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'Twilight' is a marathon, not a sprint

When I volunteered to watch a five-movie Twilight Saga marathon, I’ll admit I didn’t fully anticipate the challenges and doubts I’d encounter along the way. As the weeks, then days, then hours ticked down, I realized I’d need to get my head in the game. I trained like any marathoner would, honing skills appropriate to the course — subsisting on a diet of carbohydrates, carbonated drinks, and stale air; sitting on my rear for long periods of time, and abandoning all thoughts of age-appropriate content or cinematic quality. Also like any marathoner, I blacked out for long periods of time between the start and finish lines. But! Here’s what I do remember… READ FULL STORY

Catherine Hardwicke on leaving 'Twilight': 'I do not regret it at all, thank the Lord'

stewart-pattinsonDirector Catherine Hardwicke, who launched the Twilight series into theaters and has the similarly thematic Red Riding Hood coming out March 11, tells Newsweek that she wasn’t fired from the blockbuster series but simply decided against directing subsequent Twilight films. “I couldn’t even be fired, that’s what’s so funny,” she tells the magazine. “In my contract, I had the first right of refusal.” READ FULL STORY

'Vampires Suck' trailer: The folks behind 'Disaster Movie' take aim at 'Twilight,' 'Jersey Shore,' and Lady Gaga

vampires-suckI’ve spent a lot more time zoning out on my couch to the spoof films Epic Movie, Date Movie, Meet the Spartans, and Disaster Movie than I would care to admit. They do tend to feature an awful lot of jokes — even if said gags are of a decidedly uneven quality — and at least one of those movies always seems to be, well, on. And, hey, they’re better than the Twilight films, right? (Note: the opinion of this writer does not necessarily reflect that of Entertainment Weekly as a whole, but can be further investigated in his Eclipse: A Hater’s Guide post.)

Ooh, I feel a nice segue coming on!

That’s right, the guys behind those movies — writer-directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer — have turned their attention towards Bella, Edward, and Jacob for the pair’s latest spoof-o-rama, Vampires Suck, which, judging by the new trailer, also takes aim at Jersey Shore and Lady Gaga.

You can see the clip after the break. Take a look and tell us what you think!


Poll: Now that you've seen 'Eclipse,' which 'Twilight' movie do you think is the best?

jacob-edwardImage Credit: Kimberley FrenchLet’s cut to the chase: Of the three Twilight movies that have now been released, Eclipse is the best. The best storytelling, the best pacing, the best acting, the best mix of action and romance. This is, of course, just one woman’s (and magazine‘s) opinion, but I’d be glad to debate it with any Twi-Hard worth their, um, fangs? Now that many of you out there have seen Eclipse, tell me: Am I wrong? Vote below!

The 'Twilight' at Midnight Saga: On the scene for the 'New Moon' DVD release

peter-facinelliImage Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty ImagesI arrive at the New Moon DVD release party in Union Square around 10:15 p.m. on Friday. The line is half a block long. The three girls at the front of the line are named Tiffany, Catherine, and Valerie. They’ve been there since a little bit before 7. I ask them, “Team Jacob or Team Edward?” Neither; they’re sworn to Team Jasper, the Cullen sibling played by Jackson Rathbone. “He almost eats Bella, which is a huge plus,” says Valerie.

Because of the cruel whims of my vile EW.com overlords, I’ve become a minor expert on the Twilight fan experience. Valerie is voicing something that fascinates me about Twilight fandom: there’s a significant Twihard population that hates, hates, hates Bella. How weird is that? I mean, she’s the main freaking character of the series! Sure, Luke wasn’t the coolest part of Star Wars, but you’ll never hear a Wars fan hate on him, even if he says the most petulant line in movie history.

The girls also have some negative opinions about dividing Breaking Dawn into two movies. “They’re getting more of my money. I’m not okay with that,” says Catherine. Note to Summit Entertainment: It’s probably not a good sign when even the pubescent megafans think the two-movie split is a shameless cash grab. READ FULL STORY

Dakota Fanning: The red carpet's next big thing?

dakota-fanningImage Credit: Kyle Rover/startraksphoto.comI totally agreed with my colleague, Tim Stack, when he predicted Avatar star Zoë Saldana would be this year’s most promising fashionista. That was then, when she wore that magnificent Roland Mouret gown to her film’s London premiere. But after two extremely disappointing turns, first at the Golden Globes and more recently at the Oscars, where she wore her atrocious pom-pom confection, I’ve all but lost total faith in the actress’ taste. Why she thought wearing a tattered crimson quilt and a costume borrowed from the Moulin Rouge to two of this season’s most prestigious red-carpet events is beyond me.

But just as I was about to lose all hope, Dakota Fanning stepped out in this stylish sequined Valentino mini (left) at The Runaways premiere this past Thursday in L.A., and it worked on so many levels: her age, frame, the event, and so on.

