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'Annoying Orange' hits one billion views... and gets roasted! -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


The original “Annoying Orange” video debuted on YouTube in late 2009 and instantly became a runaway viral sensation. Unlike most runaway viral sensations, though, “Orange” has actually managed to maintain its popularity — the series recently hit the YouTube milestone of 1 billion collective views. Check out an exclusive clip from the upcoming celebration video, in which the titular talkative fruit gets his very own Charlie Sheen-esque roast. READ FULL STORY

Lifetime movie jackpot: Rob Lowe, accused wife killer Drew Peterson, goofy mustache

Rob Lowe’s Midwestern accent seemed hit-or-miss, but the affable actor proved last night that he can well handle the role of grinning scum bucket. I watched his Lifetime original movie Drew Peterson: Untouchable. Why? There’s no good answer to this, really, other than the fact that never before has there been such a perfect storm of Lifetime main ingredients. Rob Lowe had a salt-and-pepper brush hair cut and a choppy mustache and in the first few minutes he sneered “Big Daddy’s got it going on” while en flagrante. To embody the Illinois policeman accused of murdering his third wife, and who many still believe killed his fourth, Lowe turned on ooze Parks and Recreation fans might not have thought he had in him. In The Descendants, George Clooney made a paunchy Hawaiian shirt look tender and vulnerable. Here Lowe wielded it as a weapon. Can he star in every Lifetime man-wrongs-woman movie from here on out? READ FULL STORY

Makeup artist creates 'real' Beavis and Butt-Head... and it's kind of creepy

Not to be outdone by yesterday’s Rugrats trailer on Funny or Die, today’s entrant into the “When Good Cartoons Go Bad” file is makeup artist Kevin Kirkpatrick’s prosthetic models of Beavis and Butt-Head.

Click here for pictures but be warned, they are unsettling. READ FULL STORY

'Resident Evil 6' coming in November: Watch the trailer! (Plus: Pics from the new 'Resident Evil' movie!)

The Resident Evil game franchise helped kickstart the zombie craze back in 1996. Since then, the series has gotten steadily more outré. The beloved Resident Evil 4 sent iconic series protagonist Leon Kennedy (hairstyle: Blond Proto-Bieber) into a vaguely Transylvanian village to rescue the President’s daughter. The controversial Resident Evil 5 sent the somewhat less-iconic series protagonist Chris Redfield (hairstyle: Brown Go-Go ’80s Reaganaut) on a racially queasy mission to kill lots of undead Africans, although it’s difficult to ascribe any real political motivations to a game that ended with a mutant giant trying to pull a helicopter into a volcano. READ FULL STORY

The new (and improved?) Snooki: See the 'Jersey Shore' star sans makeup

How much can we ever really know or understand the enigma that is Nicole ‘Snooki‘ Polizzi? She is a best-selling author whose choice in skivvies (or, more often times than not, lack thereof) is something we’ve all unwillingly become all too familiar with and a self-proclaimed meatball whose battle cry sounds not unlike the sirens of the police cars she’s been taken away in, but the Snooks still remains one of life’s great mysteries. (Mostly of the ‘How?!’ ‘Why?!’ variety.)

And just when we thought maybe we had Snooki pegged, the lover of Jionnis and crocadillies and belching on national television surprised fans with a stunning new revelation: She actually looks like a human person. On Wednesday, Snooki tweeted a photo of herself sans makeup and the reality star received a flurry of compliments from the Internet regarding her au naturel beauty look. READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men' inspires special 1960's 'Newsweek' issue

Seems like everyone, even Newsweek magazine, wants a piece of Jon Hamm.

Newsweek editor Tina Brown announced today that in promotion for Mad Men’s fifth season premiere on March 25 (!), the magazine would be going Mad. (Well, not Mad.) Specifically, the entire publication would revert back to its 1960s design — including the advertisements.

