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Charlie Bewley of 'New Moon' on snowboarding, red contact lenses, and close fan encounters in Italy

After spending two years snowboarding in Whistler, Canada, newcomer Charlie Bewley is launching his acting career in a big way. A British expat—he was raised close to Sherwood Forest in Nottingham—Bewley plays the evil Volturi lieutenant Demetri in New Moon.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Have you been recognized more often?
CHARLIE BEWLEY: I don’t think so. Nothing’s really changed for me—I think it’s more of an online buzz right now. I expect maybe before Christmas that everyone would see this movie and if they keep their eyes peeled, they’ll notice me in it. I don’t expect the same adulation as people like, even Kellan [Lutz] or Ashley [Greene]. I think they got the second wave of everything after Taylor, Rob, and Kristen. But it’s still wonderful to be part of. It’s opened many doors for me.

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This Week's Issue: 'New Moon"s record-breaking opening and where Hollywood goes from here

Call it battle of the abs. Or the teen screams heard round the world. Either way, Summit Entertainment’s The Twilight Saga: New Moon did more business on its opening weekend than any other movie this year. Now that it’s the biggest fall opening ever at $142.8 million and its opening day number of $72.7 million outgrossed The Dark Knight’s first-day figure, Hollywood should finally accept that women drive the box office in a big way. “It’s great that the greenlighters in town have realized that little girls go to the movies,” says MGM’s president of marketing Michael Vollman. “But this genre has worked forever. To Sir With Love was an angsty girl movie.”

So what will this fickle, yet incredibly devoted audience turn to next? Disney thinks it could be…fairies. The studio has scooped up Aprilynne Pike’s best-selling young adult novel Wings and cast Miley Cyrus in an adaptation. New Regency is banking on a new novel from Ann Brashares (author of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) called My Name is Memory, while Lionsgate hopes tweens line up for an adaptation of author Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games. “Some will work and some won’t,” Summit’s co-chairman and CEO Rob Friedman says of the girl-driven projects. No matter what, “It won’t be The Twilight Saga. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

For more on New Moon and its impact on Hollywood, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands November 27.

What did you think of last scene in 'New Moon'?

At the screening I attended of New Moon this weekend, there were gasps of shock at the way the film ended. It certainly got my attention and left me wanting to see the third film immediately. But I wondered what Twihards would think of the ending, which didn’t quite match up with New Moon, the book. READ FULL STORY

Alex Meraz of 'New Moon' talks playing 'bad-boy' Paul, bulking up, and 'Twilight' fandom

These days, Alex Meraz, the 24-year-old actor who plays New Moon‘s Paul — the most explosive member of the wolf pack — is washing his hands. As well he should — following New Moon‘s giant, record-breaking weekend, the actor is getting recognized more than ever. And that’s quite a change for Meraz, considering his previous work includes small indie flicks, and a small role in 2005’s The New World. The actor took time out of shaking hands to talk to EW about Native Americans in film, working out for the role, and why he’ll never be a diva.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: It’s probably been crazy for you lately, running around to premieres everywhere.
ALEX MERAZ: Yeah, it has been actually. Meeting a lot of fans and shaking a lot of different hands. So there’s been a lot of hand sanitizer.

Were you a fan of the books before you got the role?
No. I didn’t really know what it was. I’d go to Borders in Arizona and see it everywhere, because the writer [Stephenie Meyer] is from there. I remember seeing these pasty hands and a red apple. And I didn’t even know what it was until after it came out and it was [successful]. And then thought, I’d like to try out for the next role.

What about the movie made you want to be a part of the franchise? READ FULL STORY

'New Moon' wolfpack leader Chaske Spencer on cougars and fainters

Chaske Spencer, the actor who plays wolfpack leader Sam Uley, talked to EW about getting cast, meeting randy Twilight fans, and playing the leader of the pack.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When did all this start for you, and when is it done?
CHASKE SPENCER: It started for me March 5 when I got cast in New Moon, and I don’t know when it’s going to be done. It’s been like a wild ride. We got cast and there was already sort of a buzz about us. As it got closer, you kept feeling the buildup and the buildup, and all of a sudden at the premiere, it just exploded.  It was like a rock star moment. This is what we’ve been waiting for. People are telling us our lives are going to change. And they have.

What has been the most memorable fan encounter?
Let me think of PG one. [Laughs] Probably, a fainter. I had a girl faint on me. And then the criers. And then the cougars—the Twi-Moms—always come after us. That’s been very surreal, because we’ve had phone numbers slipped in our back pockets. It’s like we’re The Beatles.

Did you have a sense of what part you wanted when you auditioned?
They had me going out for Jared at first. Any part was fine. I knew it was going to be a huge movie. Next thing I know, they told me I had Sam. When I read the book, I thought more about his character. He’s tragic; he never wanted this—to be the leader of the wolfpack—but that was what he was thrown into.

