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'NCIS' react: 'Cherish each other'

These last two NCIS episodes could have easily been a two-parter. Whereas the series often prides itself in its ability to produce stand-alone episodes peppered with character-building stories and tidbits, much of the past two weeks have been all about Tiva.

As you recall, last week saw the return of EJ, who had left Tony for dead last season. At the end of the episode, which saw EJ taking off (presumably for good), Tony and Ziva shared a much-buzzed about encounter, only to be interrupted by a phone call from Ziva’s beau, Ray. (Read my post-episode chat with EP Gary Glasberg here.)

This week’s episode could have easily transitioned into a Ziva/Ray hour and left the Tiva moment like many of their past moments have been: unresolved. But this time, I felt like there was more resolution that ever. And not in the way I expected. READ FULL STORY

'NCIS': What did you think of last night's buzzy Tony-Ziva moment?

UPDATE: Read what NCIS boss Gary Glasberg has to say about the episode!

The term “slow burn” doesn’t even begin to describe the progression of Tony and Ziva’s could-be romantic relationship on NCIS over the years. But hardcore “Tiva” fans, who have waited patiently for stolen glances and playful interactions to turn into something more, certainly got a bit of a New Year’s treat last night during the show’s first new episode of 2012.

The episode featured a reappearance of EJ, a.k.a. the woman who, as you’ll recall, left Tony for dead. Her emotional reunion with Tony ultimately ended with her leaving (likely for good), but the closure was enough for Tony, who, at the end of the episode, shared a pretty awesome moment with his longtime co-worker. (Watch the moment at CBS. It starts around the 40-minute mark) READ FULL STORY

'NCIS' season premiere: The chips are on the table

NCIS began its ninth season last night with a bang — three of them to be exact — as Tony’s top-secret mission to “handle” an NCIS traitor ended with him in a hospital trying to remember why blood types were found in the street where he’d been shot in the chest. (He was wearing a vest.) As he recounted his whereabouts from last May to the present to Dr. Rachel Cranston, Caitlin’s sister, we saw in flashbacks how his orders from SECNAV Jarvis played out. In case you got lost along the way, here’s a debriefing: READ FULL STORY

'NCIS' begins Port-to-Port Killer arc: Are we whimpering already?


And so it begins: Last night, NCIS started its season-ending serial killer arc (watch), and if the creepy talking baby wasn’t unnerving enough at the top of the episode (that was David McCallum voicing it, CBS confirms), how about that ending? SPOILER ALERT: I was thinking that drink would have come from Ray (Enrique Murciano), Ziva’s boyfriend, who would have coincidentally been drowning his sorrows at the same bar and overheard Tony having his back and telling Ziva that Ray had to keep her in the dark about being the CIA liaison to NCIS on the P2P Killer case. (I didn’t think that omission was that big of a deal myself, but I don’t have Ziva’s track record and trust issues).


TV's Most Dateable Characters: Choose your 'one' from readers' top picks (Poll!)

Dateable-charactersImage Credit: Greg Gayne/NBC; Justin Lubin/NBC; Brian Bowen Smith/Fox; Mitchell Haaseth/NBC; Bob D'Amico/ABC (2)Last week, PopWatch asked readers to name the TV character they’d date in real life. After tallying more than 2,000 nominations (yes, we read them all), we’re ready to take it to a vote. We’ve put your top picks — 25 men, and 29 women (there was a tie for that last spot) — in two polls below. Vote now through Tuesday at midnight ET. Come back Friday when we’ll reveal the results. Remember: You can’t change anything about the character you’re picking, other than that he or she will no longer have feelings for his or her show love interest. (Second rule: Do not feel guilty.) Note: The order the characters are listed in the polls below is how they ranked during the first round, when you could be indecisive. What will happen when you can only pick one?  READ FULL STORY

Which TV character would you date in real life?

TV-characters-to-dateImage Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS; Eric McCandless/ABC; Mitchell Haaseth/NBC; Justin Stephens/NBC; John P. Johnson/HBOSince Valentine’s Day is approaching, we’ve decided it’s time to crown TV’s Most Datable Characters. Here’s how this works: As we did in 2008, we are asking you to name the TV character you’d actually date in real life. The rules remain the same:

1. Hosts or reality TV contestants of any kind are disqualified. The relationship you’re creating is real; your better half must be fictional.
2. You can’t change anything about your partner — other than that he or she will no longer have feelings for the show love interest, obviously.

Here’s what’s different: This year, we’ll tally your nominations — male and female, from current shows only — and, assuming it’s not a landslide, create polls with your top picks and take this to an official vote. The Office‘s Jim Halpert won the men’s title in ’08. Can he repeat? Let’s find out.

