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Joseph Gordon-Levitt pledges to cut himself in half in 'SNL' promos -- VIDEO

The last time JGL hosted SNL, his monologue included two awesome back flips. How’s he going to top that this Saturday? According to the man himself: “I’m gonna cut myself in half! I’ll probably die!”

Thank heavens for the wisdom of Jason Sudeikis, who suggests an alternative in the promos below — “Why don’t you just break dance or something?”

As long as Gordon-Levitt takes Sudeikis’s advice, we should be in for a good show this weekend. The Looper star was a hit when he hosted in 2009, winning praise for his boundless energy and enthusiasm. (Even though Ken Tucker wasn’t a huge fan.) If the promos are any indication, we can expect a JGL who’s a little more subdued — but no less entertaining — come Saturday night. Also, did you know he’s a ninja? Watch and be amazed:


Seth MacFarlane's 'SNL' promos promise goofy voices and lots of bleeping

Here’s what we learned from the following video, a collection of promos for Seth MacFarlane’s upcoming stint hosting SNL:

– It will never not be weird to see a grown man speak like a homicidal British baby.

– Or, for that matter, like a sophisticated dog, since MacFarlane sounds exactly like Family Guy‘s Brian in real life.

– Save your criticism about Family Guy‘s crassness and its reliance on cutaway humor; MacFarlane’s heard it all before.

– Additionally, he has not slept since 2005.

– Kenan Thompson also made a movie this summer. Probably.


Jimmy Fallon and Chris Christie duet on 'Thunder Road' -- VIDEO

Springsteen worship is a given for New Jersey residents; kids there practically memorize Born to Run before they can walk. Fittingly, the state’s governor may be the biggest Bruce fan of all. As Chris Christie told Jimmy Fallon last night, he’s seen Springsteen live 130 times over the past 37 years. And when Christie watches his idol, he doesn’t just listen quietly with his hands folded in his lap — he pumps his fist and screams along with every song, just as the Boss and nature intended. Christie’s love evidently has no political bounds — the Republican must not mind that Springsteen is a vocal Obama supporter.

Fallon, of course, is also a huge Springsteen fan — and he wasn’t about to let the governor get away without engaging in a little karaoke. Thus, this:


LeakyCon to debut 'A Very Potter 3D' with Darren Criss

While we’re still pretty psyched at the opportunity to do morning yoga led by Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood), the Harry Potter fan convention LeakyCon now boasts an even bigger event: The debut of A Very Potter 3D: A Very Potter Senior YearTeam StarKid will present a one-time only staged reading of the third installment in the Very Potter Musical franchise that made Glee‘s Darren Criss, who’ll be in Chicago on August 11 to participate, famous. Check out the full LeakyCon schedule here. And revisit A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel in their entirety on YouTube. Below, a refresher of where we left off… READ FULL STORY

'Rock of Ages' poll: Best moment of the movie?

Rock of Ages may not be a hit with critics, or at the box office, but for those of us who sat through the movie — of which Tom Cruise’s performance as sex-dripping rock god Stacee Jaxx is widely recognized as the highlight — what was the best moment? Poll below!  READ FULL STORY

Andrew Garfield explains that weird 'Spider-Man' video

A video surfaced Friday of The Amazing Spider-Man costars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone doing a bizarre musical promo for their film, complete with a German exclamation at the end. When asked by Vulture about the ignominious 14 seconds, Garfield marveled, “Is that online? That’s hilarious!” Below, watch the original sing-a-wrong and find out exactly what was going through Garfield and Stone’s heads to inspire the weirdness. READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live' recap: Jagger rocks out, and Kristen Wiig bids farewell

All year, SNL viewers have had one burning question on their minds. And tonight, we finally got an answer: So that is what Chris Kattan looks like now.