The 16-year-old star is no one-trick pony, though. Fanning brought it just as fiercely to New Moon‘s L.A. premiere last November in a playful lace Valentino mini and I-want-them-now heels. She even knows how to make nude tones work on her porcelain skin, as we saw at last year’s NAACP Awards. Seriously, can this girl do no wrong? I’m anticipating some lovely summery frocks for this summer’s Eclipse premiere.

Dakota, I dub thee my new red carpet style crush. What do you guys think? As a disclaimer, I’m totally on board the Lea Michele-style icon-to-be train, but what movie actress should inherit the fashion throne? Sound off below!

People's Choice Awards 2010: The PopWatch categories

After thoroughly eviscerating the 2009 People’s Choice Awards, I was honored (possibly not the correct word) to be asked by my editors if I would watch and comment on this year’s ceremony. And while I do not believe I deserve any credit or thanks — send your notes of gratitude to whoever hired Survivor producer Mark Burnett — I am thrilled to announce that the 2010 People’s Choice Awards were at least 47 percent less utterly moronic than their predecessor. In fact, it is possible I legitimately enjoyed entire seconds of the broadcast.

Because of this enjoyment, and because I am, in fact, a People, I have decided to hand out my own series of awards, interspersed with the actual televised results, after the jump. You can get the full list of winners, scads of which (including “Favorite Animal Show”) did not appear on the telecast, at PeoplesChoice.com. I have been told you can also register your preference for everything else on earth somewhere on the site, and that people who feel powerless in their own lives achieve a sense of purpose in doing so. The rest of us just blog. Onward!

Favorite Incredibly Disturbing Lyric
“All the best will win awards / the losers will be bound and gagged like spies on 24.” — Queen Latifah’s opening number
(Runner-up: “You can run but you can’t hide from the People’s Choice Awards.” — Queen Latifah’s opening number)

Favorite Way To Reference Twilight Phenomenon Without Making Entire Show About Twilight Phenomenon
Actually pretty funny parody in which Queen Latifah tries to get Edward Cullen to appear on the 2010 People’s Choice Awards

Favorite Moment In Actually Pretty Funny Twilight Parody
“I’ll just get the werewolf to do the show.” — Queen Latifah


Movie with James McAvoy = nice move, Anna Kendrick.

Golden Globe nominee and current EW cover girl Anna Kendrick could be looking at a best supporting actress Oscar nod for Up in the Air. If she were to win, she’d also be facing that category’s notorious career curse. That, combined with the fact that she’s so young (24), bubbly, and truly talented (you could see it even in Twilight), makes me want to protect her. Which could be why I got excited when I read that she’s signed on for a comedy with James McAvoy. She’ll play a psychologist who counsels McAvoy’s character, a twentysomething man who learns he has cancer. (Seth Rogen also stars, but frankly, that’s not as comforting as it used to be.) The film, directed by Jonathan Levine (The Wackness), begins shooting next month. Who knows if it will be good as it sounds, but at the very least, with an actor the quality of McAvoy in the picture, it won’t be embarrassing.

So to recap: Well done, Anna. Your ability to play laughs in serious-issue films should serve you well. Embrace it.

Your fan at PopWatch

Read more:
Anna Kendrick: Flying high with George Clooney
Anna Kendrick talks New Moon fever
Dave Karger’s OscarWatch blog

Photo credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos

The most-viewed movie trailers of 2009: Which is your favorite?

Yahoo! has revealed their list for their most-viewed trailers of 2009 and, not surprisingly, The Twilight Saga: New Moon was their No. 1 of the year. But the bigger shock was that the janky Lorenzo Lamas-Deborah Gibson flick, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (embedded below), beat out Avatar and Up for the 8th-most popular trailer of the year! Personally, I would have to pick either Star Trek or Avatar as the trailer I watched the most, with James Cameron’s blue opus (embedded after the jump) pulling slightly ahead. Watching it again, it still makes me excited for the movie…and I’ve already seen it!

What about you PopWatchers? What 2009 movie trailer got the most clicks from you? And what was your favorite movie trailer of 2009?


Taylor Lautner's 'SNL' promos: Ideas for sketches?

The promos for Taylor Lautner’s Saturday Night Live hosting gig this weekend reference the fact that he plays a werewolf in The Twilight Saga: New Moon and that he’s roughly half the age of much of the cast (he tells Kristen Wiig she reminds him of his mom). I was waiting for a joke about him being clothed for once, but I guess some things are too obvious. Regardless, I’m looking forward to Lautner taking center stage. He’s game (see: his mini-motorcycle race against Jimmy Fallon) and he’s physical (see: the adorable asskicker in 2005). Secretly, I’m hoping Taylor Swift pops up for either a monologue shout-out or some kind of sketch about the two Taylors trying to avoid the paparazzi on their friendly dates. I’m also hoping there’s a sketch about all the crazy projects Lautner and his agents must be getting pitched now. Feel free to use my Gymkata remake idea, folks.

What are your ideas?

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