Brown told Ad Age, “Newsweek was very much on the cultural forefront at the time of the show. It covered the events that are so much of the background for the show’s drama — the burgeoning civil rights movement, the women’s rights movement, the Vietnam War. That was Newsweek‘s cutting-edge beat and its flourishing journalistic subject. So it seemed like a wonderful marriage in a sense to take that and apply it to the magazine, to make the magazine an homage to the period.” READ FULL STORY

Michele Bachmann drops out of presidential race: A look back at her time in the spotlight (no, hey, look over here!)

Another one bites the dust. (Hey, better we reference a Queen tune than, say, a Fishbone song.) The campaign trail to the White House ended for GOP candidate/Margaret Thatcher hopeful Michele Bachmann on Wednesday when she announced that she has ended her bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

According to CNN.com, Bachmann, who suspended her campaign after a dismal sixth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses, told her supporters that in spite of exiting the race, “I will continue fighting to defeat the president’s agenda of socialism.” Watch the Minnesota congresswoman’s concession speech below, in which she states the country (which she instructs Americans to “take back”) is “in very serious trouble.” READ FULL STORY

'Work It': Act like a (completely inaccurate representation of a) lady, think like a (prehistoric) man

There was a slight twinge of panic amongst the ladyfolk when the Twitter and viral video sensation “S— Girls Say” all but took over the Internet. Not out of the fear that it could become too popular for its own good and get its own miserable spin-off like a certain similarly titled CBS sitcom (still a legitimate concern, though), but that a guy had actually cracked some of our not-so-secret code. Because despite its obviously over-the-top re-enactment of, well, the s— girls sometimes say, it was nearly impossible to deny that you hadn’t uttered something pretty close to Graydon Sheppard’s fast-talking gal’s quotables yourself. (I’m guilty of saying both “Sorry, can you just turn it down a little bit?” and “Get these chips away from me!” almost verbatim.) READ FULL STORY

'Finding Bigfoot,' a real show, premieres Sunday Jan. 1

A new season (?!?!) of Finding Bigfoot premieres Sunday, Jan. 1, at 10 p.m. ET on Animal Planet, and I just might tune in to witness the stunning ineptitude of the “expert team of true believers” in person.

Frankly I cannot fathom why it’s taken them so long to find me, considering I moved to the West Coast SIX MONTHS AGO and have been dying to get discovered! Sometimes I even leave my giant sneakers outside the door in my Melrose Waste of Space apartment complex. How have the true believers not picked up on their stench and size? Yoo-hoo! Experts! I am RIGHT HERE.

Vote in the important poll below…. if you can find it.

That last one is coming soon to EW.com whether you like it or not!

Best of 2011 (Behind the Scenes): 'Archer' creator Adam Reed talks about the cancer rampage episode


As 2011 comes to a close, EW.com wanted to honor some of the hardworking names and faces from behind the scenes for their outstanding achievements. The absurdist FX espionage comedy Archer has always bravely plumbed the depths of hilarious depravity, but the season 2 episode “Placebo Effect” was a bad-taste masterpiece. Titular superspy Sterling Archer is suffering from breast cancer, and discovers that his anti-cancer drugs are actually placebos cooked up by the Irish mob as a money-making scheme. This initiates an episode-long bloodsoaked vengeance rampage. Archer plays a grisly game of Family Feud (the penalty for not telling him what he wants to know: A shot to the kneecap.) He stuffs a grenade up a man’s rear end. The whole time, he’s vomiting from chemotherapy nausea and smoking relentless amounts of medical marijuana. And then the whole thing ends with an extended reference to Magnum, P.I. Creator Adam Reed talks about what inspired this grisly, offensive, utterly wonderful half-hour of television. For more behind the scenes access to the year’s best TV and movie scenes, click here for EW.com’s Best of 2011: Behind the Scenes coverage.

As told by: Adam Reed

Every year, it seems like they catch some pharmacist or some doctor who’s been giving people placebos for their cancer. The first time I heard about it, I was furious. Then I heard about it again a few years later, and was even more furious. READ FULL STORY

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