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NYC Mayor sings 'I Love LA' after losing a bet over the Stanley Cup Finals

It looks like another perfect day — for Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday, Jimmy Kimmel revealed the terms of a bet between the L.A. leader and New York City’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, over the results of the Stanley Cup Finals. If the Rangers won, Mayor Garcetti would have to sing “New York, New York” on the show. If the Kings won — and they did — Mayor de Blasio would sing “I Love LA.”


Liam Neeson pens pro horse-drawn carriage editorial for 'New York Times'

Liam Neeson has expressed his support for New York’s horse-drawn carriages before, but now he’s taken his stance to the New York Times‘ opinion pages in an April 14 editorial.

Horse-drawn carriages have been a constant in Central Park for years, but recently a movement has begun against them for the sake of the horses’ health and safety. New York City mayor Bill de Blasio promised to close the industry in his campaign, and remains committed to the issue. And Neeson isn’t happy about it.


'House of Cards' creator Beau Willimon talks 'Breathing Time,' his intense new play


Breathing Time, a new play by House of Cards creator Beau Willimon, opens with an extremely hungover guy named Jack entering his nondescript office, plopping himself down at his desk, and swearing. A lot. So much that during a recent performance, a shocked woman in the front row halted the action onstage in order to demand a refund.

If she had stuck around, she’d have gotten to know both Jack (Craig Wesley Divino) and his officemate Mike (Lee Dolson) as the pair bantered about everything from Machiavelli to Medieval Times. Their sprawling conversation takes up much of Breathing Time‘s first act…until something happens that turns this ordinary day into anything but. READ FULL STORY

James Franco reflects on Broadway debut: 'I have a good life'

James Franco seems to have hit a rare stride in life — that is, he’s found happiness. That’s right: The laid-back thespian who epitomizes an off-beat brand of Hollywood cool has settled into a stage where life is “good.”

It’s not exactly what one might have expected from the characteristically aloof Northern California native, but Franco shared plenty of surprises at a TimesTalks event on March 7 in New York City, offering insight on everything from life, film, and even academia. Taking the stage to discuss Of Mice and Men — Franco’s Broadway debut — with co-star Chris O’Dowd, the 35-year-old actor dropped a few interesting and laugh-out-loud gems worth sharing. READ FULL STORY

Amy Poehler and Billy Eichner attack people with holiday cheer on the street -- VIDEO


If a stranger offered you a dollar to sing with them, would you do it?

Well, what if it was comedian Billy Eichner and EW guest editor and Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler screaming at you on the streets of New York to join in and finish the lyrics to some classic Christmas carols? You’d be surprised by how many people would say no. Gearing up for a brand-new season of the Fuse show Billy on the Street, Eichner and Poehler donned their gay apparel and hit the Big Apple streets. The results are both hilarious and, if you happen to name your baby after a CW show, heartbreaking.

Watch the video below.

NYC Marathon: Pamela Anderson, Patrick Wilson, Bill Rancic, more celebs run -- PHOTOS

A record 50,740 runners showed up for Sunday’s NYC Marathon, and among those brave souls was a handful of celebrities, who took to social media to share pictures from the scene and information about the causes they were supporting.

One celeb there as a fan was Sean Penn, who sponsored five Haitian runners through his J/P Haitian Relief Organization to run their first American marathon. Last month, after returning from Port-au-Prince to watch the runners train, Penn told The Associated Press, “I love their great discipline and spirit.” Penn posed for a picture with the runners following the race:

Banksy watch, week 2: Stencils -- and tussles

U.K. street artist Banksy tackled New York this week with a stall selling his work for $60 in Central Park, a mobile sculpture with “a real live boy,” and a poignant stencil commemorating 9/11 with a flower. Though his graffiti is seemingly harmless, his pieces have become hot sites not only for tagging, but also for fights between his fans and wannabe vandals.

When the artist drew a stencil of the World Trade Center overlooking the Brooklyn Heights promenade, the piece first got peed on by what must be a street art-hating dog, then was power-washed away by the Parks Department. In response, Banksy later unveiled a similar graffiti in TriBeCa. Take that, New York!

The following day led to more drama when a crowd of fans dragged a vandal away from Banksy’s stencil. The artist responded by posting an image on his site of the New York Post‘s story about the NYPD’s efforts to track him down, along with the comment, “I don’t read what i believe in the papers.”

Below, we’ve compiled his latest pieces from the week. Revisit last week’s work here.


Bert and Ernie celebrate landmark SCOTUS decisions in next 'New Yorker' cover -- PHOTO

Sesame Street‘s official party line on Bert and Ernie is as follows: “Bert and Ernie are best friends. They were created to teach preschoolers that people can be good friends with those who are very different from themselves. Even though they are identified as male characters and possess many human traits and characteristics (as most Sesame Street Muppets do), they remain puppets, and do not have a sexual orientation.”

Uh huh. Sure, guys. Just don’t tell that to the New Yorker, which just revealed its next cover — a piece called “Moment of Joy” that pictures two “roommates” looking awfully snuggly as they watch a certain major news event play out on TV.


Neil LaBute writes harsh review of theater critic's harsh review -- in the comments section?

Reasons to be Happy that the Internet exists: If you’re a pissed-off playwright, sweet revenge can be just a few keystrokes away.

Neil LaBute’s latest play — a similarly-named sequel to 2008’s Reasons to be Pretty that stars The Office‘s Jenna Fischer and GCB‘s Leslie Bibb — is either great, terrible, or somewhere in between, depending on who you believe. Ben Brantley of the New York Times named it a Critics’ Pick, saying the show could be “the most winning romantic comedy of the summer.” EW’s own Melissa Rose Bernardo gave it a B, along with a more lukewarm review: “Happy stands on its own, of course; so if you didn’t see Pretty, don’t worry — LaBute gives us all the necessary background. I just wish he’d given us a credible female character or two as well.”

And then there’s Time Out New York‘s David Cote, who savaged everything about the play — its “long-winded, boorish” characters, its “monotonous” scenes, its “predictable and banal” plot twists. He began his short assessment with a particularly cutting jab: “If Neil LaBute were to teach a course on playwriting, I bet his lesson plan would look something like this: ‘Week 1: Dumbing down characters to pad out dialogue and pump up conflict.'”


Patrick Stewart eats pizza, apparently for the first time ever

Forget outer space. For Sir Patrick Stewart, a New York pizza shop is the final frontier.

The Star Trek and X-Men actor tweeted on Wednesday that at age 72, he has eaten his first slice of pizza. Check out the tweet and photographic evidence below: READ FULL STORY

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