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Kim Zolciak poses for terrifying pregnancy photo

Click here to see a larger photo of a pregnant Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak and her boyfriend Kroy Biermann. It’s like something out of Michelangelo, if Michelangelo was two, couldn’t draw, and enjoyed melting his work.

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Royal Wedding flower girl Grace Van Cutsem is not having it, you guys

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the amazing dress, the pomp and circumstance, the enormous circular cake. Sorry, but the Royal Wedding was all about seriously unimpressed flower girl Grace Van Cutsem, who upstaged the entire thing with a photo-ready pout. (Sorry, Posh, Grace’s was better.) Seriously, she’s already got her own tumblr! If looks could kill, there would have been scads of British goners today.

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'Terminator 5': Can this franchise (and Arnold Schwarzenegger) be good again?

Here’s something you might not remember about Terminator 2: It was practically the last good movie Arnold Schwarzenegger made before exploring a career in politics. Consider: In the five years before Judgment Day, Schwarzenegger made Predator, The Running Man, Twins, Total Recall, and Kindergarten Cop; post-T2, he had one legit film (True Lies), but there was a lot more of Junior, Eraser, Jingle All the Way, the historically awful Batman & Robin, and the arguably-more-awful Last Action Hero. Meanwhile, the Terminator franchise also struggled to repeat the historic highs of the first two films. The James Cameron-free Terminator 3 descended into fluffy self-parody, and not even the presence of a Schwarzenegger digital-puppet could rescue the laughably gritty Terminator Salvation. As EW reported last night, Schwarzenegger is currently slated to revisit the franchise in a new film, pending his approval of the script. So, the question is: Can a Schwarzenegger-Terminator reunion return the film series (and its star) to onscreen greatness? READ FULL STORY

Gary Busey cast in 'Piranha 3DD': A part fit for a Pepperoni Profit?

Image Credit: PRN/PR Photos

It’s official. Gary Busey, recently seen as the cock-eyed Pepperoni Profit on Celebrity Apprentice, has joined the cast of Piranha 3DD.

It’s safe to assume Busey won’t be representing the “DD” portion of the film (we hope?) but the details of his character are yet unknown. The pic, helmed by The Weinstein Company, is set to bow November 23.

Though Tara Reid has denied her reported involvement with the film, the veteran actor still joins an edible young cast announced earlier this week. Attached to the project are Danielle Panabaker (Friday the 13th) and Matt Bush (Adventureland), as well as David Koechner (Hot Tub Time Machine).

So is Busey a perfect fit for the campy gore fest? READ FULL STORY

'RuPaul's Drag Race': A chat with America's Next Drag Superstar Raja

America’s Next Drag Superstar Raja was crowned in last night’s season finale. And while we didn’t get to hear much from her afterward — “The cash is mine, and I am America’s Next Drag Superstar!” was her post-crowning quip — Raja just spoke with EW in a quick interview in which she addresses everything from how she’s feeling at this moment and her philosophy of drag to what she really thinks of Shangela and where she thinks she’ll be in 10 years. The most poignant moment of the phone call? Probably when Raja copped to being frustrated by all people out there who hate her. “I can’t say that I love having haters,” Raja said. “I would rather not have that because I’m a very sensitive person, and I don’t think I’m as big of a villain as people would like to portray me being.” Read all that and more below. READ FULL STORY

John Krasinski in talks to join Lena Dunham-penned indie 'Nobody Walks'


While he’s melted our hearts for nearly seven seasons on The Office, Big Tuna has failed to make a huge splash on the big screen. Strange, huh, especially given the immense likability of Jim Halpert. (“Niagara” will forever live in infamy. How many men booked surprise trips on the Maid of the Mist after seeing their girlfriends tear up while watching the episode?) With Steve Carell’s impending departure, it seems there’s no better time for John Krasinski to seal his fate as a legitimate leading man. But why isn’t he one already?  READ FULL STORY

I hate myself for loving you, 'Mob Wives' trailer

The last thing I need in my life is another reality TV show. And yet I find myself inexplicably drawn to the promised antics of these Staten Island Four. (Particularly Drita, the blonde-ish one who looks straight out of a Dennis Lehane novel.) A couple questions before tonight’s premiere: Can I write “bitch” on this blog or will my editors make me type b^#!% over and over and over again? How much do tips cost these days? Is Renee’s I’ma-being-choked face real or a put-on? Do these broads make the Real Housewives of New Jersey look like your average suburban book club? (This month the ladies meet at Teresa’s to discuss The Red Tent!) I do take a certain pride in never having seen an episode of Jersey Shore. So. I’ve got that going for me. READ FULL STORY

'Scream 4' opens today, so join PopWatch Rewind in a look back at the great, decent, and utterly terrible original 'Scream' films

The year was 1996, and the slasher-film genre was dying. Long-running franchises like Halloween, Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare on Elm Street had long since spiraled into the upper numerals of self-parody. Thirty-six years after Janet Leigh was stabbed to death in Psycho, and almost 20 years after her daughter Jamie Lee Curtis taught us that virginity is a killer-shield in Halloween, people just seemed a bit tired of the genre built on the semi-Freudian foundation of “Hot Chicks Being Stabbed.” And then Scream changed everything. Directed by Elm Street auteur Wes Craven and written by pop culture savant Kevin Williamson, Scream poked fun at slasher films, but it wasn’t a parody: It was a great scare film in its own right, and it spawned a new boom in teen horror films (and even an echo boom in non-horror teen films). Two films followed — one a worthy successor, one a travesty of in-jokes. Now, 11 years after Scream 3, the series returns to theaters. Join us in a long, loving look back at the original trilogy, and don’t forget to tell us your favorite Scream memories in the comments. READ FULL STORY

98 Degrees' Jeff Timmons will raise Chippendales' temperature for a limited run

As a former hardcore 98 Degrees fan (don’t laugh), I’m not really sure what to say about the news that Jeff Timmons will be teaming up with Chippendales in Las Vegas from May 12 to June 5. (Chippendale’s would like to stress, however, that Timmons will not be stripping, but may show some skin.) So I will try to discuss this piece of “news” the only way I know how: By using the track list of the album that will always hold a special place in my heart (and my 1998 CD tower), 98 Degrees and Rising. Here goes: READ FULL STORY

'Thundercats' reboot: WonderCon trailer shows some epic animal warfare

The rebooted version of Thundercats will arrive on Cartoon Network in July, but you can check out an extended look at the series in a new trailer that was presented over the weekend at WonderCon. I didn’t watch the original Thundercats and am generally skeptical about shows that feature talking cat-people with spiky hair, but at least based on the trailer, the show looks pretty nifty. The animation has a bright anime sheen, and there are plenty of epic sword-vs.-robot battle scenes, complete with an awesome war cry: “Fight like cats! For our ancestors! For the pride!” (Fun fact: Larry Kenney, the voice of Thundercats protagonist Lion-O in the original series, is back in the new show as Lion-O’s father.) Check out the trailer after the jump and let us know what you think about the newer, shapelier, epic-er Thundercats in the comments. READ FULL STORY

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