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Sean Young, Vincent D'Onofrio to star in new 'Tales from Beyond the Pale' terror tales

Director Larry Fessenden’s Glass Eye Pix company has announced that season 2 of the horror-themed Tales from Beyond the Pale audio play series will be released on the suitably spooky date of Friday, Sept. 13. The second batch of terror tales was recorded live in New York and features actors Sean Young, Vincent D’Onofrio, James LeGros (Living in Oblivion, Girls), and Kate Lyn Sheil (Sun Don’t Shine), among others. “Having a season of tales already behind us, we thought it would be a fun challenge to pull back the curtain on our process and perform them live,” said filmmaker and Tales cocreator Glenn McQuaid (I Sell the Dead) in a statement.


Your Netflix Instant Queue isn't gone, but it is different: Meet My List


By now, Netflix users understand that the streaming service is constantly evolving, but adding more movies is one thing. Taking away a person’s Instant Queue is quite another.

But don’t fret. Netflix hasn’t really taken away your Instant Queue as much as they have replaced it with something they think will be a lot more helpful to your user experience. Meet My List, a place for you to collect all of the titles you’ve found and enjoyed on Netflix. My List will appear as a row or gallery on your homepage, with the titles Netflix thinks you’re most likely to want to watch at the beginning of the list. And yes, it will appear across all of your devices.

However, if you don’t like the look of your list, you can go in and manually change the order, etc. But the less you use it, the further down on your screen it drops, so don’t be neglectful. And last but not least, the new My List feature will include special tags for things like TV shows with new seasons available or a movie that is about to expire on Netflix. Nifty, right?

Watch a tutorial on My List below: READ FULL STORY

What book was Eric reading in the 'True Blood' finale? PopWatch investigates!

If you weren’t immediately distracted by Alexander Skarsgard’s nakedness in the True Blood finale, you may have noticed that Eric was reading a book while lounging on a snow-covered mountaintop in Sweden. EW has confirmed that the book is Den allvarsamma leken by Hjalmar Söderberg. Translation: The Serious Game. According to True Blood showrunner Brian Buckner, it was Skarsgard’s pick: “This was the book that Alex wanted to be reading because it is an old Swedish favorite.”  READ FULL STORY

Why [spoiler] is the next Bachelor: God tells all!

Are you there, Kristen? It’s Me, God. Please forgive Me for the tardiness of My reply. While I received all of the prayers you sent and read the numerous supplications in your Bachelorette recaps asking Me to please, please, pretty please make Juan Pablo the next Bachelor, it’s been a little busy up here what with flash floods and the whole Egypt situation and now that tainted salad mix business. (Seriously, why does anyone even eat at Olive Garden anymore?) And don’t even get Me started on the Doctor Who fans — I mean, I like Idris Elba as much as the next guy, but I can’t force him down producers’ throats, can I? I gave you people free will for a reason. It’s over. Please stop spamming My Gmail.

Anyhow, as My friend Chris Harrison announced tonight on After the Final Rose, I’ve decided to grant your request: The Bachelor starring Juan Pablo is coming to a TV near you in January 2014. You’re welcome.

Now, I want to clarify a few things here. READ FULL STORY

Who would my mom cast in 'The Best of Me'? Hint... Matt Damon gets the lead

The big-screen adaptation of the 2011 Nicholas Sparks novel The Best of Me has switched hands from Warner Bros. to Relativity, the studio that ushered Safe Haven and Dear John into theaters, Deadline reports. While I have seen every Nicholas Sparks movie, I don’t actually read the books. Therefore, to help cast the film — i.e.  the  people who will inevitably be touching each other’s faces on the movie poster — I reached out to my mother, who’s read the entire Sparks canon and is currently bored awaiting release from the hospital. (She’s swooning over her doctor – she’s fine).

The story, if you are unaware, revolves around Dawson and Amanda, former high school sweethearts from opposite sides of the tracks who return to Oriental, North Carolina 25 years later to attend the funeral of Tuck, a man who supported their young, star-crossed love. Per the synopsis on Sparks’ site: “As Amanda and Dawson carry out the instructions Tuck left behind for them, they realize that everything they thought they knew — about Tuck, about themselves, and about the dreams they held dear — was not as it seemed. Forced to confront painful memories, the two former lovers will discover undeniable truths about the choices they have made. And in the course of a single, searing weekend, they will ask of the living, and the dead: Can love truly rewrite the past?READ FULL STORY

Read along: 'ESPN The Magazine' Body Issue edition!

