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AMC's 'The Pitch,' a.k.a. a reality 'Mad Men': Are you sold?

Reality variations on popular scripted series have a long and semi-storied history. The O.C. begat Laguna Beach. Glee begat The Glee Project. Desperate Housewives begat about 87 percent of what airs on Bravo. So it’s easy to understand why AMC developed The Pitch, a new docuseries that’s meant to be a modern companion to Mad Men. Though the network’s most critically acclaimed show features plenty of client meetings and brainstorming sessions, it’s often more of a soapy character study than a workplace drama. The Pitch, then, can theoretically satisfy those who want to know more about how an advertising agency really works.

In each episode, two different agencies are tasked with dreaming up campaigns for the same product. Episode 1 — a premiere that re-aired last night after a special sneak peek in early April — features Durham, North Carolina’s McKinney and L.A.’s WDCW as they prepare competing commercials for Subway breakfast sandwiches. There’s no inherent reason why this set-up shouldn’t work; before I saw Project Runway for the first time, I never would have guessed that watching a group of colorful weirdos sew could be completely absorbing.

But while Project Runway, Top Chef, and any number of reality competitions are stuffed with their fair share of product placement — don’t forget to sample some Swanson broth while examining the Bluefly.com accessories wall! — the entire point of The Pitch is product placement. It’s hard to view this show without feeling like you’ve been duped into watching an hour-long commercial… one that’s occasionally interspersed with other, shorter commercials. READ FULL STORY

'30 Rock' live: Top 6 differences between the East and West Coast feeds -- VIDEO

Anything can happen on live TV — including Sir Paul McCartney being replaced by the buxom reality star with the big behind. And as it did in 2010, 30 Rock embraced that ethos last night, airing slightly different episodes for East and West Coast audiences. (Both versions are now available on Hulu.) So, what did you miss if you only saw the episode that aired in your time zone? Here are the major ways the West Coast Feed (WCF) differed from the East Coast Feed (ECF):

1. Kim Kardashian stepped in for Paul McCartney
In the ECF, Kenneth shepherded the Beatle into Jack’s office to use his secret executive bathroom. In the WCF, Kim Kardashian got that honor instead. Both also showed up at the end of their respective episodes; McCartney revealed that he’d lost his memory, while Kardashian tweeted a photo and then revealed she had broken Jack’s toilet. Compare and contrast their appearances here: READ FULL STORY

'30 Rock': Discuss the series' second live show!

“Live television? Who cares?” Kenneth cares! And so do I. Tina Fey & Co. totally delivered on their second installment of the 30 Rock live show, and it featured special guests galore: Amy Poehler, Jon Hamm, Jimmy Fallon, Donald Glover, Fred Armisen, and even Sir Paul McCartney. You  know, because anything can happen on live TV! But on to the plot: In “Live From Studio 6H” Jack broke the news to Liz that it was no longer financially practical to continue shooting TGS live. Instead, they’d shoot the entire season of the show in two weeks. You  know, like Wheel of Fortune or Fox News.


'30 Rock': Murphy Brown lied to us!

Is it too early to campaign for a full-time role for Kevin’s daughter, Catherine? The young girl — who was essentially a young Liz Lemon — might just be my new favorite character. And Lemon could totally use another mentor. I’m pretty confident Cat (Bebe Wood) would teach her a lot. Jack set Lemon up with “Sent from one of my four iPads” Kevin. Jack wanted to give her one final chance to see what she might be missing out on by staying with Criss. But that Jack, he’s always got something up his sleeve. The date was actually a play date with the aforementioned Cat, so Lemon would not give up her dream of having a kid. That Princess Leia costume isn’t going to Liddy just yet.


Jake Gyllenhaal will make his American stage debut this summer

Jake Gyllenhaal has played a time-manipulating teen, a serial killer obsessive, and a lovelorn gay cowboy — but he’s never played a role on the American stage. That will change in August, when Gyllenhaal makes his Off Broadway debut in a new Roundabout Theatre Company production.

The play, Nick Payne’s If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet, stars Gyllenhaal as Terry, a foul-mouthed drifter who forms a close bond with his overweight niece, Anna. The production is set to begin previews on August 24 and open officially on September 20 at the Laura Pels Theatre. Gyllenhaal’s costars have not yet been announced. READ FULL STORY

'30 Rock': Meet the Woggles!

The great Colleen Donaghy (Elaine Stritch) returned to 30 Rock last night to have heart surgery, but mostly to torture her son in every possible way. Colleen is one of the few people who can truly ruffle Jack’s feathers, which is probably why I love her so much. With Colleen’s recent ailments, Liz tried to convince Jack he needed to have “the talk” with her. No, not the birds and the bees, but the talk every child must have with an aging parent. But as Jack so eloquently put it: “There’s no need for us to start jabbering about our feelings and sobbing like Bill Belichick listening to Adele.” Spoiler Alert! Jack and Colleen did have their version of the talk, and Lemon humbly took the credit for it.


'30 Rock': Nothing Left to Lose

Complain Ask and you shall receive! Last week I expressed my frustration with 30 Rock‘s newest page, Hazel Wassername. And this week we were treated to a completely Hazel-free episode! And I have to say, I enjoyed the much-needed Hazel hiatus. In “Nothing Left to Lose,” Liz & Co. were required to fill out their self-evaluations for Kabletown. Jack — who dubbed the process “the biggest waste of time since NBC’s diversity writing program — was none too thrilled to read all the evaluations. READ FULL STORY

'30 Rock': A double dose of Liz Lemon and the night's best lines

Another Thursday night with two new 30 Rock episodes? What have we done right to deserve this? (Ed. note: I’d still rather have one 30 Rock and one Parks and Rec in the same night. Is that too much to ask, NBC? Probably.) Disgruntled-ness aside, I’m still pleased with the double dose of Liz Lemon & Co. In lieu of a traditional recap — and to spare you the likely 2,000 words I’d write about an hour’s worth of TV — I’ve just picked out the best lines and moments from last night’s episodes. So let’s get right to it.


'30 Rock': Hurricane Shamrock

The sixth season of 30 Rock has been all about the holidays. They’ve celebrated Martin Luther King Day, League of Women Voters Day, Leap Day, and last night we were treated to a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Unsurprisingly, Elizabeth Lemon is not a fan of the Saint Patrick or his holiday. So when Dennis Duffy returned on her least-favorite holiday, Lemon was none too pleased. (Ed. note: How bizarre is it to see Dennis, and then cut to a commercial starring Mayhem, the Allstate guy? Worlds colliding!)


'30 Rock': Confessions of a teenage nemesis

Standards and Practices wouldn’t allow me to write a full recap. They took away all the good words! Those, dingbats! So let’s briefly recall what happened in last night’s “Standards and Practices” before jumping right in to the night’s best moments and lines.


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