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Fake Bieber biopic trailer: It's hard out here for a Canadian

Justin Bieber’s unlikely rise to superstardom is a story for the ages. As legend has it, a scrappy young Biebs endured nearly twelve whole years on this planet before achieving international notoriety, all the while facing snide put-downs from record executives (“Brushing your hair forward like that ain’t gonna help us sell any records. Foreheads are where it’s at, Bieber!”) and his long-suffering mother’s gentle but firm reality checks. (“Did you ever hear of a young, white, cute, Christian male making it in America?” Well, have you?)

At least, that’s the story told in 8 Kilometers: The Gritty Life Story of Justin Bieber, a new faux trailer from UCB Comedy. Though the video misses a golden opportunity to showcase Glee Project contestant Dani Shay‘s swoopy bangs, it’s a great parody of the trailer for Justin Bieber: Never Say Never  — and, specifically, the way it portrays its subject’s struggle as something uniquely difficult. He worked his entire 18-year-long life for this, you guys! Check out the clip for yourself below.


D'oh! of the Week: 'The Great Gatsby' trailer goof


Like his other films Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet, and Strictly Ballroom, the trailer for Baz Lurhmann’s take on the classic novel The Great Gatsby is crammed with bunches of stuff, from sparkly confetti to fringe-y flapper dresses, extravagant pools to the bright lights of 1920s Times Square. So perhaps it shouldn’t be so shocking that one of those period details isn’t quite right.

Thanks to eagle-eyed Twitter follower @AmyOriss, I was alerted to the fact that the film misspells the famed Ziegfeld Follies:  READ FULL STORY

The 'Looper' trailer teaser got us thinking: Do teasers for trailers actually work?

The teaser for the movie trailer, or “trailer trailers” — this new species of Hollywood marketing — is suddenly everywhere, hyping the first looks at movies like Prometheus, John CarterThe Avengers, Total Recall, and now the Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Rian Johnson sci-fi thriller Looper (embedded below). As the Los Angeles Times noted today, movie trailer releases have become massive events in their own right, so studio marketing machines have seized upon the idea of giving them mini-ad campaigns to build up interest for them.

So is this new promotional tool a boon, activating a fan base’s excitement and making general audiences feel more connected to what’s playing at the multiplex? Or is it an invasive strain of artificial hype that threatens to wipe out all other forms of entertainment life until we are left with only a feedback loop of advertising for advertising of advertising featuring commemorative t-shirts that are also advertisements?

Or, to put it in bean-counter terms, are they getting more people to go see movies? READ FULL STORY

'Hunger Games' goes Disney: How Jasmine and John Smith would fare in the arena — VIDEO

Picture this iconic Hunger Games scene: an arena filled with tributes, the audience waiting with bated breath, the countdown ending…and Jasmine, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, and Alice in Wonderland all racing towards the cornucopia. Thanks to the brilliance of YouTube user xPhiloSophieX, this baffling scene has become a reality. Well, sort of. In the re-imagined YouTube trailer, the Hunger Games characters are replaced by iconic Disney ones, from Jasmine as Katniss, to Cinderella as Effie, to John Smith as a tribute. It’s epic, it’s mesmerizing, it’s pure genius. Watch the video after the jump: READ FULL STORY

New 'Descendants' TV promos: Are they giving away too much?


Even if you haven’t gotten around to seeing Alexander Payne’s Oscar-nominated tragicomedy The Descendants yet (which you’d better hop to, considering there’s only 17 days left until the 84th Annual Academy Awards), you probably already know quite a bit about it. You certainly know that the film has done well on the awards circuit thus far (thanks, largely to Best Actor nominee George Clooney), you know it’s been a favorite amongst critics, and if you saw the first trailer for the movie, then you know its about a family man living in a Hawaiian paradise but dealing with the hell of coming to terms with his recently injured wife’s infidelity.

