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EW.com's 4th Annual Season Finale Awards: Vote now!


Yes, there are a few season finales to go, but with the rush of surprise twists, cliffhangers, and exits behind us, it’s now time for EW.com’s fourth annual reader-voted Season Finale Awards. After taking your suggestions under advisement — and extending the cutoff date to March 31, because so many of you wanted to (dis)honor the passing of The Walking Dead‘s Andrea — here are this year’s nominees. UPDATE: Polls are now closed. Winners will be announced Friday. READ FULL STORY

Season Finale Awards: Vote now!

The polls are officially open in our third annual readers’ choice Season Finale Awards. Now through Monday, vote for your favorites — or least favorites — in 20 categories. We’ll crown the winners Tuesday. READ FULL STORY

Fall TV post-mort: What are you still watching? DVR'ing?

Let’s think back for a moment to the start of the fall TV season when we were giddy with hope and optimism about all the new (Hart of DixieNew Girl! The X Factor!) and old (Modern Family! Glee! Fringe!) shows we’d watch in the months ahead. Back then I posted a series of blog posts outlining what I planned to view live versus DVR every night of the week. At the time, I really did have every intention of sticking to my schedule, but naturally as the weeks wore on and plotlines developed my interests began to waver, for better and for worse. I’m sure you know what I mean, unless you’re one of those people who actually follows through with your goals, in which case we can’t be friends. Nevertheless, now that we’re in the midst of the dreaded hiatus period, I figured it would be a good time to reflect on where we started off this season and where we ended up. Check out my day-by-day post-mort below, beginning with all the shows I so naively intended to watch: READ FULL STORY

Fall TV Fridays: What to watch live? What to DVR?

For many, Fridays are for going out and kicking the weekend off right. For me however, Fridays are for Fringe. Though the cult series starts back up tonight, I don’t need to see the latest episode to know I’ll be tuning in for the entire season. It’s not the only show that fills up my Fridays though. Check out my schedule below and then share your picks in the comments!

8 p.m. — 9 p.m.
LIVE: Nikita (CW): I missed out on most of this show last season since it conflicted with Bones on Thursdays, but now that it’s on a new day and time, I’m ready to tune in. (Premieres tonight)
DVR: Chuck (NBC): Admittedly, I haven’t watched consistently throughout the years, but with the series entering its final season, I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic. Guess it’s never too late, right? (Premieres Oct. 21) READ FULL STORY

New Kid on the Block Jordan Knight and actors Tristan Wilds and Shane West reveal teen tales on MTV's 'When I Was 17'


MTV just aired the latest edition of When I Was 17, an opportunity to discover what some of our favorite pop stars were doing when they were just shy of being legal. This go around, Jordan Knight (right) of New Kids on the Block fame, 90210 actor Tristan Wilds, and Nikita actor Shane West all confessed their teen sins and embarrassments. Check out the highlights below. READ FULL STORY

'Nikita': Steamiest [SPOILER] ever?

Warning: If last night’s Nikita is still sitting on your DVR, you missed out. Oops. I mean, don’t read on. The rest of this article contains spoilers from last night.


'Nikita' star Maggie Q talks her new hit series, kicking butt, and being a Jackie Chan protege

Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

The fall TV season has just begun but it’s safe to say that Nikita star Maggie Q is definitely one of the breakouts. The actress, best known for her role in Mission: Impossible III, is both beautiful and badass as the titular assassin seeking revenge. EW talked with the star on a break from filming the CW action drama on location in Toronto.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did you get attached to Nikita? Did you audition?
The process all happened really fast. It was literally four or five days and the deal was done. It’s like on Monday I knew nothing about Nikita and on Friday I was starring in Nikita. It was that quick.

You’ve had a successful movie career (Mission: Impossible III; Live Free or Die Hard). Did you wanna do TV? READ FULL STORY

Today in TV Recaps: 'The Vampire Diaries,' 'The Apprentice' season premiere, 'Nikita'

Don’t miss EW.com’s other Friday recaps — the ones that don’t already live on PopWatch. If you do, Donald Trump will plate you in solid gold and eat you for lunch. But as you die, you will know you were for just a moment the most extravagant morsel IN THE WORLD.

Lunchtime Poll: I wanna know what scandalous is

most-offensiveImage Credit: Cyrus: Central Image Agency/FilmMagic.com

The above poster for this fall’s CW series Nikita is apparently too hot to handle for L.A. shopping center The Grove and other important meccas of U.S. commerce. According to Variety, certain outlets upset with seeing so much leg agreed to a replacement ad featuring star Maggie Q lounging near a machine gun in a long red dress. Whew! As long as a gun is still involved!

I’m tired of being sensitive to people who are frightened of high-cut leotards and great big chairs. What is that called — flashdanciophobia? Get over it and put on some legwarmers. If Maggie was wearing pants, how would we see her tattoo of a phoenix? If 2008’s Gossip Girl poster didn’t say “OMFG,” how would we know that Nate and Serena were f***ing? If I can’t analyze the contours of a 17-year-old’s inner thigh, how will I know I’m at a Miley Cyrus concert? The devil’s in the details. I want you to show me….

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