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Joss Whedon on Angel's superiority: 'There's no Edward Cullenus'

Speaking to MTV News before he went inside EW’s Comic-Con party (and danced!), Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon discussed the Twilight phenomenon and who would win in a fight: Angel (David Boreanaz) or Edward (Robert Pattinson). Of course, you’re gonna play the recently-posted video below to hear Whedon’s answer, since he sounds so… Joss, but in case you’re in a rush: Whedon says he thought he’d be laughed out of the room when he created the character of Angel, a vampire with a soul who romances a slayer, but clearly he was wrong. Of the vampire-human love connection, he says, “There’s something really timeless about it. I saw Twilight, I was like [pretends to be breathless] ‘She loves him so much!’ There’s something primal about that story. You can’t get away from it, and it just works like gangbusters. I love it.”

And who would win the fight? “I think Robert Pattinson’s really cool; Angel would kick the s— out of him,” Whedon told MTV News. “Okay, he’s Angelus. There’s no Edward Cullenus, okay. He just gets shiny in the sun…. Boreanaz would have him down in a heartbeat. No offense, ’cause he’s hot.”

We all agree with Joss, yes? Even if Angel didn’t tap into Angelus, he spends every day fighting other vampires and demons, so that experience would counter Edward’s speed.

'Twilight': The Rachelle Lefevre-Summit dispute -- Whose side are you on?

Rachelle-Lefevre-summit_lThings are heating up in the wake of the announcement that the actress Bryce Dallas Howard will replace Rachelle Lefevre (pictured) as the villainous vampire Victoria in the third Twilight film Eclipse. Now that Lefrevre and Summit Entertainment have each told their side of the story, whose side are you on?

After the jump, we’ll recap the situation.


'Twilight': 'Eclipse' recasts Victoria. Who else is replaceable?

RACHELLE-LEFEVRE-New-Moon_lAs you’ve no doubt heard, Lady in the Water star Bryce Dallas Howard will replace Rachelle Lefevre as the vampire Victoria in Eclipse, the third film in the Twilight franchise. (Do we think Lefevre, pictured here at Comic-Con, already knew?) Summit Entertainment cited a scheduling conflict, which UPDATE: Lefevre has now confirmed is a role in the independent movie Barney’s Version (starring Dustin Hoffman and Paul Giamatti, according to IMDB). She says she was “stunned” by Summit’s decision not to accommodate her 10-day commitment to Barney’s during Eclipse‘s production, which will run more than three months. While this could support one of the alternate theories running on our News Briefs blog — producers wanted to replace Lefevre with an actress they believe could better embody Victoria’s wrath (which I could buy) — some in the media are expecting fans to be outraged because “They don’t want anything to change in their Twilight Zone.” Personally, I’m not that upset for what this means as a moviegoer (though hearing Lefevre say she was blindsided does make me sad for her as a human). UPDATE #2: Summit has released a statement claiming it was the one blindsided when it found out, only on July 20, that Lefevre would need to miss rehearsal and days of principal photography on Eclipse, which begins shooting in early August.


'New Moon' motorcycle scene footage from Comic-Con: [Insert screams]

Oh, we do love Twi-hard commentary. Below, a video a fan took of the crowd's sneak peek at new Twilight Saga: New Moon footage at Comic-Con. [Screams]

Jacob touching Bella's hands as he teaches her how to ride her motorcycle: "Sensual," says the fan. Edward touching Bella's hand trying to stop her from riding said motorcycle: [SCREAMS]. Edward reappearing as Bella rides that motorcycle: "This is gonna be awesome." Okay, that was a cool shot. Jacob hopping on his motorcycle and speeding to get to Bella, who has crashed: [SCREAMS]. Unwarranted. It was approximately 10 yards! Jacob taking off his shirt to tend to Bella's head injury: [SCREAMS] "That was like a porno." Totally warranted and cause to tag this post with our beloved Taylor Lautner Bicep Watch category! Bella telling Jacob "You're sorta beautiful" while somehow looking at his face and not at his biceps and/or six-pack: "What'd she say?…. Ohmygod, don't do it." Yes, wait until he cuts his hair at least. So much hotter.

What do you think of the scene? Are you screaming? 

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'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' fashion collection: Like the T-shirts, love the life-size Pattinson cutout

Twilight-clothing-line_l Instyle.com has the first look at Nordstrom's Twilight: New Moon collection, which will hit stores in October. We're talking T-shirts (supercute if you really don't mind broadcasting that you're a Twi-hard), jewelry, jackets, etc. Personally, I don't foresee buying anything unless that life-size cutout of Robert Pattinson sporting a sharp suit is for sale. What? I'm just saying that I have space in my office and that he would help balance out the wall that already bears a 3-foot-tall framed reproduction of EW "Buffy's back!" cover and a tiny-by-comparison Talladega Nights clock. Also, it might be fun for about a week to blow him a kiss goodbye like I was Laverne & Shirley and he was a Beatles poster.

Which would you be more likely to purchase: A Twilight T-shirt or a Pattinson cutout? I doubt Nordstrom will be selling them, but I hope that after reading my/our enthusiasm, stores will see the attention-getting benefit of having, say, five of them on the floor to draw customers in for cellphone photo ops. I do pity the employee whose job will become body-guarding them though.

P.S. As there are no bare biceps, I cannot, in good conscience, add the Taylor Lautner Bicep Watch category to this post, but I will mention that InStyle.com is also already teasing their December issue Man of Style feature with the actor. A life-size cutout of Lautner in this leather jacket, Nordstrom. Think about it.

