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'Dancing With the Stars': Maks is back!

Former pro and current scruff-less stranger Maksim “This Is My Show” Chmerkovskiy returned to the ballroom to guest-judge tonight’s season 17 semifinals. The stage directors wisely nestled Maks’ prize-winning buns between between Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli, allowing for prime reaction shots to Grumpy and Dopey along with minimal splash-annoyance from Weepy (Carrie Ann Inaba) two seats away.

See a collection of Maks’ best visual moments below….


'Million Dollar Listing': Frederik wants a prenup

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 12.36.49 AM

I took up watching Million Dollar Listing: New York while on vacation and can now never give it up, as the show so perfectly achieves my reality TV trifecta: It warms my heart, is aggressively absurd, and makes me die inside. A rundown of last night’s installment: READ FULL STORY

R.I.P. Ray Harryhausen: Ten great movie monsters created by the late special effects wizard


Cinema lost a living legend today with the passing of Ray Harryhausen, the maestro of stop-motion special effects. Inspired as a teenager by King Kong, Harryhausen spent his career creating monsters drawn from myth and pseudo-science that took hold of the popular imagination. If anything, Harryhausen’s work looks even better now that we’re so firmly in the digital-effects era — we can better appreciate the artistry that went into creating his gorgeously terrifying creatures. Here’s a quick rundown of my ten favorite Harryhausen beasties.

10. Talos from Jason and the Argonauts
The striking thing about several of the creatures on this list is how much emotion Harryhausen fit into their faces — the way the monsters actually seem to be “acting.” And then there’s Talos, the living statue, who pretty much defined the “emotionless killing machine” look until The Terminator came along. READ FULL STORY

Nicki Minaj's 'Idol' eye rolls are really irritating

Nicki Minaj eye roll 'American Idol'

Perhaps threatened by the high-impact stage presence of Mariah Carey’s boobs, Nicki Minaj has begun to fancy her constant side-eyes as two more main characters on American Idol (read EW’s full recap here). Can she please cut it out and cede the spotlight to the real stars of the show — Keith Urban’s highlights? So rude! Oh, or the contestants. That’s right.

See this devastating performance in action below…. READ FULL STORY

Grammys: J. Lo saves Adele from hydrangea huckster with a quick disco jerk of the thumb


Crisis averted! As if oozing Angelina Leg in a stunning Hefty Sack wasn’t heroic enough, Jennifer Lopez ended up saving Adele from a sure-to-be-obnoxious encounter with Grammys crasher Vitalii Seduik — the same Ukranian TV personality who tried to make out with Will Smith on the red carpet of Men in Black III‘s Moscow premiere and gifted Madonna those absolutely loathsome hydrangeas! Seduik somehow got onstage as Adele came up to accept the Grammy for Best Solo Pop Performance, but luckily J. Lo was there to throw him a scathing “Set Fire to This Pain in the Ass” glare and then shoo him away with a quick jerk of her thumb. Behold an international hero at work in the short clip below.


'American Idol': Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey wage shade-throwing war in Baton Rouge

It’s hard to pick a winner here — both grown women reached such stunning levels of immaturity throughout tonight’s Baton Rouge auditions episode. I’m going with Mariah, for at least having the decency to direct her shade at her target of loathing with a tremendous side-eye, while Nicki opted to draw the contestant into her ongoing epic battle to take down one of the top-selling female artists in history. Subtlety is everything. READ FULL STORY

McKayla Maroney, though not impressed, dazzles on 'Late Show with David Letterman'

Vaulting specialist McKayla Maroney — the Posh Spice of the Fierce (née Fab) Five — coolly took the reins of a group interview clearly destined for doom on last night’s Late Show with David Letterman. Someone had to do it! Team USA’s host didn’t really know what was going on (though that’s his charm) and the other four gymnasts (Aly Raisman, pictured, Jordyn Wieber, Kyla Ross, and even Gabby Douglas) never make a peep unless prompted. We love them, of course, our hearts swell for them — but teenagers media-trained into oblivion do not make for good late-night TV. Cheers to Posh for breaking free and stealing the show.

This only strengthens our desire to have McKayla Maroney star in everything from now until Rio. Ryan Lochte can have 90210, fine, but McKayla gets all the others. Look for her as the fiercely short new girl on Pretty Little Liars, or maybe the human version of Ursula the Sea Witch on Once Upon a Time. (A gold medal infused with Bela Karolyi’s screams can replace the shell necklace containing Ariel’s singing voice.)

The Great McKayla TV Tour has only just begun! In our dreams. READ FULL STORY

What is your damage, Ryan Lochte's diamond grill?

Welcome to ‘What Is Your Damage,’ Annie Barrett’s summer shop of all the melodrama and self-absorption she misses from springtime reality TV. Every Tuesday and Friday, she’ll rant about a current offense to her humanity, then assess readers’ damages via video replies. Don’t be shy about admitting what annoys or intrigues you. We’re all in this pop cult together!

What is your damage, Ryan Lochte’s diamond-encrusted grill?

How was I never aware of you? It seems like we’d be a perfect match as A) You are ridiculous and B) I am what you might call “really into” bling and gems.

You have yet to reveal yourself in this week’s Olympic trials footage, yet I can feel you lurking, ready to clamp. You dominate most of the triumphant medal podium shots of Lochte, your human, that we see in between the races. Your human owns and proudly wears three different versions of you! And he’s teased that the grill he’s having custom-made for the London Olympics will be red, white, and blue to honor the U.S.A. Or might those colors serve to honor bloody England instead? Whose side of the great big swimming pool in between these two countries are you on, anyway, Ryan Lochte’s grill? Do you measure the pool’s distance in meters or yards? What’s your damage? READ FULL STORY

Debbie Allen vs. J. Lo: Who wore an 'I wholeheartedly approve of you' stankface better?

It’s our first-ever Reality TV GIF Battle! I’m pretty psyched.

On tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance auditions in Atlanta, guest judge Debbie Allen rivaled American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez in terms of wearing an “I wholeheartedly approve of what is happening onstage” stankface complete with dramatic head-jerks and an overwhelming sense of “bringing it.”

So who wore it better? Vote for your favorite dancing diva below…. READ FULL STORY

'90210' actress Annalynne McCord goes all natural on Twitter to protest Hollywood ideals -- PHOTO

It’s all the rage to go without makeup these days — People had a whole spread in their recent ’50 Most Beautiful’ issue featuring stars like Zooey Dechanel and Julie Bowen sans foundation. And today, 90210‘s Annalynne McCord (@iamannalynnemcc) posted a photo of herself au naturale on Twitter, skin blemishes and all, writing, “I woke up this morning and decided I’m over Hollywood’s perfection requirement. To all my girls (and boys) who have ever been embarrassed by their skin! I salute you! I’m not perfect – and that’s okay with me!” See her photo (including a comparison to what she looks like with makeup on) below:

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