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E3: Which new console are you most excited about? -- POLL


While in years past, it’s been new games and high-drama cinematic effects we were most excited about in the videogame world, as this year’s E3 comes to a close, it’s the prospect of new consoles and new technology that we’re most looking forward to. How will the way we play games change in the coming months and years? What does the future look like for Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U, Sony’s Playstation, and Microsoft’s XBox – not to mention indie platforms and newcomers like the Ouya?

While the Wii U’s had a hard time catching on (in part, as EW’s Darren Franich reports, due to the lackluster games it was launched with), Nintendo returned to E3 this year with a new outlook on its offerings. Sony and Microsoft, however, stole the show with big upcoming releases. Sony’s PlayStation 4 will sell for $399 and offers advancements for hardcore games, including a streaming service that allows gamers to stream, rather than download, older games. Microsoft’s XBox One ($499), which was announced before E3, made its splash by showcasing new games. Both new consoles will be released around Holiday 2013. And then a little independent, $99 Kickstarter-funded box called the Ouya (on sale later this month), which streams independent games to its own console, staged a non-E3 event that got them in some trouble with the LAPD — but earned them plenty of buzz in the gaming world. Where will you put your money once the upcoming new iterations are released?

Take the poll below and discuss the new advances in videogame tech in the comments!


Nintendo announces Wii U release date: The new console is arriving on...

Nintendo announced the official release date for its new console, the Wii U, which made a big splash when it was announced at E3 and made a smaller splash at E3 2012 — meaning that the device will either be an underdog success story or a hubris-soaked fall from grace. The Wii U will officially begin the eighth generation of console gaming on Sunday, Nov. 18, assuring that your Thanksgiving family reunion will be dominated by your mouthy nephew explaining how to use the touchscreen and then laughing when you talk about the good old days of controllers that only had two buttons, dagnabbit. READ FULL STORY

PlayStation Move: a Wii-too device, or something more?

ps3-move-colorImage Credit: SonyHere at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco yesterday, Sony officially teed up some details on their long-rumored motion-sensing controller for the PS3. They’re calling it the PlayStation Move and hoping it’ll make you forget all about the Nintendo Wii. To work with your PS3, the Move needs a PlayStation Eye camera attached to the console and, of course, games that have been designed to take advantage of the new technology. A second wireless controller similar to the Wii’s nunchuk is also part of the Move ecosystem. At the presentation, Sony showed a handful of unfinished titles that will eventually work with the Move, including a version of their SOCOM military shooter, a Wii Sports-like collection of activities, and a party game.

The Move looks like a wireless microphone festooned with the familiar PlayStation square, triangle, circle, and x buttons. It also has couple of other buttons, including a trigger like the one found on the Wii remote. The Move’s distinguishing characteristic is a plastic sphere on top of it. This lighted ping pong ball is what the Eye camera uses to track the controller’s movement and changes color, presumably to make it easier for the Eye camera to follow it (or to just make it look cool).

The Move is a huge step for Sony and will result in an explosion of games that you’ve never seen before, at least on the PS3. Already, dozens of third-party publishers have signed up to develop games for it so when Sony releases it this holiday season for under $100, there should be no shortage of ways to play around with it.

How about it Popwatchers, particular those who don’t already own Sony’s console: does the Move make you want to mothball your Wii and buy a PS3?

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