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Your port in the storm: Ride out Nemo with these streaming selections

Did congressman Frank Underwood manipulate Mother Nature into unleashing Winter Storm Nemo? If you’ve been watching Netflix’s House of Cards, you’ll know that Kevin Spacey’s character is capable of pretty much anything — and if you haven’t been watching it (but happen to live on the East Coast), whaddaya know, the ginormous blizzard currently barreling toward you will give you the perfect opportunity to start. Frank, you sly dog!

Of course, if you don’t want to give Rep. Underwood the satisfaction of victory, you can always ditch House of Cards for any number of other streaming options perfect for binge-viewing. Here’s a list of our top picks:

- In May, new episodes of Arrested Development will finally hit Netflix, possibly causing the Internet to implode from excitement. Revisit the comedy’s original three seasons there to prepare for what’s coming.

- Breaking Bad‘s final season will draw to a close on AMC this summer. If you’re not caught up (or — for shame! — never started watching), now’s your chance to fix that via Netflix.

- And on a similar note, Downton Abbey‘s first two series seasons are on Hulu, and PBS.org has every episode of the current third season. (Well, every one that’s aired in the U.S., at least.) READ FULL STORY

The Northeast finds Nemo -- in the form of a giant winter storm

An historic storm’s a-brewin’ over New England and the northeast Mid-Atlantic — though once you hear what the Weather Channel is calling it, you might want to give it a hug rather than flee from it.

Yes, the catastrophic blizzard expected to drop up to three feet of snow on some northeastern areas has been dubbed Nemo. And while the name has a lot of connotations, chances are that hearing it makes you think of an adorable cartoon fish rather than a mysterious sea captain or a sleepy little boy.

It’s not exactly the most intimidating moniker for such a gigantic storm — though that isn’t really The Weather Channel’s fault.  READ FULL STORY

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