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Kate Upton talks: Her first day as an SI Swimsuit icon

Now that I have your attention. Hey! Eyes down here, buddy!

Yesterday in New York, Kate Upton was announced as the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covergirl, and the last 24 hours have been a whirlwind for the statuesque 19-year-old beauty. The youngest Swimsuit cover model in nearly 30 years (Paulina Porizkova was only 18 when she graced the cover back in 1984) started her day on the Today show and she’ll visit David Letterman, where her cover was first unveiled yesterday, tonight. Upton took a quick break to chat with Entertainment Weekly about her now-famous cover photo and her role in the upcoming Three Stooges film.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Congratulations. It must be an exciting day for you.
KATE UPTON: It’s been crazy. I’m so happy to be on the cover. I love the photo. I couldn’t be more ecstatic. READ FULL STORY

Kate Upton named SI's Swimsuit Issue cover girl

Kate Upton is the new 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit covergirl, an honor that was unveiled last night on The Late Show With David Letterman. The 19-year-old model, who was featured inside last year’s issue, became an Internet sensation last spring when a YouTube video of her dancing in her seat at a Los Angeles basketball game went viral. Watch her and nine other models read last night’s Top 10 List, and then catch her cutting loose doing the Dougie. READ FULL STORY

Androgynous model poised to highlight New York's Fashion Week

Australian model Andrej Pejic has a unique look. Well, technically the 20-year-old fashion star has two unique looks. See, Pejic, who’s in New York for Fashion Week, is the rare model who can walk the runway as either a man or a woman. He’s already appeared on the covers of numerous fashion magazines — a provocative topless shot that appeared on Dossier nearly became an incident –  and even inspired a show by Jean-Paul Gaultier in which the designer showcased the gender-bending model as a bride. Watch an Associated Press clip below. READ FULL STORY

Patriots fan Maria Menounos loses Super Bowl bikini bet

I admit that I watched Sunday’s Super Bowl without having a passionate rooting interest in either team. But after seeing yesterday’s Extra, I would like to retroactively thank the Giants for pulling out the slim victory. Turns out that Patriots fan Maria Menounos was so confident that her team would win that she promised to host her show in a bikini if New England lost. “God is a Giants fan!” said her Extra colleague A.J. Calloway, who offered her some mittens to keep her warm.

Menounos kept her good humor about the loss, and certainly won some new fans. “I was so confident,” she lamented. “That everyday I ate like I was never going to eat again, and now…”

And now… what? Watch the clip below. READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live' host poll: Does Channing Tatum have the stomach for this?


Channing Tatum took Daniel Radcliffe’s “exposed forest” and raised it infinity on Saturday night. Yes, the handsome actor was once a male stripper, and you knew Saturday Night Live would not let that unique biographical nugget pass just as you knew Radcliffe wasn’t going to escape without a Harry Potter sketch when he hosted. Tatum was a good sport about it, stripping, grinding and/or licking a stripper pole in multiple skits, and good for him.

But what are his chances of making a dent in our Saturday Night Live host poll? We’ve already bid adieu to some pretty solid hosts — Alec Baldwin? Emma Stone? — and the surviving competitors are all powerhouses. Daniel Radcliffe elbowed Jimmy Fallon out of the way, earning 38.8 percent of the vote in our most recent poll, compared to Fallon’s 33.9 percent. Melissa McCarthy remains lurking with a solid 21.9 percent percent, and Jason Segel stayed alive with 5.5 percent. Charles Barkley was one-and-done with only 0.9 percent. Thanks for playing, Chuck.

