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New 'New Moon' behind-the-scenes photos!

New_Moon-Lautner-LAtimes_lThe Los Angeles Times has posted 41 new photos from the set of The Twilight Saga: New Moon on photographer David Strick’s “Hollywood Backlot.” He shot the cast last April as they filmed in Capilano Park Forest outside Vancouver until the wee hours of the morning. He scored multiple photos of shirtless Taylor Lautner (Jacob), whose abs are making the kind of breakthrough performance Brad Pitt’s did in Thelma & Louise. (I think Lautner, however, might be more of a young Patrick Swayze, soft-spoken and hard-bodied with a love of martial arts. Am I wrong?)

We also get plenty of pics of Robert Pattinson, most of which just show how well they’ve managed to control his hair in the sequel and how beautiful his golden contacts are. There are, however, some nice shots of a Bella dream sequence being filmed in the forest — complete with Pattinson straddling Kristen Stewart in bed, which is more G-rated than it sounds. (Bonus, boys: There’s a shot of Stewart straddling her camera double Mikayla Henderson.)

By the way, you know you’re a fan of True Blood when you see the shot of Stewart bundled up in a gray bathrobe trying to stay warm and your first thought is, Huh, that looks like the robes at that vampire-friendly hotel in Dallas.

Photo credit: David Strick/Courtesy of LA Times

'New Moon' trailer leak: More Volturi, more Edward, more awesome!

The new Twilight Saga: New Moon trailer scheduled to premiere during tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards has leaked online. We presume the trailer is legit because it’s the best one yet with footage of the Volturi, who make the second film more than a tortured teen love story; shots of the wolf pack in which they do not look cuddly; and an Edward fight scene that might actually be worthy of the MTV Movie Award it will inevitably win. UPDATE: The official trailer is now below.

What do you think of the trailer? Join us for our VMA live blog tonight at 8 p.m. ET.

'New Moon' photo reveal: Cameron Bright as Alec. We like.

alec-new-moon_lMTV.com nabbed the first look at Cameron Bright as Volturi guard Alec, red-eyed brother of Dakota Fanning’s Jane, in The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Bright was sufficiently creepy in Birth, so I’ve been a fan of this casting from the beginning. His sleek frame and (albeit safe) wardrobe, combined with just the hint of a smirk, would appear to put him right in line with what director Chris Weitz tells MTV he admires about Michael Sheen’s performance in the upcoming film: “No matter how strange one of the characters is in a work of fantasy, I think you have to approach them as people and then so you start to think, ‘They’ve been around for 2,000 years. How would they interact with one another?’ The conclusion was that after 2,000 years, you’d probably be more than mildly insane. No matter how cultured or gracious you appear on the surface. And I think that’s what Michael Sheen managed to portray as Aro, the head of the Volturi — on the surface he’s terribly gracious, warm, a wonderful host and at the same time he’s lethal and frightening.”

Are you liking Alec’s look?

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Designers envision Bella’s wedding gown

'Twilight': 'Project Runway' winner Christian Siriano sketches Bella's wedding gown

Christian-Siriano-bella-dress_lInStyle.com has asked nine designers to sketch his or her vision of Bella’s wedding gown, which SPOILER ALERT, we know from the third Twilight book, Eclipse, is an early 1900s design (with Alice Cullen’s updates) and from the fourth, Breaking Dawn, is something that makes the bride’s mother say, “You look like you just stepped out of an Austen movie.” The gown pictured here is from Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, who tells InStyle, “I wanted this to be a modern day antique-inspired gown. The lace bodice climbs up to the neck to reveal a sultry open back of flesh with tiny silk buttons that clasp at the neck. It’s a true turn of the century gown, full of Gothic and glamorous fullness in the skirt which flows as she moves. The gown is mysterious and feminine, perfect for a dream wedding.” Browse InStyle’s gallery, then choose your favorite in our poll after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner: From 'New Moon' to 'American Idol'?

Apparently taking the pop culture world by storm in the Twilight saga is just not enough for New Moon stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. Now the dynamic duo would like to infiltrate television’s biggest phenomenon as well. On the latest episode of Must List Live!, Stewart and Lautner reveal that they’d like to put their pipes to the test under the unforgiving glare of Simon Cowell on American Idol. (And don’t think they won’t fight back against criticism either. Just check out the boxing moves Stewart pulls on Lautner in the video below!) Should they ever make it to stage, what song would they croon? You’ll have to watch the clip below to find out. And then let us know: Would you vote to keep the Twilight twosome around on Idol?

[ewbrightcove “29888952001”, “34318980001”, “525”, “470”]

'New Moon' trailer: Does the heat start building?

In the new “Meet Jacob Black” trailer for The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Taylor Lautner talks us through the plot of the second film. Edward is kinda douchey (I’m paraphrasing), he leaves Bella for her own good, Jacob is the friend that picks up the pieces, and “as time goes on, the heat starts building.” I’m not feeling the temperature between them rise — yet. Are you? But I am excited to see Jacob parkour his way up to and through Bella’s bedroom window. (Will that always make me think of Dawson’s Creek?).