But in new TV spots for the Fox Searchlight film, it looks as though they’re advertising under the assumption that most people have seen it by now. READ FULL STORY

James Franco's 'The Broken Tower': Will you only watch for his gay love scenes?

Let us briefly flash back to January of 2011, when a pre-Oscar-disaster James Franco — riding the success wave of 127 Hours — was as buzzworthy as, say, Jessica Chastain. It was around this time that news of Franco’s recently completed Hart Crane biopic, The Broken Tower, reignited the is-he-or-isn’t-he-gay chatter that has followed the actor since at least his Milk days. The film, which Franco also wrote and directed, follows the life of Crane, an early 20th century poet who is widely known for his alcoholism and eventual suicide at the age of 32. He was also a tortured homosexual, so 99 percent of the talk on this film was about the blow job scene, natch. Check out the trailer below:


The 25 Best Movie Trailers of 2011

The recipe for making a movie trailer used to be so simple. You’d just edit together the 10 or 11 most exciting parts of the film — gunshots for an action movie, kisses for a romance, pratfalls for a comedy — and then let the voice-of-god narrator loudly assure the audience that the movie on display was sure to be the best movie… ever.

Like all advertising, though, movie trailers have evolved madly in the last few decades. Heck, movie trailers have become genuine pop culture events. (We live in an era that has previews for previews.) Some trailers tease us with an intriguing new story line; some reintroduce us to franchises we’d long since forgotten about. The very best function as a primal delivery system for pure cinematic bliss. So let’s follow Lisbeth Salander’s lead (see above), break out our laptops, and count down our favorite movie trailers of 2011, starting with… READ FULL STORY

Is 'The Lucky One' reaching with the standard Nicholas Sparks movie wet kiss? (Does it matter?)


If you’re a fan of Nicholas Sparks movies, you probably thought two things watching the trailer for The Lucky One: Zac Efron’s biceps are huge, and another wet kiss? There’s the legendarily steamy Notebook downpour kiss on the dock, the smoldering Dear John rain kiss in a house under construction, the we’re-in-a-hurricane kiss in Nights in Rodanthe, and the we’re-in-the-ocean horsing around kiss in The Last Song. In Message in a Bottle, there’s a love scene by a large bedroom window that shows it’s raining outside, and in the school play in A Walk to Remember, Mandy Moore’s chanteuse character is supposed to have just walked in from the rain when she sings for Shane West’s club owner and he kisses her. In The Lucky One trailer, we see Taylor Schilling’s character grab Zac Efron’s character when he’s washing his hands in some kind of an outdoor shower. At first, it’s like, really? They have to stand under a weak outdoor shower. But then it’s like, oh, this appears to be the start of the sexiest Nicholas Sparks movie love scene since The Notebook. (Anyone else still surprised that butt grab made the trailer?)

So my question is: Is The Lucky One reaching with this kiss? Or does the end justify the means?  READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live' recap: Host Katy Perry was surprisingly restrained. Matt Damon, Val Kilmer, and Alec Baldwin? Not so much

The word on the street about last night’s Saturday Night Live was that the show would be all about Katy Perry’s breasts. True, by “the word on the street” I really mean “something Katy Perry said earlier in the week to get people to watch.” But a heavage-heavy show wouldn’t have been a surprising scenario. After all, the last time the pneumatic hit machine appeared on SNL she was treated as something to be squeezed into a too-tight Elmo t-shirt rather than someone who could necessarily be trusted to bring the funny.


'Friday Night Lights' forever: The cast is popping up everywhere these days! Score!

Okay, so it certainly would have been nice if the demand for the exceptionally talented cast of Friday Night Lights had been this high while the show was actually, you know, on the air, as opposed to after the show’s run. But, as any true blue FNL fan can attest, we’ll take more Riggins, Coach, Mrs. Coach, and the other attractive, complex, football-loving citizens of Dillon, Texas where we can get them. (Except for you, Epyck. Everyone but you.)


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