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Texas town allows 11-year-old to be mayor for a day; 'tween abuses power and renames main street Justin Bieber Way

If you’ve ever uttered the words, “That’s the Justin Bieber way!” then you’ve probably just done something very Canadian or in the third dimension. Or you live in the small town of Forney, Texas, where they recently allowed a precocious 11-year-old named Caroline Gonzalez to be mayor for a day — an honor she won by winning a contest on Facebook, natch — and renamed their main street Justin Bieber Way. (Ice Town isn’t looking so bad now is it, Ben Wyatt?!)

Gonzalez told local Dallas/Fort Worth affiliate KDAF TV the reasoning behind why she re-named their main street after that ‘tween pop star in particular: “I just really like Justin Bieber and I thought it would be cool if we had a street in our town named after him.” Fair enough. Honestly, if my town had elected me mayor for the day, in addition to making Dunkaroos mandatory school lunch fare, I definitely would have renamed my street New Kids on the Block Block, so I can’t judge. READ FULL STORY

Conan O'Brien and Jesse Eisenberg have a Self-Efface-Off. Watch now...or don't, it's cool, they don't mind.

Aww, Jesse Eisenberg. Does your adorable awkwardness know no bounds?

Apparently not, as he competed with Conan O’Brien to decide, once and for all, which one of them is the most meek celebrity in all the land during the first — and last — ever Self-Efface-Off. My money was on Eisenberg going into the event (see: every interview he’s ever done), and things were looking good for the 30 Minutes or Less star right out of the gate. Before the game even started, Coco asked Eisenberg, “Are you ready to do this?” to which he sheepishly replied, “Probably not.” Watch the entire clip below, as Eisenberg and O’Brien field even tougher questions like “What do you think women like about you most?” and the dreaded “How are you?” and find out who the, er–winner?–was.

Who do you think should have won the Self-Efface-Off on Conan, PopWatchers? Now let’s all go give Jesse Eisenberg a great big hug, shall we?

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Dane Cook to try his hand at drama again in 'Answers to Nothing'. Could this be the role that changes everyone's mind?

Did you hear the one about Dane Cook trying his hand, once again, at a serious acting career? Now, don’t go setting up a punchline just yet, PopWatchers.

Roadside Attractions confirmed to EW that their upcoming indie drama Answers to Nothing will be released nationwide on Dec. 2. The film, about a group of people seeking redemption in the midst of a child kidnapping case, stars Elizabeth Mitchell, Julie Benz, Zach Gilford, Barbara Hershey, and, yes, Cook. Mitchell explained to EW back in 2009 that the movie, “Is a little bit like Magnolia, where you get this glimpse into people’s lives and it may not be exactly what you want to see, but it is accurate.”

Nevertheless, it’s a pretty safe assumption that many of you stopped reading around “Dane Cook” or made up your mind about his part in Answers to Nothing right around, well, “Dane Cook.” READ FULL STORY

Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Sylvester Stallone: The great '80s action movie star debate

If you want to understand America — what we are, what we were, and most of all, what we want to be — then you have to understand Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. The two actors exemplify two of our country’s most primal national myths. Stallone is a classic Horatio Alger protagonist, rising from impossibly humble beginnings into a world of fame and fortune and triumph and tragedy. Schwarzenegger is simply the Great American Immigrant Success Story, a boy from the forests of Austria who became a national celebrity, a canny businessman, and the chief executive of the eighth-largest economy in the world.

In the 1980s, the two men owned Hollywood, releasing a relentless series of blow-em-up action movies whose ridiculous excesses were perfectly matched by the stars’ impossibly muscular physiques. But which of the ’80s action gods reigns supreme? Read on for a spirited discussion about the eternal battle between the Italian Stallion and the Auspicious Austrian. Or, put simply: “Ooouuuggghhhh?” or “Aayyaayyuuggghh!READ FULL STORY

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris get into a war of words. But we only have one word for it: Whyyyyy?!

There is nothing worse than getting caught in between a couple, post-break-up, while they go back and forth with their “he said, she said” routine. (Actually, getting caught in between this would be worse. Way worse.)

So imagine our discomfort when Crystal Harris stopped by Howard Stern’s XM radio show on Tuesday to plant irreversible images in our head bash the boat captain/magazine mogul. In addition to claiming that she’d never seen Hef naked because the 85-year-old rarely takes off his clothes (here’s an artist’s rendering of what he would probably look like), Harris said that sex with Hef only went for “like, two seconds.” The 24-year-old, who said she wasn’t turned on by the Playboy founder (jowls just aren’t for everyone) then meticulously articulated her post-traumatic Hef disorder for listeners, “Then I was just over it. Was like, ‘Ahhh.’ I was over it. I just, like, walked away.”

But Hef wasn’t going to take this lying down (not unless he had an orthopedic mattress or it was time for his 2 p.m. nap). READ FULL STORY

Ben Affleck rocks the Bieber hair cut. Somewhere, Tom Brady smugly notes that is SO 2010.