We also get a quick glimpse of Dakota Fanning as Jane. Perhaps we’ll be treated to a “Meet the Volturi” trailer as soon as Summit thinks of a movie pun for its title…

[ewbrightcove “29888952001”, “34345561001”, “525”, “470”]

For more New Moon coverage, head to our Twilight HQ.

'New Moon': Kristen Stewart dishes fashion, down time, and playing Joan Jett

It’s Part 2 of our Fall Movie Preview photo shoot video of Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner of The Twilight Saga: New Moon. First, Stewart opines on her accidental role as fashion icon; nowadays, every time the girl who plays Bella is identified wearing an article of clothing, it immediately sells out. Seems she’s as befuddled with the trend as we are. Stewart also opens up a little on her other roles, talking specifically here about Adventureland. But for those of you not paying attention, Stewart just wrapped work on The Runaways, where she chopped her hair and dyed it black to play iconic ’80s rocker Joan Jett.

I asked Stewart recently about what seems to be a need to take on other film roles during the scant down time she gets between shooting the Twilight movies. “It would’ve been smart to take some time off too, but I’m really glad I did Runaways,” she said. “If it was Twilight all the time, I would go mad. To just play one character for four years, it’s not what I do. I like to have variation. I like to change it up. To live one experience, it would be like I have this weird alter-ego, alternate life, instead of slipping into a character for 6 weeks, sucking it dry, and leaving. It would be like 4 years of living like a f***ng psycho person, thinking that I’m like Bella. You know what I mean? It would just be impossible for me. The tabloids would have a lot of crazy s— to say about me in that case.”

Say what you will about Twilight, but you’ve got to give it to Stewart. It would be easy to sit around and ride the Twilight train all the way to the bank. This is one actress willing to mix it up while the gettin’ is good. Check out the video chat below, and after the jump, a clip of Stewart and Lautner wrestling during their EW cover shoot.

[ewbrightcove “29888952001”, “33563934001”, “525”, “470”]


Taylor Lautner pulls out the stops, possibly a groin, for EW's 'New Moon' cover shoot

We’ve heard that Taylor Lautner would like to do an action movie. Now, we might cast him in one. Check out the move he busts at the 0:24 mark in the video below, shot while Lautner and his Twilight Saga: New Moon costar Kristen Stewart were posing for the cover of EW’s Fall Movie Preview on stands Friday. Two words: Gymkata remake!

While his biceps remain curiously clothed throughout the video, the clip does hold other charms: Slo-mo shots of Lautner pouncing like a cuddly ninja kitty through a field, his reaction when Stewart tells him “You need to grow into your cojones,” and Stewart noting that someone offscreen is going to die.

[ewbrightcove “29888952001”, “33541493001”, “525”, “470”]

Who’s more worthy of an inappropriate crush: Shirtless Jacob in the New Moon trailer or leather jacket-wearing Lautner in this video? Poll after the jump! If you need more convincing to vote the latter, look for our gallery of exclusive photos from the shoot tomorrow.


'New Moon' trailer tease: New angle on Taylor Lautner's biceps, abs

What? No sense burying the lead in the lead when you can put it in the headline. Summit Entertainment has released a 14-second tease for the new Twilight Saga: New Moon trailer that will debut in front of the studio’s latest film, Bandslam, in theaters Friday. Watch it below. Personally, we think they should have just gone ahead and freeze-framed on Taylor Lautner’s naked torso for the full 14 seconds, then flashed the film’s logo with a Lost-style boom. [Insert screams]

[ewbrightcove “29888952001”, “33344144001”, “525”, “470”]

'New Moon' trailer will play in front of 'Bandslam' -- will you see it?

For years now, Hollywood has played a deft bait-and-switch game of announcing that the new trailer for an upcoming Must See Movie would play in front of another film from the same studio that, quite frankly, could maybe do with a box-office boost. So Summit Entertainment’s announcement today that it will put the brand spankin’ new preview for The Twilight Saga: New Moon in front of Summit flick Bandslam when it opens this weekend should shock nobody, especially considering just how crowded this coming weekend will be at the box-office: You’ve got District 9 pulling in the sci-fi fans (and the just plain awesome movie fans), The Time Traveler’s Wife pulling in the romantic weepy movie fans and fans of the romantic weepy novel it’s based on, and Ponyo pulling in the family film fans and the Hayao Miyazaki animation fans, not to mention moviegoers who’ve yet to devour Julie & Julia or subject themselves to G.I. Joe. Sure, Bandslam‘s got HSM queen bee Vanessa Hudgens in its corner, but against this onslaught of cinema competition, the flick could do with a ticket sales booster shot courtesy Taylor Lautner’s abs.

But will it work? You tell me, PopWatchers: Are you enough of a die-hard Twihard that you’ll buy a ticket to Bandslam just to see the new New Moon trailer? Or are you content to just watch it online? I assume if you read this far, those two questions should cover you, but just in case: Or were you already planning on checking out Bandslam, and are now concerned that your theater will be overrun by screaming members of Team Jacob? (Just for kicks, I’ve embedded the New Moon teaser below.)

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