What’s next for you?
I have my own production company called Urban Dreams. I want to get scripts for movies I want to do or vehicles to star in or direct. Things are rolling. Something hit me last week—we were doing some promos at a Nordstrom. Me and Bronson [Pelletier, a fellow wolf] were riding in a limo, going through Laurel Canyon, on Mulholland Drive. The sun was setting and a really cool song was playing on the radio. We rolled down the window and were like, ‘Wow, this is a good life.  I can’t believe we’re in f—ing New Moon.'”

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Photo Credit: Kimberley French

'New Moon': A Hater's Guide

Can it really be just a year since, in my previous Hater’s Guide, I compared the then just-released Twilight to “the lamest episode of 90210 ever made combining forces with the second-lamest episode of 90210 ever made”? So much has changed! For one thing, there is the alarming number of my previously sane female acquaintances who this year fell under the sway of Stephenie Meyer’s vampire books and the first film adaptation. One minute they’re all, “I agree, Clark, this all sounds like a bunch of crap.” The next, it’s, “Ooh, Robert Pattinson is so dreamy,” and “Go, Team Jacob!,” and “Dude, you’re sleeping on the couch.”

So what do those few remaining Twilight-haters who want to remain within the cultural loop need to know about the second cinematic offering about the supposedly tragic romance between Pattinson’s pasty immortal Edward and Kristen Stewart’s sulky human Bella? Well, New Moon is really no better than Twilight.  It certainly seems much longer, though.

I’ll spare you the not-gory-at-all details: doubtless you’ll hear a full regurgitation of its plot from some yammering band of tweens next time you take public transportation. The big news is that Taylor Lautner’s Jacob, who developed a “thing” for Bella in the first movie, is really great at repairing motorcycles. Oh, also? He’s a werewolf. But the bike repair thing seems more interesting, as it turns out being a werewolf largely involves running around wearing a pair of cut-off jeans like some post-Hulk-ing Bill Bixby. You wouldn’t like it when he’s furry! Actually you might. Jacob and his fellow were-folk are far more cuddly than carnivorous, as tends to be the way in this un-monstrous monster franchise.

The other major development is the introduction of a vampiric upper class called the Volturi who rule their fellow immortals with an iron fist and a wardrobe borrowed from “Notorious”-era Duran Duran. We can thank the Volturi for by far the best thing about this movie, which is the always great Michael Sheen’s bloodsucker-overlord Aro — a character who serves as a reminder that vampires are actually supposed to be kind of scary.

Okay, let the hate come back at me, if you must. But I know there are plenty of folks out there who will back me up on this. Speak now or forever hold your peace, fellow Twi-Haters!

The 'Twilight' at midnight experience: tears, screams, heavy medication

Thursday Evening: We’re going to see the midnight opening of New Moon. The theater is already half full at 10 pm. Lots of teenagers, lots of females. High school-ers are snapping pictures of each other. The girls sitting in front of us are watching the first Twilight on an iPhone. Across the aisle, a teenage blonde girl in sneakers reaches into her purse and starts counting prescription pill bottles: “One. Two. Three. Four. Controlled. Controlled.”  The girl behind her (a brunette in boots) opens her own purse. “I have five,” she says. Teenagers are weird.

The theater is selling T-shirts by the snack stand: Team Edward (Rob Pattinson wearing his constipated James Dean frown) and Team Jacob (Taylor Lautner modeling his cocky roid-rage sneer.) Me: “I’m from Entertainment Weekly. Which shirt is selling more?” Theater employee: “We’re actually not allowed to talk to anybody from the media.” You and everyone who works on Avatar, dude! READ FULL STORY

'New Moon' morning TV roundup: Robert Pattinson officially proud of his abs, Regis Philbin officially Team Jacob

Could Taylor Lautner have surpassed Robert Pattinson in popularity overnight? If you caught Lautner on Today and Live with Regis and Kelly this morning, you might think so. He was greeted by louder screams than Pattinson, both in the Plaza, where Today made Lautner sign autographs before Matt Lauer got him to admit only that he was blushing when Taylor Swift gave him a shout-out on Saturday Night Live, and in Live‘s studio. I suppose Team Edward could argue that Today simply figured out a better place to put their microphones this a.m., and that the audience fed off of Regis Philbin’s clear bias: “You see, I would always rather be a werewolf than a vampire. Love the werewolf. The full moon comes out, and all of the sudden your clothes pop off, and there you are, baby.”


'Twilight' coasters: Hipster craftspeople get on the bandwagon

You know what you need? Coasters. Lots of them. Etsy, the site for thousands of artisans and their wares, is currently featuring a set of handcut coasters with wood-burned designs from all four Twilight books. They’re formed out of northwest pine trees from Washington state — perhaps the very northwest pine that Edward clambered up to impress Bella. (Okay, not really.) As crazy Twilight merchandise goes, this ones at least functional, right? What do you think? Worth a look? Or a total Regretsy?

Taylor Lautner crowned 'Late Night Motorcycle Racing Champion of All Time'

Taylor Lautner stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, and, after an extensive discussion of his Twilight Saga: New Moon shirtless scenes and little jean shorts (“Little awkward, but I was trying to rock them”), Fallon challenged him to a “motorcycle race” around his studio. Though he crashed a couple of times, Lautner was still victorious.


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