Even if you’re not into sports, odds are you’d happily sit down with ESPN The Magazine‘s annual Body Issue. You might flip to the features, which include pieces on how a female athlete’s breasts can be an obstacle (p. 112) and why the 1,700-pound bucking bull Bushwacker “may just have the baddest body in all of sports” (p. 129). But you’re most likely headed straight to the nude photo spreads, which begin on page 51. (You’re welcome.) So you’re not “reading” alone, we’ll read along with you. READ FULL STORY

Fourth of July TV concerts and fireworks: Celebrate from the comfort of your couch

If you don’t live in one of the cities — New York, Washington, D.C., or Philadelphia — where the networks are planning to broadcast July 4 festivities —  or if you’re just not that interested in leaving the great air-conditioned indoors, TV offers several alternatives to the local fireworks displays.

The 37th annual Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular in New York hosted by Nick Cannon, features musical performances by Mariah Carey, Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, Cher, Pitbull, and Selena Gomez. Despite the special’s star-studded lineup, the highlight is the fireworks show, this year entitled “It Begins with a Spark.” Curated by Usher, the pyrotechnic extravaganza will include over 40,000 fireworks over the Hudson River.

Not to be upstaged, the nation’s capitol will hold its own concert and fireworks show, fittingly titled, A Capitol FourthDancing with the Stars Tom Bergeron hosts and Barry Manilow headlines the PBS broadcast live from Washington, D.C., which includes additional performances by Neil Diamond, Scotty McCreery, Darren Criss, Megan Hilty, Motown the Musical, John Williams, and more.

VH1 is set to air Philly 4th of July Jam, the largest free outdoor Fourth of July concert in the country. Hosted by actor-comedian Kevin Hart and featuring homegrown house band The Roots, the exhibition will showcase sets from Jill Scott, J. Cole, Grace Potter, John Mayer, and Ne-Yo. The show was originally slated to feature Demi Lovato as well, but due to strep throat, she’s cancelled her appearance. Rising country star Hunter Hayes takes her place to round out the night’s performances.

Check out the listings to watch these bombastic displays of patriotism, music, and pretty lights in the sky.
NBC: Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular (Live 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET. Repeat 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET)
PBS: A Capitol Fourth (Live 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET. Repeat 9:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. )
VH1: Philly 4th of July Jam (Live 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.)

PopWatch Confessional: I can't stop watching 'Pitch Perfect' on cable

There are movies we’ll watch every time we spot them on cable because we love them. For me, that’s Apollo 13. Then, there are movies that we’ll get sucked into because it’s summer and there’s nothing else on. This is particularly dangerous if you have the HBO family of channels — East and West feeds. The film that’s currently in heavy rotation is Pitch Perfect, which is genuinely great and therefore guilt-free – until you catch yourself tweeting about having a “toner” for Jesse (Skylar Astin), suddenly noticing how well that T-shirt fit him in the dorm room, and thinking of songs that could have LEGALLY followed his rendition of “Feels Like the First Time” in the Riff Off (“Like a Virgin, touched for the very first time” — if it hadn’t been used in an earlier round). I spotted the movie last night at 12:30 a.m. on HBOE, and didn’t stay up watching it, which would’ve been a triumph if I didn’t instead fast-forward through the airing I’d previously recorded on my DVR.

Your turn. What movies have you been repeatedly getting sucked into now that there’s nothing else on? More examples: In recent weeks, I’ve seen First Daughter – the movie starring Katie Holmes and Michael Keaton, not Mandy Moore and Mark Harmon – enough times that I feel I must finally admit, publicly, that I’ve forgiven Marc Blucas for Riley, his character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’ve also watched What’s Your Number? starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans repeatedly, and I know I’m not alone:

John Hodgman explains why men in action movies wear those white tank tops

John Hodgman is an apocalypse expert, which you know if you’ve watched his comedy special John Hodgman: Ragnarok, taped on Dec. 21, 2012, now streaming on Netflix. That’s why when he stopped by recently to take the EW Pop Culture Personality Test (look for the video soon), we asked him to weigh in on a very important issue: Must a man wear a white tank top to save the world (or our president) in an action movie? Below, he works it out — and comes to an interesting conclusion. READ FULL STORY

Previewing this week's 'Entertainment Weirdly' show on Sirius XM: Miley, 'Maniac,' and a one-ton musical monkey


What do Miley Cyrus’ latest video, Elijah Wood’s just-out slasher flick Maniac, and Sarah McLachlan’s decision to write the songs for a stage musical of King Kong have in common? That’s right, they all feature in my forthcoming YA novel Harry Everdeen and the Terrifying Acid Trip (soon to be a major motion picture and/or massive law suit). But they are also all subjects which will be discussed in this week’s edition of Entertainment Weirdly, which is broadcast on Entertainment Weekly Radio, Sirius XM 105, at 1pm ET this afternoon.

Join myself, Darren Franich, and Keith Staskiewicz as we ruminate on the latest strange pop culture shenanigans, recommend a range of oddball malarkey, and mark the release of World War Z by playing an all-zombie movie version of our Christmas present must-have in-the-making game Death Jam.


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