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Stephenie Meyer on 'Oprah Winfrey': About that original 'New Moon' ending...

Stephenie-Meyer_lTwilight saga author Stephenie Meyer gave her one and only interview in the run-up to New Moon‘s Nov. 20 release to Oprah Winfrey this afternoon. And from the screams that met Oprah’s introduction—”I understand we have some Twilight fans in the house”—it was clear that Meyer was on home turf. At this point, her back story is familiar to even casual observers: Exhausted, stay-at-home mother of three who’s never even written a short story dreams about a vampire boy and a human girl one night and just runs with it. But it was only during this chat with Oprah that I realized how much Meyer really hits the talk show’s sweet spot when it comes to female-centric stories about reconnecting with yourself. Said the preternaturally youthful looking Meyer about raising kids: “A lot of who I was and my crazy imagination…that person was on the back-burner.” The rest of the segment was as you’d expect: Complete box sets of the novels were given away willy-nilly to gasps. Robert Pattinson’s allure was discussed to screams. (“He smells great,” said Meyer. But that’s not what we heard.) And Oprah noted that the reason she read Twilight in the first place was because the girls at her South African school had urged her to, pronouncing it “delicious” reading.

Meyer did reveal one bit of news: That her original ending for New Moon was much quieter, until her mother urged her to jazz it up some. The result? Meyer moved up the first confrontation with the Volturi, which is now her favorite sequence in the movie.

Did you watch the interview? What did you think? And are you now more or less excited for New Moon?

Update: In response to your comments: I also noticed they teased the question “Would there be a fifth book?” and then never answered. A rep at Harpo Productions has now responded to our query about the teaser, explaining the question was a victim of time: “It’s a live show, so sometimes they don’t get to every question.” (See Harpo’s full response.) The answer to the teased question is now included in a video clip of additional questions for Stephenie Meyer on Oprah’s website.

Image Credit: Harpo

Robert Pattinson loves 'Reality Bites': Is R-Pattz the new Ethan Hawke?

pattinson-reality-bites_lDuring interviews for EW’s upcoming cover story on New Moon, Robert Pattinson revealed that he and I have something most trivial and intriguing in common: an appreciation of the 1994 Gen X drama Reality Bites. “I really like Ethan Hawke in it. And I liked Winona Ryder. Actually, I liked everything,” he told EW senior writer Karen Valby. “[I was] watching my older sister and her friends when I was 12 and thinking it was all really cool. Like the scenes in their apartments with the candles in the wine bottles. I wish that was still cool—now it’s just silly pretentiousness. I just wanted to put a candle in a wine bottle.”

Sure, Pattinson has enough clout at this point to stick as many candles in wine bottles as his undead heart desires, but this aside did get me thinking about Ethan Hawke and Robert Pattinson and the pantheon of twenty-something cinematic heartthrobs through the years. As I said, I too am a Reality Bites fan, both on the movie’s merits and because of the impressionable age at which I first saw it. Remember that run in the early 90s when Ethan Hawke (who also starred in another Gen X gem Before Sunrise) represented the male ideal of a certain time and place? Remember the grungy, thrift store chic with the long, slightly-greasy hair always getting pushed back, only to fall in his face again? The disaffected, but soulful, sort-of poet, kind-of musician? It’s funny to think of an adolescent Pattinson absorbing these cues and emerging 15 years later (15!) as a different spin on a similar song. His Edward Cullen is a little more cleaned-up than Hawke’s Troy Dyer, but the handsome brooding rings a bell, (not to mention the obsession with his hair — it’s not for nothing that Pattinson notes that his unruly pompadour is really the result of his admittedly poor personal hygiene.) I supposed you can trace this kind of angsty dreamboat all the way back to James Dean if you really wanted. But what do you think: Is it fair to see a movie lineage between Hawke and Pattinson? Who else falls into this line of grungy Hollywood heartthrobs?

Photo Credit: Pattinson: Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd; Everett Collection

'New Moon"s Alex Meraz: 'Shirtless, always'

Alex-Meraz-Rachael-Ray_l The Twilight Saga: New Moon talk show takeover has begun. This morning, Wolf Pack member Alex Meraz stopped by Rachael Ray to surprise three teens who received Twilight makeovers courtesy of New Moon costume designer Tish Monaghan. (As someone who always coveted her sister’s red hair, it made me die a little to see a redhead dye her hair black to look like Alice’s.)

The girls were happy to see Meraz, but didn’t go insane, presumably because he was clothed. “Shirtless, always,” Meraz told Ray when she asked about him recently being named People magazine’s Sexy Man of the Week. He was photographed in a pool. “As soon as I got Twilight, it’s like ‘Alright, don’t wear any clothes, just shorts, and you’ll be fine.'” READ FULL STORY

Taylor Lautner: Adorable asskicker in 2005

taylor-lautner-2005_lChances are, I will never watch Robert Rodriguez’s The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D. However, I have now watched the video of Taylor Lautner promoting the 2005 film on Access Hollywood by showcasing his extreme martial arts skills three times. Seriously impressive and screaming GYMKATA REMAKE! (No, I’m not ready to let that dream go.)

Watch that video after the jump, then check out two more clips in which young Lautner discusses his first-degree black belt (“I like this belt,” he giggles, “It’s like silk”) and how difficult it is when your focus is constantly shifting between school and filming (“So you’re just getting into it, Okay, that’s what those Indians did when they came to the States, ‘Oh, Taylor Lautner to set!'”).


