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Psst, Netflix is onto you: Introducing taste profiles


Revelation #1: Netflix knows you’ve been sharing your username.

Revelation #2: They’re not even mad!

Revelation #3: They also understand how irritated you get when your account keeps recommending Cerebral Seattle-Set Emmy-Winning Comedies with Largely Pun-Based Scripts because your dumb boyfriend won’t stop watching Frasier on your iPad — ahem — and they’ve finally come up with a solution.


'Orange Is the New Black': Why I stopped watching after three episodes

Since everyone seems to be obsessed with Orange Is the New Black, I gave the new Netflix series a try the other night. Prone to binge-watching, I sat through three episodes before I decided to stop. Probably forever.

Look, I’m glad OITNB exists — it is, afterall, a show about women, written mostly by women, which revolves around something other than the two main characters “will they or won’t they” relationship. But that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it. Here’s why I’m not watching anymore. (Warning: Spoilers to follow.) READ FULL STORY

'Orange Is the New Black': Let's talk about that crazy ending

[Big, fat SPOILER ALERT for those who somehow haven’t torn through all of OITNB yet.]

My first thought, upon finishing the first season of Orange Is the New Black just moments ago: “Holy s%&*#!”

My second thought: “Thank Pennsatucky’s sweet baby Jesus we’re getting a season 2.”


Let's talk 'Orange Is the New Black': Are you watching?

Orange Is the New Black may have a tough row to hoe come awards season. It’s more of a pure dramedy than almost any other current “television” series, give or take some Girls: Watch any given episode, and you’ll find cringe humor, serious character study, black comedy, heart-wrenching pathos, and, whenever Jason Biggs is onscreen, broad yuppie skewering. (Perhaps not coincidentally, these last bits are by far the least successful aspect of the show — though Biggs himself turned out to be a pretty good actor, American Pie movies be damned.)

But while Orange is tough to classify on paper, its tone is remarkably consistent — wry, confident, cynical without being hard to watch (at least most of the time). That appealing mix, coupled with its unique subject matter (the goings-on at a minimum security women’s prison), is why I’ve barely wanted to stop watching since I fired up the first episode last Friday.

'Orange Is the New Black' star Taylor Schilling takes the EW Pop Culture Personality Test -- VIDEO


Even before Netflix began streaming Orange Is the New Black, an original 13-episode series from Weeds creator Jenji Kohan based on Piper Kerman’s memoir of the same name and starring Taylor Schilling (The Lucky One) as a woman who thinks she’ll use her prison sentence to get toned for her wedding and read her Amazon wish list, a second season had been greenlit. Combine that knowledge with our review referring to it as “very funny and occasionally quite moving,” and you can feel good about binge-watching the show this weekend.

Schilling’s personal marathon history includes devouring three seasons of Downton Abbey in two weeks. She offers these tips: “You have to remember to take a shower. Have snacks. And it’s nice to bring another person into the mix for different chunks of the journey,” she says. “Have a friend come over for a couple episodes. You don’t have to do it all alone.”

Also, when you need a two-minute break, watch Schilling take the EW Pop Culture Personality Test in the video below.

Ron Howard narrates mundane tweets, instantly Bluthalizing them -- VIDEO

Admit it: As much as you love watching them scheme, plot, and chicken dance in Arrested Development, you wouldn’t really want to be a member of the Bluth family. Even the best of them end up warped, corrupted, and pretty darn miserable; see, for example, how pathetic Michael has become by the beginning of season 4.

That said, it would be pretty cool to have your life narrated by Ron Howard, Bluth family-style — and thanks to Netflix, a group of lucky Twitter users has had the chance to experience just that. One week ago, the streaming service began posting a series of videos featuring Howard reading tweets tagged with #ADNarrates; yesterday, it posted a compilation of those shorter videos.

The fun thing here is that Howard doesn’t always read the tweets verbatim. In several cases, he uses them as a jumping-off point for a riff that wouldn’t sound out of place on the show itself. Example: User Camille Nanavati writes, “I wish I had a #burger #ADNarrates.” Howard says,  “Out of all the things Camille could have had an Oscar-winning director narrate, she chose lunch.”


'Arrested Development': How much have you watched? What did you think? POLLS

Much like Gob on the cross, Arrested Development made its return from the presumed dead this past weekend on Netflix for a 15-episode fourth season that was available all at once. (Read Annie Barrett’s episode by episode take.) Whether you did a full-on Sunday Bluth Binge — who needs sunlight? — or are slowly working your way through the family’s latest misadventure, now’s the time to weigh in on what you’ve seen so far. Plus, you can find out what other EW.com readers/Bluthaholics are thinking.

Before you begin your almost mandatory re-watch to catch all the Easter Anns Eggs, make your voice heard in a whole slew of polls about the new episodes, below: READ FULL STORY

'Arrested Development': Season 4 binge recap!

I’ve made a huge, tiny mistake: I agreed to recap ALL of Netflix’s 15 new Arrested Development episodes, right away, in ONE blog post! What a fun, sexy time for me! ‘Huzzah!’

My plan is to start Sunday right at 3 a.m. ET — I’ll get three or four up, try to sleep, though yeah right, and start back up again around 1 p.m. ET. It’s going to take everything in my power not to keep pressing Rewind (like anyone would want to R her) to absorb every joke, screengrab, etc. There will be things I miss, but I’ll do my best to capture at least the general flavor of each installment so we can all discuss ‘em. Or are you chicken?

Please help me come up with an appropriate snack list below: READ FULL STORY

'Arrested Development': Who's the most quotable Bluth? POLL

One of Arrested Development 1.0’s greatest strengths was its knack for giving every single character (“STEVE HOLT!”), no matter how minor (“Baby, you got a stew going”), a full array of endlessly repeatable lines (“Say goodbye to these!”). That said, the show’s true quote-masters have to be the dysfunctional Bluth-Fünke clan. Nearly everything that originates with this ennead is worthy of being embroidered onto a sampler and framed, or at least written in caps and superimposed over a still from the show. (Or a still from Game of Thrones!)

But among these Lords of Laughter, which Bluth-slash-Fünke reigns supreme? It’s only fair that we decide now, before the series returns on Netflix this Sunday (!) — and we’re flooded with 15 episodes of new quotes to consider.

Take a look back at some of each contender’s most memorable lines — both catchphrases and otherwise — and vote with your heart in the poll below. And if you’d rather pick a racially insensitive puppet over any of the nine other options… well, we’ll accept that answer as well.


'Arrested Development': On the scene at New York's banana stand with Terry Crews

There’s always money in the banana stand — especially when it’s located at the end of a long, long line filled with hungry Arrested Development superfans.

The Bluth family’s Original Frozen Banana Stand is currently wrapping up its second day in New York City, having launched its stateside tour in Manhattan yesterday. The stand started serving frosty confections at noon, though would-be customers began lining up even earlier than that. (One pair told EW that they had arrived at the stand at 11:40; 45 minutes later, they were still waiting, albeit fairly close to the front of the line.)

By 12:30ish, the line stretched from Columbus Circle to 62nd Street and Broadway, broken only occasionally so that it wouldn’t block access to buildings like the Trump International. A line-tender dressed in a gigantic banana suit handed out “Mr. Manager” stickers to those just joining the pack and estimated that they’d likely be waiting an hour or longer before getting their hands on Giddy-Girly Bananas, George Daddies, or Simple Simons. READ FULL STORY

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