Below, I’ve embedded one clip for each of the five remaining hosts, as reminders of their recent performances. Vote below, and the host with the least popular support will be sent packing, and the other four will advance to compete against Zooey Deschanel next week. Ultimately, we’ll crown the Saturday Night Liveliest Host at the end of the season. Watch and vote below. READ FULL STORY

'Bachelor': The skinny-dipping isn't the only thing upsetting me

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor was controversial because Courtney broke ranks and sought Ben out on another girl’s date night to make good on her earlier proposal that they go skinny-dipping. When I asked Ben about that decision before the season began, having just seen it teased in a promo, he said he compartmentalized his relationships with the women and didn’t compare them. “So if more women wanted to go skinny-dipping with me, they should have asked… and I would have gone,” he laughed. “Those are things you do when you’re trying to get to know someone and you get in a relationship.”

I laughed, too, because I didn’t know how foolish Courtney would make the other women — who seem to show each other more respect than she does — look. Some fans are coming down on Ben for agreeing to go skinny-dipping with Courtney when that many women were left. If it had happened on a sanctioned date, I wouldn’t have had a problem with it. (I mean, other than the fact that Courtney appears to be manipulating him so she can keep saying “Winning!”) I’m just as disappointed in ABC for running all those promos that made it look like the women either saw it happening or found out about it right away. A rep for the network says neither it nor the ladies can comment on when the other women catch wind of it. We’ll just have to tune in. (At the very least, it will certainly make the Women Tell All interesting now that they’ve definitely seen it.)  READ FULL STORY

Fassbender Package Punchline Watch: David Letterman asks 'Shame' star if the role was 'hard'

As award season continues, hopefully with an Oscar nomination on Tuesday for Shame‘s Michael Fassbender, we expect George Clooney’s Golden Globes joke about the actor’s private parts won’t be the last we hear. So we’re creating the Fassbender Package Punchline Watch. We begin with last night’s Late Show With David Letterman appearance. It was Fassbender himself who cracked a penis joke when asked how difficult it must be to play a role as dark as a sex addict:  READ FULL STORY

Olivia Munn poses nude for exquisite, tasteful, totally naked PETA advertisement

For several years now, PETA has been running an advertising campaign called “I’d rather go naked than wear fur,” which has always fascinated me for two reasons: 1. I’m a human being with eyes, and the campaign involves taking naked pictures of up-and-coming Hollywood starlets who have reached a highly specific pinnacle in their careers where they’re too successful for Maxim frathouse-nude cover shoots but aren’t quite successful enough for Vanity Fair artful-nude cover shoots, and 2. Because fur is ridiculously expensive, so this entire campaign is essentially about incredibly beautiful rich people telling equally rich but probably less beautiful people, “If you were as genetically perfect as me, you wouldn’t have to wear fur.” Rich people are weird.

Anyhow, presumably you’re also a human being with eyes, so you already know that the newest PETA advertisement features controversial Comic-Con princess and alleged Ratner victim Olivia Munn completely naked except for airbrushing and incredible make-up, exactly as the Creator intended her. READ FULL STORY

Emmy Rossum goes all Brian Fellow on 'Chelsea, Lately'

You can take the girl out of New York City, but you can’t take the New York out of the girl. Emmy Rossum, star of Showtime’s Shameless, appeared on Chelsea Handler’s show last night and told a story about living in L.A. Explaining how different her new digs were from her natural Big Apple habitat, Rossum said that “a mountain lion came walking through the clearing and was drinking out of my pool, and I didn’t have the fear instinct. I had the New York outraged instinct, and I was like, ‘What the hell are you doing? Get off my property! I’m Brian Fellow!!’”

Okay, she didn’t actually say that last part, but Brian Fellow would’ve been proud. Watch: READ FULL STORY

2012's Most Promising Pop-Culture Picks?

What’s your most anticipated pop-culture event of 2012? Some options to get you thinking: November’s final Twilight movie (for both lovers and haters, it. will. end!); this spring’s long-awaited new episodes of Mad Men; Kiefer Sutherland’s midseason return to TV with Fox’s Touch; Game of Thrones‘ second season debuting in April; July’s arrival of The Dark Knight Rises; or the December delivery of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey? Or maybe the iPad 3?

Give us your most impassioned pitches below. I’ll start:  READ FULL STORY

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