Oh, also: Kristen Wiig really is exiting the show. I hate to see her go, but loved watching her leave — that concluding sendoff sketch might have been the sweetest thing on Saturday Night Live since Steve Martin said goodbye to Gilda Radner.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The Kristen Wiig Farewell Tour kicked off with a Lawrence Welk Show reprise that gave Wiig’s tiny-handed Dooneese one last time to shine (at least, until Wiig returns as a guest host). Though this sketch has been well and truly run into the ground since its first appearance in 2008, Wiig’s commitment always makes it work — and last night, she got an extra boost from surprise guest Jon Hamm as suave Italian crooner Gionni Prosciutto (a clever tweak on Jon Hamm’s John Ham). Watching these two make beautiful music together almost makes me wish their characters in Bridesmaids could have worked things out. Not watch this video? Now you’re just being fusilli:


Mick Jagger hosts tonight's 'Saturday Night Live' finale: Talk about it here!

Mick Jagger has managed to stay both incredibly famous and beloved for half a century. Considering the modern era’s notoriously short attention span, that’s no small feat. But despite Jagger’s celebrity magnetism, SNL viewers might find their minds wandering when he hosts tonight’s season finale. Instead of focusing on Jagger, we’ll be focusing on Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis, and Andy Samberg — three veterans who might be leaving the show once Season 37 ends. And if any of them goes, SNL as we know it will change significantly.

Cast members depart at the end of every season — but these three have particularly strong legacies. Or, at least, two of them do. Samberg’s Digital Shorts — created with the help of his Lonely Island cohorts Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer — kept SNL relevant in the digital age and drove the show to start posting its own sketches online. For years, it seemed like Kristen Wiig single-handedly played all of Saturday Night Live‘s female speaking roles — and though cast mates like Vanessa Bayer and Abby Elliott have started picking up her slack, she’s still SNL‘s MVP. Sudeikis hasn’t had as much of an impact as Samberg or Wiig, but he’s always been a solid supporting player; nobody plays a handsome, likeable goof quite like he does.

Even so, I hope the writers don’t use these potential exits to justify bringing back tired old characters — especially Wiig’s one-upper Penelope, or any of the old-fashioned broads she plays in various recurring sketches.  READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live' recap: Welcome to Will Ferrell's Cameo-fest 2012


Children, gather ’round, and I’ll tell you a tale of the long-long ago — when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and every episode of SNL wasn’t stuffed to the gills with celebrity cameos. Today, these amusing guest appearances are an essential part of Saturday Night Live‘s DNA — especially when a former cast member returns as host.

So it’s no surprise that last night’s Will Ferrell-led episode featured surprise appearances by Ana Gasteyer and Will Forte, as well as Will Ferrell’s adorable mom and Battleship star Liam Neeson. But a special, 100th anniversary Digital Short was what really catapulted the show into the cameo-choked stratosphere. This nostalgia-palooza also injected excitement into an episode that was pretty by the numbers. (The only real shock: No “Celebrity Jeopardy” sketch. Damn you, Trebek!)

Will Ferrell’s next big project is The Campaign, a political comedy that opens in August. But since the movie’s debut is still several months away, it wouldn’t have made much sense for Ferrell to plug it now. Luckily, Ferrell’s got a famous impression that also serves as a tacit Campaign promotion: his George W. Bush, who has apparently been roaming the hallways of Obama’s White House since he got lost chasing a butterfly in ’09. Ferrell’s genial, dim-witted Bush is a great foil for Jason Sudeikis’s petulant Joe Biden — and pairing them as fratty, overgrown Calvin and Hobbes analogues (Obama thinks Biden’s friend “George” is imaginary) in the cold open was a stroke of genius. Get your damn pants on, we’re about to bomb blabbity blee blee blah blah:


Will Ferrell hosts tonight's 'Saturday Night Live': Talk about it here!

Will Ferrell doesn’t need to do much to win over Saturday Night Live‘s audience. If he appears dressed as Alex Trebek, they’ll be eating out of his hand. If he so much as says the word “cowbell,” the cheers will be deafening. So on tonight’s show, will Ferrell simply break out his George W. Bush, bring back Rachel Dratch for another “Lovers” sketch, do a few “GOU-let”s for good measure, and call it a night? Or will he — and the rest of SNL‘s cast — reject retreads of old sketches in favor of new material?

Yeah… that probably won’t happen.  READ FULL STORY

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