Either Ben Affleck and Matt Damon really are in the midst of filming new projects that require them to have unfortunate hairstyles (or, in Damon’s case, a lack thereof) or this is shaping up to be the strangest follow-up to Good Will Hunting imaginable. (Yes, even stranger than Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season.)

Alas, the old pals really are working — separately, sadly — on new movies. Affleck is starring in the upcoming hostage thriller Argo while Damon is working on Neill Blomkamp’s latest sci-fi venture Elysium. Still, while Damon’s new look is amusing (and kinda hot?!), Affleck’s borders on downright upsetting. (We finally regained our crush on you in The Town and now this.) Just a heads up, Ben: Justin Bieber could very well write a rap about why you need to change your similar haircut, which may, in turn, prompt you to grow a ponytail. We only tell you, because we care.

What do you think of Ben Affleck’s new look, PopWatchers? Do you like it or are you having a hard time unseeing Justin Bieber’s head on Ben Affleck’s adult male body? Post in the comments section below!

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'Lost' actor Doug Anthony Hutchinson and teen bride Courtney Stodden talk to 'GMA'. So this is love?

During their oh-so-unsettling appearance on Good Morning America on Friday (they were doing this to try and help their image, correct?) Lost actor Doug Anthony Hutchinson and his 16-year-old wife, aspiring model/singer Courtney Stodden wanted us to know their love is as real as her “head to toe … R-I-double L” body. And not only are they rilly, rilly in love (the two claim their courtship began online, which was monitored by her mother), but Hutchinson is really just “51 going on 21.” (You’re getting warmer, guys!)

Of course, that wasn’t reason enough for some of the people closest to Hutchinson. While Stodden’s family gave their blessing, Hutchinson’s mother and brother have cut ties, as well as his manager and agent, who have dropped him as a client since the wedding. And despite harsh words from the Internet, death threats, and Stodden having to leave high school because she was being bullied about her looks, the couple are going to power through while they shop around for a reality series and Hutchinson writes — wait for it — a children’s book series.

You can watch the full clip below, in which Stodden tells Lara Spencer how marrying Hutchinson would be nothing more than a convenient “blessing” to help her career, and Hutchinson explains how he didn’t go to jail for their relationship. Now, some fair warning, PopWatchers: You can’t un-see the faces Stodden makes at Hutchinson from 4:48-4:57, so view at your own risk. READ FULL STORY

Jeff from 'Big Brother' rants about Dumbledore's homosexuality: 'He's in a school with little kids! You don't want to make that guy gay.'

I don’t typically watch the 24-hour Big Brother feeds, partially because I believe the editors who create the thrice-weekly Big Brother episodes are idiot-savant geniuses and I don’t want to spoil my enjoyment of their work, partially because if I wanted to watch a microscopic examination of the chaotically banal meaningfulness of human existence, I could just go see The Tree of Life again. But this news is too good to wait: Yesterday, returning fan favorite Jeff suddenly discovered, to his horror, that Professor Dumbledore from the Harry Potter franchise was gay, which led the lovable lunkhead into a delirious rant that served as a handy reminder that the problem with lovable lunkheads is that they are, ultimately, lunkheads. READ FULL STORY

Al Pacino as Phil Spector: Bring on the crazy hair!

Keeping in line with actors-playing-real-life-creeps-in-an-attempt-to-creep-us-out, Al Pacino will be starring as infamous music icon Phil Spector for an upcoming HBO biopic about the convicted murderer. On Monday, Pacino, who disappeared into his role as the late Jack Kevorkian in the Golden Globe-winning You Don’t Know Jack, was spotted out filming the yet-to-be-titled movie, completely decked out in Spector-eqsue garb. While Pacino certainly has the crazy eyes down (no aviator sunglasses can hide the crazy eyes), we’re still anxiously awaiting when they get to Spector’s full-blown crazy hair/crazy person phase. Bonus incentive for the makeup crew: Pacino may not even require a wig!

Still, this is all somehow less disturbing than Pacino playing himself and falling for Adam Sandler in drag in the trailer for the comedy Jack and Jill. Go figure.

What do you think of Al Pacino as Phil Spector, PopWatchers? Are you sufficiently creeped out? Or will you need to see the crazy hair to decide?

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James Spader's addition to 'The Office': Does he make you interested in the show again?

When Steve Carell opted to bow out of The Office and took the irreplaceable (both in our hearts and at Dunder Mifflin) Michael Scott with him, many fans of the series, myself included, all but wrote the show off. His departure was beyond words, really. It was incalculable.

Then came the season seven finale, and with it a bevy of guest stars, all of which were vying for the Regional Manager position and, perhaps, the opportunity to be last saving grace for the struggling sitcom.

It seems none of them made a bigger impression on Dunder Mifflin, or The Office‘s still-hopeful fans for that matter, more than James Spader and his intimidating, overly confident candidate Robert California. Of course, the Spader-eqsue swagger once again worked its magic, as it was announced today that the actor would be joining the cast in the upcoming eighth season. So does this mark a revival — or first beacon of hope since Carell’s departure — for the series?  READ FULL STORY

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