at Christmas time; the other, baring sharing her god-given gifts in generosity. O. Henry himself would weep!

Five videos to remind you Michael Fassbender is sexy (because 'Shame' sure isn't)


Shame, the new film starring Michael Fassbender as a sex addict, obviously has a lot of sex and full-frontal nudity in it. You know the Steve McQueen movie is a heavy one going in — it’s rated NC-17. But if you’re a fan of Fassbender who finds him attractive enough to rent (and fast-forward through) his 2007 film Angel costarring the female lead of Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights – or just someone who saw the Shame red-band trailer and wished you were that woman he’s staring at on the subway — you’re probably thinking this film will be, on some level, sexy because he is.

The surprise is that it’s not, and neither is his character. There’s one scene that makes you think, okay, this is a guy I could like, and wow, I’m actually smiling, but that’s not what you’ll be thinking when the movie ends. Odds are, you’ll feel as hollow as his character, which is the intention, and, perhaps, disappointed — not in the quality of the film, but in how it, for the immediate future, makes it difficult to think of Fassbender as sexy. (Did I really need to watch him pee?) You’ll have discussions with friends about how part of you really wants to see him play a sexual leading man who is allowed to be healthy – not blinded and maimed in Jane Eyre, or maimed and suicidal in Angel, or in a love triangle with a woman and her 15-year-old daughter in Fish Tank. You want to swoon over him, and yet, you wouldn’t want him to sell out and star in like, The Backup Plan 2 with Jennifer Lopez. There has to be happy medium, and hopefully, some screenwriter in Hollywood is penning it as we speak. In the meantime, if you’ve seen Shame and need to bring the sexy Fassbender back, watch the interview clips below. It worked for me.


POLL: Why did you watch the 'Victoria's Secret Fashion Show'? (Note: There are more than 'two good reasons')

I know, I know. What a ridiculous question. Everybody knows that the only reason you “accidentally” tuned in for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, all 10.3 million of you, was because you left the TV on after you spent a wholesome evening watching Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer and got distracted whilst baking cookies. (For the models! Happy Holidays, girls!)

Are they gone?… Okay, so now that your judgmental loved ones and co-workers are out of the room, we here at PopWatch are dying to know: Why did you actually watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and help propel it to Tuesday night’s highest-rated show? READ FULL STORY

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: If you're a fatty and you know it, clap your hands [CLAP, CLAP]

I just watched an hour-long commercial for overpriced lingerie, a.k.a. The 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, a.k.a. Put That Down, You Fat Fool, It’s Full of Dangerous Nutrients.

You think the models looked too skinny? Well you must be a real jealous bitch! They were BORN THIS WAY, baby. The runway finale song said so. There’s no need to worry about these starving women. I swear, if you stare long enough at the protruding clavicles of the Angels, you can have some really deep thoughts. I’ll share some of mine below.


Miranda Kerr’s rib cage: What’s really higher in value, the $2.5 million Fantasy Bra, or the privilege of “opening the aquatic section”? (Someone should ask Adam Levine.)

Karlie Kloss’ pelvic girdle: If I showed up to the office tomorrow in pink jellyfish wings, would everyone think “too much” or “not enough”? Same question: mirrorball ass.

Chanel Iman’s coccyx: Do you think that when Will Ferrell said “No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative” in Blades of Glory (sampled in Kanye West and Jay-Z’s “N**gas in Paris”), he was also referring to the Victoria’s Secret PINK collection? And also, possibly, its most original 2011 creation, Nicki Minaj? READ FULL STORY

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: Six jiggly, jewel-encrusted reasons to watch

Update: Annie’s reflections upon the bones of the Angels

Six more hours until the beautiful beef jerky runway show begins! (10 p.m. ET on CBS.) Check back after the show airs on the west coast, when I’ll have updated this post with my Top 6 (or more) Reflections. They’re gonna be deep!

Why I’m excited for the VS Fashion Show

6. Glitter train wreck

5. Celebs in the audience wearing sunglasses — are you serious? READ FULL STORY

Brett Ratner talks Olivia Munn relationship, fallout: 'She talked about my shortcomings ... She's bitter.'

Brett Ratner appeared on G4′s Attack of the Show for just a little over six minutes, but that was plenty of time to cover a wide range of topics. The director took the time to delve into his new film, Tower Heist, the upcoming Oscars (which Ratner is producing), Occupy Wall Street (a “viral marketing” campaign for Tower Heist, according to Show co-host Kevin Pereira), and sex with Olivia Munn. Wait, what?

For those unaware of the gossip, Munn wrote in her memoir, Suck It, Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek, that she once saw a Hollywood director holding his “undersized manhood” while eating shrimp. It’s long been rumored that she was referring to Rush Hour director Ratner, and while he did admit on Show Thursday that he was the subject of the passage, he’s claiming that none of it’s true. And making sure to heighten the drama while he’s at it. “I used to date Olivia Munn … when she was Lisa,” said Ratner of Munn, née Lisa Munn. “That was the problem. She wasn’t Asian back then.” READ FULL STORY

James Franco's naked butt covers magazine

James Franco is the latest cover boy for Flaunt magazine, and one of the two covers shots features his naked butt. See that NSFW one below. Vulture rightfully asks, “How could it be that this came out two and a half weeks ago and no major site has covered it?” I think it’s partly because nothing James Franco does surprises anyone anymore. But mostly because there’s the feeling that if you’re going to write about his butt being a magazine cover, you should really say something about the heady cover story itself, only you may have no desire to read it.

In short: I genuinely respect that James Franco uses his time learning and creating — it’s so much better than being photographed on daily Starbucks runs — but I don’t always want to hear about what he’s learned or created. Especially when Flaunt sets up the email portion of the interview by saying it “shape-shifted into something almost resembling his art — a journey of dalliances, compass-less and perhaps saying something, perhaps saying nothing at all.” Some people still want to figure Franco out, but I’ll admit what you’re not supposed to, particularly after Franco writes of his varied output, “I don’t think what I’m doing is confusing … What is confusing is that I’m an actor in mainstream film and the people that usually comment on mainstream film are idiots, and they don’t try to think outside of their pop-culture commentaries”: He’s too much work for me. I’d rather use that brainpower elsewhere, somewhere I know that something is being said.


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