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'New Girl': Live-in Lovahs

We had two returns to celebrate tonight, Newbies! First (and most importantly) FURGUSON! Oh yeah, and a financially ruined Schmidt is moving back into the loft. Also, Abby’s moving out. So much has changed, so much has stayed the same… READ FULL STORY

'New Girl' recap: Good Cop, Bad Girl

Now this was an episode. I know the reaction to Abby has been mixed, but I liked how she spiced up the dynamic in “Sister II.” No doubt she’s annoying and self-obsessed — like, well, everyone else on this show at times — and despite the fact she is actually dangerous to be around (Sky Knife!), the gang needed a jolt. You can’t say that she hasn’t provided one. That it will likely be temporary is good, but that it happened at all is an improvement in my book.

Also, WINSTON!!! The writers managed to do what has heretofore eluded them by giving him a primary story line that showed substance beyond a new set of tics. Yet the episode also allowed Lamorne Morris to run wild with his brilliant improv skills — the very ones that have made him my favorite character in season 3 in spite of Winston’s flimsy character development. Tuesday’s episode inched him a step closer to being fully fleshed-out.

So let’s not delay anymore, Newbies! READ FULL STORY

TV Recap: 'New Girl,' 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine,' and 'Shahs of Sunset' -- VIDEO

If you couldn’t catch last night’s new episodes of New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, or Shahs of Sunset, don’t worry: We’ve got our video recaps here. Watch below! READ FULL STORY

'New Girl' recap: Twisted 'Sister' (a.k.a. Bar Mitzvah Crashers)

Poor Winston! He was so excited about his “meet my friends” dinner with his weird new girlfriend Bertie (Jessica Chaffin), and everyone totally bailed on him — well, everyone except Coach and Cece, who couldn’t think of anything better to do until they realized they could do each other (or try, at least). Bad form, gang. “Sister” challenged a lot of bonds, both in and out of the immediate friend group, but I can’t really say it moved all that much forward. The only exception: We should be getting a lot of backstory on Jess now that her sister Abby (Linda Cardellini) is set to stay for a while — hopefully Abby turns out to be a less bats–t-crazy sis than Caroline Sackler. Now to the business of how the New Girl gang got a new loftmate… READ FULL STORY

'New Girl' recap: Misled 'Exes' and Places for Sexin'

Can’t say this episode did a lot to move sitcom gender politics forward, folks. As we have long known, women only have two modes: adorably naïve or vengeful psychopath. Men, meanwhile, are just out to bone. Feel free to disagree with me (and all respect to Adam Brody and Mary Elizabeth Ellis), but this ep felt like a bit of a letdown after Sunday’s genuinely hilarious, plot-advancing post-Super Bowl episode. Sure, it exposed an emotional side to Nick we rarely see (albeit one even Jess didn’t fully buy),  but it also lost some ground — for me at least — with a reliance on clichéd “big concepts” rather than small-scale character comedy. The latter is where New Girl thrives. So, shall we? READ FULL STORY

'New Girl' recap: A post-Super Bowl episode fit for a Prince

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen the post-Big Game episode, do not read on, Newbies. If you have and want to discuss how Prince(!) paved the purple-licious path for a major moment between Jess and Nick, click through.  READ FULL STORY

TV Recap: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine,' 'New Girl,' and 'Trophy Wife' -- VIDEO

Did you miss Tuesday night’s episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, or Trophy Wife? Catch up with our recap videos, below! READ FULL STORY

'New Girl' recap: 'See You in Hell, Boomer!'

Now this is the episode that should have been positioned as the fall finale, don’t you think, Newbies? It had everything — a touching happy ending, misunderstandings and shenanigans, a glimpse of reconciliation between Cece and Schmidt, Ben Falcone (!), genuine Nick Miller chivalry (followed by the most passionate Nick-Jess smooch we’ve seen in months), something for Winston and Coach to do that resulted in actual character development, and Tran! “Birthday” was New Girl at its most elemental, easily ascending to best-of-season status. I might even put it as one of the top five episodes of the whole series. Agree or disagree?

With the Prince-centric post-Super Bowl episode queued up (next Tuesday’s ep is pre-empted by President Obama’s State of the Union address), I’m actually hopeful that my wild-eyed optimism in the preamble to “Clavado En Un Bar” might not have been that far afield. (And, speaking of fields, what could have possibly inspired Lamorne “Winston” Morris to neigh like a horse during this teaser interview about the next few eps? Hint: It’s kinda dirty.) So let’s not waste another minute before getting into it, Newbies!  READ FULL STORY

'New Girl' recap: Sex Stand-Off

It’s interesting that this week was all about scoring because New Girl needs a win just about as bad as Coach’s beloved Pistons. Did it get one? Well, let’s just say this week probably could have used more overtime. To mix metaphors à la Schmidt, the show stuck the landing — which saw Jess and Nick in sports jerseys that symbolized compromise — but the episode overall left me wondering, Did I really need to go through all that just for thisI guess any game, or relationship, sees phases of exciting conflict followed by plenty o’ same-old-same-old… unfortunately, the relationship in which we’re truly invested (Jess and Nick) is mostly static for the time being, while the attempt to create conflict occurred between Jess and… Coach? Let me explain. READ FULL STORY

'New Girl' recap: Career Opportunities

It’s a new year, Newbies, and Jess & Co. had to look back in order to move forward on Tuesday night. Given this season’s unfortunate stasis thus far, it was only appropriate that “Clavado En Un Bar” (named after the song that closed out the ep) was predicated upon a scenario that could have been a total game-changer, at least in Jess’s mind, but it ultimately resulted in the gang mostly resisting any sort of forward movement.

Sure, the ep had its moments (“this crazy English muffin we call Winston’s life,” a recurring visual gag involving African-American newborns and basketballs, Nick’s habit of quoting sports movies like… A League of Their Own), but season 3 has yet to recapture last spring’s magic or sense of character development. That said, tonight’s installment opened and closed many doors for the characters, so maybe it will ultimately set up a bit of momentum so that New Girl can close out the season on better footing. Until then… read on to find out about Jess’s potentially life-changing opportunity.  READ FULL STORY

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