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Lindsay Lohan and Ali Lohan's latest photos: Who wore it best?

Lindsay Lohan isn’t having the best week. (Then again, Lindsay Lohan hasn’t been having the best couple of days/weeks/months/years, but let’s not go there.)

Not only did the troubled Mean Girls star have her probation revoked yesterday in a Los Angeles court, where she was lead away in handcuffs and now awaits possible jail sentence, but now she’s been ordered to do more community service, this time at the L.A. county morgue. READ FULL STORY

Who should be the voice of 'Mr. Ed: The Movie'?

There’s a Mr. Ed movie likely coming to a theater near you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Fox 2000 — which is still swimming in Alvin and the Chipmunks money — has acquired feature film rights to the beloved-when-not-watched-in-decades TV show about a talking horse, according to Variety. Let’s try to minimize the damage to our frontal lobes by asking the important question: Who should voice Mr. Ed? Below, a few of our humble suggestions — write your own in the comment boards!

Zach Galifianakis: Think Bill Murray doing Garfield. All great comedians deserve a nice paycheck every now and then, and letting Galifianakis do his free-association-riffing thing could be pretty darned funny. (Three words: Horse. Playing. Piano.) READ FULL STORY

Kim Kardashian -- recently named 2011's Most Annoying Celebrity -- is definitely a doll, right?

I was just watching a clip of tonight’s episode of The CW’s H8r — in which Kim Kardashian confronts a rather salty woman who openly hates her (pictured) — and kept imagining what would happen if someone suddenly reached over and attempted to flick Kim’s doll eyes shut. I’ve been fantasizing about this for months. Would she continue to smile placidly and caress her synthetic doll hair? Would the doll lashes snap off? Would she cross over to an even darker element and become the Kim Kardashian Old Navy Robot? Would she die? Because dolls are supposed to die when you do that. READ FULL STORY

U.S. Postal Service to make stamps with living celebrities on them: Who would you like to lick the most?

On Monday, the U.S. Postal Service announced that, for the first time ever, they will make commemorative stamps that feature living celebrities on them. Typically, the standard rule is that you have to be dead at least five years to get the prestigious honor of being licked and sent to exotic locations like… Milwaukee, but in an attempt to boost sales and interests (stamp collecting is cool, you guys), the U.S. Postal Service is now open to suggestions on Facebook and Twitter for which living stars should be put on a stamp. Their only stipulation? That the star has “made enduring contributions to the United States of America.” Ah, so close Kim Kardashian!

Since we love any opportunity to honor our favorite celebrities and decide which of them we’d like to lick without getting in serious trouble (we’ve been putting some thought into that for quite a long time), we came up with some of our own suggestions (Jon Hamm, Betty White, Robert Pattinson, Tina Fey, Bruce Springsteen, to name a few.) We also wanted to see who you think should be sitting pretty on the right hand corner of your envelopes. Check out our dream stamp gallery and vote in our poll below! READ FULL STORY

'Gears of War 3' review: Steroid poetry for a global hangover

Have you ever been inside of a frat house the morning after a big party? It is a digusting sight, a truly singular vision of decadence corroded into misery. The first thing you notice is the smell: Half-empty beer cans spilling warm gutter alcohol onto damp floors, the foot-stench of dance-floor sweat that has hardened into human mildew, a few half-eaten pizzas lying around the kitchen, cigarettes on the porch. You will see thrown chairs, busted lights, probably a window broken. Lovingly-assembled party decorations have been torn to pieces. The poor sap who fell asleep on the community couch has unmentionable things scrawled across his face in permanent marker. A few girls are sneaking out the back exit, debating whether last night was a mistake. Eventually, around noon, the frat dudes wake up and start the clean-up process. As they mop up cocktail residue and fill trash cans with red cups, they all have the same sour expression on their face. (The bigger the party, the worse the hangover.) All they want to do is go back to sleep. But someone has to clean up the mess.

That is a close approximation to what it feels like to play through the Gears of War trilogy, which comes to a fascinating, flawed end today with the long-awaited release of Gears of War 3. (This being a videogame series, I should note that “comes to an end” really means “reaches a satisfyingly ending-ish pause point before the inevitable cut-rate cash-in prequel-sequel bonanza, Halo-style.”) READ FULL STORY

'Project Runway': Best stinkface of the night?

Project Runway consistently serves up some of the most vile/awesome stinkfaces on television. Last night’s episode (read my full recap here), which had the contestants designing their own fabric and putting on their own fashion shows, was no exception. Vote below for the week’s best.

Guest judge Rose Byrne (bottom left) looked like either Jennifer Garner or Keira Knightley the whole time (depending on the stinkface).


Sleepy, makeup-free wood nymph ballerina turns out to be Lady Gaga

Shhhh! Do not rustle this bizarre creature.

Behold! In what could be her boldest image shift to date (no, not really), Lady Gaga appears in Harper’s Bazaar with NO MAKEUP.


What is going on? Who is this person? Is she Swedish? Is she iamamiwhoami? Is this going to presage an acoustic album? Will all her outfits be fashioned out of natural fibers on manual looms?

Perhaps the answers lie below. READ FULL STORY

Jeez, Madonna, what did hydrangeas ever do to you?

Apparently something really, really bad. Just see Madonna‘s reaction to someone handing her a bouquet of hydrangeas at the Venice Film Festival, where she was promoting her period piece W.E. After receiving the apparently dreadful (who knew?) arrangement, Madonna gave a Liz Lemon-quality over-the-top eye roll, hid the flowers, and alerted the person next to her, “I absolutely loathe hydrangeas.” She added about the petal-peddler, “He obviously doesn’t know that.” Well, congrats, Madge, because now the whole world does! It’s a pretty safe bet no matter what her reasoning is behind her hatred of hydrangeas, she’s going to receive a lot more of them now. Watch the full instantly viral clip below: READ FULL STORY

'Project Runway': Best stinkface of the night?

Project Runway consistently serves up some of the most vile/awesome stinkfaces on television. Last night’s episode, which had the contestants designing clothes to throw on top of some New Balance sneakers recently designed by Heidi Klum, was no exception. Vote below for the week’s best.

I imagine this is the face Laura (bottom right) makes when Neiman’s is about to close. READ FULL STORY

Summer TV Hottie Awards: Now accepting nominations!

Award show season starts here, folks! It’s time for the Summer TV Hottie Awards, celebrating the best of the…um…no. Just celebrating attractive people. Very, very attractive people.

Here are your categories. Your picks can be from scripted or reality TV. I encourage show diversity, so think about all the shows on right now (or that just finished a summer run). And, kids, have fun.

Hottest Summer TV vet (male):
[Sandra’s pick: White Collar‘s Matt Bomer, pictured above for your pleasure]  READ FULL STORY

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