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Taylor Lautner Bicep Watch: 'Interview' shoot

We're all about Daniel Radcliffe at the moment, but not wanting to miss the chance to dust off our Taylor Lautner Bicep Watch category, we offer this link to his interview with Interview magazine. Not much new here — gaining 30 pounds of muscle to keep his role of Jacob in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, he went from a men's small to a men's large; the natural athlete (karate, football, baseball) would love to do a real action movie — but the photos sure are pretty. As is the footage in the video below. Best Bicep Moment comes at 50 seconds in. 

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'Twilight Saga: New Moon': Let's see the Volturi already!

Christopher-Heyerdahl_l Just reading this Sci Fi Wire interview with Christopher Heyerdahl, who'll play Volturi member Marcus in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, and I realized my patience for seeing an official image of that coven is wearing increasingly thin. "Everyone looks gorgeous and deliciously lifeless," Heyerdahl says. Release the Volturi tease now, Summit! (Or, at least at Comic-Con.)

As for Heyerdahl (Supernatural, SanctuaryStargate: Atlantis), I like where his head is at for his role:

"Here's how I approach him. When Marcus is brought in, he's there against his will. He and his love tried to leave an awfully long time ago. Through a series of tragic circumstances, the love of his life was killed, and he's now being forced to stay and use his powers for the betterment of the Volturi. He's not exactly there, waking up and looking forward to eternity. When Edward and Bella come walking in, his ability to sense the power of their connection is something that wakes him up, brings him back from the boredom of that eternal life and sparks something in him that brings Marcus as close to excitement as he can get. That idea has to be contained and expressed as little as possible to his rather power-hungry captain-in-arms, Aro, which makes for a rather interesting conflict. You might not know it, but Marcus is pretty darn excited by this love that he witnesses. At the same time, it causes him great pain with the memory of what he had and lost. It was very complex to play, especially when you are doing it with so few lines. It will be interesting to see how it is cut together."

What do you think of Heyedahl's take? And more importantly, are you ready to see an official Volturi image already?

For more impatient Twilight Saga: New Moon coverage, head to EW's Twilight HQ.

'Twilight' lip gloss? I'm totally buying it.

Lip-venom-v_l For those Twi-hards with an insatiable appetite for blood for knowing about and owning everything Twilight-related ever, the fine folks at Hollywood Crush have unearthed the latest vampire creation: Lip Venom V, a brand new specially designed Twilight lip stain from New Moon set favorite DuWop.

While I'm not one for buying movie merchandise (aside from the promo can of Booty Sweat that sits on my desk), this is one Twilight-branded product I might probably will buy. And it's not even because I actually use DuWop Lip Venom…it's mostly because it looks cool. Seriously — the venom is mixed with lip stain in a little vial so it looks like blood.

Think of the options: I can wear it around my neck just like Angelina Jolie! Convince my friends that True Blood is real and they can actually get high off of vampire blood (V)! Or I can finally just broadcast the fact that really, inside, I am in fact a gigantic nerd.

My favorite part of this entire thing is how DuWop feels the need to drive the Twilight tie-in point home (''This product should be shaken before use to represent the blending of the human and vampire worlds''), when all they really needed to do was drop the T-word and they'd have more online pre-orders than their computer servers can handle.

Is this the Twilight item that will finally get you to shell out some hard-earned dolla billz? Or could you not care less about those stupid vampires and their stupid lipstick?

Chace Crawford tops Robert Pattinson for People's Hottest Bachelor title

Chace-crawford-pattinson_l Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford tops People's Hottest Bachelors list. It's an interesting choice: The show isn't huge in the ratings (or airing new episodes at the moment), but his biceps do look good in a summer polo. I like it. While I look forward to dissecting that issue on Friday the way I did Sports Illustrated's swimsuit extravaganza — only enjoying the hour I spend staring at it in my office so much more — let's take a peek at the online tease:

• I love that it took two women to interview Crawford. Translation: His hotness is so great that it must be diffused by two pairs of eyes. Note: I'll need to have Annie in my office when I look at his photos just in case…

• Chace likes a woman who can beat him at beer pong and watch football. I can do that!

• Chris Pine: I don't find this photo of him bruised in Star Trek all that hot, I've got to be honest. I'm guessing it's not the one in the magazine.

• Shia LaBeouf: Which movie do I need to see to make me "get" him?

• Adam Lambert: Classic crotch shot.

90210's Ryan Eggold and Twilight's Kellan Lutz: Looks like Hot "Bromantic" Bachelors is a category this year. I guess these two are posing as Butch and Sundance? This has the potential to be as awesomely bad as last year's Mario Lopez recreation spread. Friday cannot come soon enough.


'New Moon' dubbed 'one of the most secretive productions ever made': Really, 'ET'?

New-moon-italy1_dl Oh, Entertainment Tonight. You are so delusional cute referring to The Twilight Saga: New Moon as "one of the most secretive productions ever made." For starters, it's based on a book, which you know because in your "extended" set interview with Robert Pattinson he tells you, "It's kind of as close as possible to the book as you can get." Nothing to keep quiet about there. Then there's the little issue of the paparazzi, which stalked the Canadian and Italian sets and captured Robert Pattinson filming shirtless. That, of course, was kept very hush-hush.

What is the most secretive Hollywood production ever made?

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