To get you thinking, here are a few names being tossed around PopWatch HQ. Remember, if you want them to make the poll round, you have to nominate them as well…  READ FULL STORY

Next week's 'NCIS' to feature 'lost scene.' What do you hope it is? -- EXCLUSIVE

NCIS-PuzzleImage Credit: CBSThe Feb. 8 episode of NCIS finds Gibbs’ team undergoing mandatory psych evaluations. It’s Sweeps fun, yes, and a nod to shows like M*A*S*H, but also something we can all admit is probably long overdue. The episode was written by exec producer Gary Glasberg, who tells EW each character will get his or her time with Dr. Rachel Cranston (Wendy Makkena), and we’ll see flashbacks to key moments from every season of the eight-year-old show. The episode will also feature one never-before-seen scene from the series that CBS is dubbing the “NCIS lost scene.” To get fans talking, the network has just launched the #NCISLostScene campaign. Starting today, a new piece of that lost scene will be revealed in a photo puzzle (pictured) at www.cbs.com/ncis daily, along with a clue for fans to guess what it is. When you take the conversation to Twitter, use the hashtag #NCISLostScene.

We were able to get two clues out of Glasberg:  READ FULL STORY

'NCIS' scoop: Vance paper-shredding mystery solved next week!

Director-VanceImage Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBSIf your head is still reeling, and your heart still pounding, from last night’s episode of NCIS, you’re not alone. The first episode in the two-parter exploring the history between NCIS Director Vance (Rocky Carroll) and Mossad Director Eli David (Michael Nouri) was info- and action-packed. Fan favorite writer Jesse Stern has spent all season working on these two hours. Last night, we watched as Eli ventured off Israeli soil for the first time in 12 years to attend, in-person, Vance’s review of international case files with contributions from all living NCIS directors (RIP, Jenny). He wanted to be there to defend himself when the truth was finally revealed about Vance’s first NCIS mission in Amsterdam 20 years ago. Having an emotional reunion with Ziva and luring out the remaining three members of a Palestinian terror network that wants to assassinate him was just a bonus for him. For viewers, however, those scenes of the joint NCIS-Mossad protection detail running through an ambush scenario in the hotel parking garage, Ziva confronting her father about why he wasn’t begging her forgiveness for leaving her for dead in the desert, and the actual ambush itself, were the highlight of the episode. (Watch them below.)

Eli never made it to the hearing, and the episode ended with Gibbs unable to reach Eli and Vance after a blast went off at the safe house they retreated to (RIP, Hadar). NCIS exec producer Shane Brennan promises the Nov. 23 conclusion will not disappoint. “Vance isn’t gonna wake up at the end of next week’s episode and say it was all a dream,” he jokes. “It’s a cleverly-woven piece of fabric. There are no loose threads to pull at the end of this episode.” That means we’ll finally find out what happened in Amsterdam to shape Vance and set him on-course to become the director of NCIS. (The episode has extensive flashbacks to that pivotal time and, through the magic of makeup and computers, actor Rocky Carroll was able to play Vance at age 27. We’ll have exclusive behind-the-scenes shots on Monday with commentary from Carroll and Brennan.) Brennan tells EW that we’ll also resolve another of the series’ great mysteries: “The infamous paper that was shredded — answered next week,” he says, referring back to the season 5 finale when Vance became director. “The famous last scene that shocked the hell out of everyone, when he walked into his office and shredded one sheet of paper, called everyone in, and shuffled them around the world.” The text Eli sent Vance earlier this season, “I found him,” will also be part of the revelation.

Two more teases: READ FULL STORY

This year's Halloween episodes: Which will be the best?

modern-familyImage Credit: Danny Feld/ABCHalloween episodes are always fun. But the best ones still manage to reveal something about their characters, such as that Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s former vengeance demon Anya is afraid of bunnies, and Bones‘ Brennan, who doesn’t understand 99.9 percent of pop culture references, insists upon dressing up as Wonder Woman every year. Which of this year’s remaining Halloween-themed episodes (sorry, Parenthood and One Tree Hill) sounds like it will become a classic? (We’ve got details straight from the networks on 22 shows. If we’ve missed one, add it in the comments.) Spoiler alert! READ FULL STORY

'NCIS' season premiere: Decent suspense. But enough blood?

ncisImage Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBSNCIS returned last night with an eighth season opener in which, somehow, Ralph Waite (The Waltons), who reprised his role as Gibbs’ father, Jackson, survived. I’m not saying I wanted him to die at the hand of Paloma (Jacqueline Obradors), the head of the Reynosa Drug Cartel who, along with her Mexican justice department official brother Alejandro (Mark Sanchez), wanted to avenge their father’s death from a Gibbs bullet. But I can’t be the only one who had a season 2 finale flashback to Caitlin’s death by sniper as Jackson stood in Gibbs’ home, asking his son to come home and help him rebuild the store Paloma had shot to smithereens after Jackson pulled a shotgun on her.

Fortunately for the Gibbs men, Paloma fell victim to the classic Big Bad mistake of wanting to torture her target before putting an end to him. READ FULL STORY

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