'Robsessed': The film that reveals what Robert Pattinson really smells like!

robsessed_lSo, Twihards, the new documentary Robsessed is out today on DVD, and we’ve had an early look at the 70-minute film (see clips after the jump). It was hard to tell from the pre-release info whether it would be a Teen Beat-esque detail of his favorite pizza toppings and best hair days, or a serious documentary about how and why he’s so famous and how he copes with the intense interest in his life. And we can now reveal that Irene Antoniades’ film is kind of both…and kind of neither.

Yes, the uber fans will be particularly drawn to the early modeling shots of him in boxer shorts and black socks. But despite the documentary being touted as “all access,” there seems to be very little other exclusive footage, photos, or interviews with people who actually know him well. Most of the talking heads are British magazine editors who may have met him briefly if at all. It was nice to hear from his old theater group leader from the London suburbs – and it would have been even cooler to see footage of him in those early community productions of Macbeth and Guys and Dolls.

But, alas, there are no interviews with school friends or neighbors (an “interview” with a woman who once saw him in a pub should have been left on the editing-room floor), not even an old school portrait, and no family members coming out of the woodwork (Lindsay Lohan should be so lucky). On the other hand, I now know that RPattz once won an award for messiest desk at school and I’m sure that will enhance my life somehow.


'New Moon': Team Edward or Team Jacob debate continues

new-moon-edward-jacob_lSometimes it’s hard to be a celebrity. November 2009 is one of them. Chances are, stars will, at some point this month, be asked if they’re on Team Edward or Team Jacob. I myself asked The Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder to enter the debate recently during a Pop Culture Personality Test interview (so totally legit line of questioning!), and having never read the books or seen the first film, he was unable to choose a side. I can appreciate that someone wouldn’t want to judge what he or she has not seen, however fluffy that something is, but if I were a publicist, I’d be telling my clients to have an answer at the ready regardless. You’ll get ink even if you’re undecided: “Edward Cullen — I would write a love song to him,” Demi Lovato told MTV News, before adding, “Or Jacob Black!” (Ditto, if you’re arguably the least popular Backstreet Boy: AJ McLean is Team Edward. I like him more now for playing.)

It’s also important that you, PopWatch readers, answer the question in the poll below. We want to see if Team Jacob gains members after The Twilight Saga: New Moon hits theaters, and to do that, we need you to vote before the Nov. 20 release, and after (look for a second poll after opening weekend). The important fact-finding mission begins… now.

Photo credit: Kimberley French

More of EW’s Twilight coverage

Ashley Greene's new projects: Is there life beyond 'Twilight'?

Ashley-Greene_lThe Twilight series’ Ashley Greene is certainly keeping busy when she’s not playing vampire Alice Cullen. In addition to New Moon, Greene’s got the trashy slasher movie Summer’s Moon out on DVD Nov. 10. And just last week, there was news she was in talks to star in the supernatural thriller The Apparition. I don’t have much to say about either project yet (although, a DVD splatter movie called Summer’s Moon timed for release in the same month as soon-to-be-blockbuster New Moon is inspired marketing, yes?) But it did get me thinking about what could lie ahead for an actress like Greene who gets monumental exposure with a supporting role in a series like Twilight. On the surface, it seems like hitting the jackpot for an actor to land a regular, high-profile gig like that. On the other hand, the rabid fanbases for Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings didn’t translate into flourishing careers for all of the actors in those series. So while it seems fairly likely that we’ll be seeing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart branching out, I’m not convinced that Twilight necessarily launches Greene onto Hollywood’s A-list. What do you think — will she forever be branded the vampire girl?

Photo Credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos

'New Moon' featurette: The Volturi are coming

The latest clip whetting Twilight fans’ appetites for the ever-approaching New Moon takes a behind-the-scenes look at the Volturi’s general badass-ness. Lots of neck-snapping, ruling from thrones, marble-slab-smashing, and even some Matrix-y fight sequences:

[ewbrightcove “48195703001”, “48235496001”, “475”, “345”]

What do you think of the way they handled the Volturi, New Moon fans? Do these fight sequences make you want to smash marble columns with your bare hands (and in a good way or bad way)? How many more clips before we’ve seen the whole flick?

'New Moon' clip: The wolves, they sizzle

The latest online featurette from New Moon is the gratuitously named “Wolfpack Sizzle Reel,” which features some behind-the-scenes scoop about Jacob Black’s gang of wolves. Does it give you a sneak peek into the CG animation that goes into the characters’ transformations? Um, sure. Will it give you some insights into the werewolves’ band of brotherhood? Yeah, I guess so. But I think you’ll find that the title totally gives the game away: By the end you’ll realize that it was a perfect excuse to linger on the four shirtless, buff actors who play Jacob’s pals. Take a look for yourselves. And don’t everybody growl at once.

'New Moon' clip: Bella's birthday paper cut!

Fasten your seatbelts, Twilight fans! There’s a new clip from New Moon making the rounds and it’s chock full of pasty-faced Cullens, steamy romantic stares, and, of course, some incidental bloodlust. In the minute-long clip, which premiered on MTV, Bella opens a birthday gift only to get an unexpected present: a paper cut. A drop of her plasma falls to the shag rug, and, well, you know what that means…

Meanwhile, People.com reported that New Moon costars Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz headed to Las Vegas for Halloween. Lutz dressed as Batman’s sidekick Robin and Greene was decked out in peacock plumage. They had a few words to say about New Moon, too, which (in case you forgot) opens on November 20th.

Until then, you can check out the new Bella birthday clip below. Let us know what you think…

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