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'Blubberella': Uwe Boll unleashes the trailer for his supersized superhero movie

The other week we brought you the news that much critiqued Teutonic auteur Uwe Boll had made a comedy about a supersized superheroine called Blubberella. Well, never mind the Boll, uh, announcements. The director has just released the trailer for his new meisterwork, which stars Lindsay Hollister as the titular half-human, half-vampire hero and Boll himself as—and we’re not joking here—Hitler.

You can watch the trailer for both that and Bloodrayne 3: The Third Reich—the movie Blubberella parodies, and which was filmed simultaneously—after the jump. Be warned: the latter contains some rough language.

What do you think of Uwe’s latest offerings? Which of the two films would you rather see?


'Kung Fu Panda 2' teaser: Staring contest, go!

Kung Fu Panda was an unexpected delight in summer 2008. It was smart. It had style. It featured Ian McShane as an evil snow leopard, and everyone knows that the only thing cooler than Ian McShane is an evil snow leopard. Now, your friends at DreamWorks are hoping you liked KFP1 so much that you’ll be back for more, more, more! Don’t get too excited for the new Kung Fu Panda 2 teaser, though  — it’s just a couple of fat jokes, followed by a sustained staring contest joke that actually becomes funnier the longer it lasts (following the Sideshow Bob Rake Gag rule of comedy.) Check it out! READ FULL STORY

Kevin James talks to the animals in 'Zookeeper' teaser

In a matter of months, we’ll learn which of this year’s pedigreed prestige films won Oscars, and it will be time to turn our gaze toward silly summer season. But why wait? We just got a peek at July’s Kevin James comedy Zookeeper and now you can too. For starters, the family film looks to crib pretty heavily from Eddie Murphy’s Doctor Dolittle and Ben Stiller’s A Night at the Museum, with the King of Queens himself as a lug who stumbles upon a menagerie of talking animals after-hours at the Franklin Park Zoo. Presumably, mayhem ensues (as well as an array of poop jokes). Ahh, but what about the plot, you ask? Well, it turns out that James’ lonelyheart Griffin Keyes is about to quit his job at the zoo to find a more glamorous gig to help attract the ladies. The animals don’t want to see him leave so they agree to break their age-old code and reveal to the guy that they can actually talk. And not only talk, but teach him what they know about how to woo the fairer sex. Listen close and you may hear the all-star voices of Cher, Nick Nolte, Sylvester Stallone, and James’ bestie Adam Sandler. READ FULL STORY

'No Strings Attached' trailer: Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher have lots of sex

The trailer for No Strings Attached — not to be confused with the Justin Timberlake/Mila Kunis film Friends With Benefits — wants you to know one thing: Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher have lots of sex. They play old friends who finally get physical because she’s an overworked doctor who wants someone in her bed at 2 a.m. that she doesn’t have to have breakfast with afterwards. The twist: He’s the one who falls hard for her. She encourages him to sleep with other people, she gets jealous, and we’re guessing we know how this story ends. The question is, will it be fun along the way? If The Office‘s Mindy Kaling gets more screentime, yes. Watch it below.  READ FULL STORY

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston 'Just Go With It' in new trailer

The Farrelly brothers’ Hall Pass clip just hit the webs, and now we’ve got the trailer for Adam Sandler’s new movie Just Go With It. It’s quite the day for middling comedies that land in theaters in February! And serendipitously — or not? — Just Go With It runs in the same vein as Hall Pass. That is to say, both are romance and comedy focused, but not typical rom-coms — they’re both much more of the dude variety.

While Hall Pass features two married men (Jason Sudeikis and Owen Wilson) getting a free week from matrimony to do whatever they want, Just Go With It focuses on a single guy (Sandler) whose schtick for picking up the ladies is to pretend he’s married, wedding band and all. It’s a tactic that seems to work, until he meets a girl he actually likes (Sports Illustrated swimsuit pinup, Brooklyn Decker), takes off the ring, wines and dines her to great success, and then … she finds the ring. Oops! Which leads Sandler’s character to enlist his friend — played by a frumpy-ish Jennifer Aniston — to act like his soon-to-be ex-wife, to prove he’s not a lowlife. (How would that ever really work? Oh wait, this is Hollywood!) It spirals from there: Aniston gets a slammin’ makeover, a low-brow penis joke unfurls, and the smokin’ hot Decker emerges from the ocean clad in a tiny bikini. Dude-ish dudes are gonna love this trailer! Watch it here:


Farrelly brothers comedy 'Hall Pass' trailer released: Watch it here

The trailer for the Farrelly brothers comedy Hall Pass has just hit the web. The movie — which stars Jenna Fischer, Owen Wilson, Christina Applegate, and Jason Sudeikis as two boringly married couples — revolves around the concept of a marital “hall pass” — that is, “A week off from marriage to do whatever you want without consequences.” I must say, I’ve never heard of that before. (Have you?) These two couples aren’t exactly happy in their marriages, as the guys constantly check out other ladies, so one week free seems like the right thing to do. Wrong! As you might imagine, there are a lot of dude-ish laughs (to boot, the movie is touted in the trailer as “from the guys that brought you There’s Something About Mary“) to be mined from this set-up — the trailer features Wilson and Sudeikis petting each other while stoned; gorging themselves at Applebee’s; and learning modern pick-up techniques in bars. One of the best parts of the clip? Joy Behar! The ever-sassy View co-host shows up in what seems to be a cameo role to give the wives her sagely brand of advice: “”Married men believe that, if not for you, they could actually be with these other women.” Ha! Clearly, they cannot. Check out the looks-pretty-good trailer here:


New 'Sucker Punch' trailer will wake you up better than coffee

You can skip the coffee this morning: the new Sucker Punch trailer is basically a double-shot of visual caffeine, straight from the mind of 300 filmmaker Zack Snyder.

Officially, the movie (in theaters March 25) is about a girl named Baby Doll (Emily Browning) who is locked up in a mental institution by her stepfather. Her only hope for escape is to team up with her fellow inmates (including Abbie Cornish and Jena Malone) on a hero quest that seems to take place in an alternate reality in her mind.

But since this is a Snyder movie, the trailer is really all about the images. Baby Doll’s dreamworld is equal parts wartime Britain and Middle-earth, populated by dragons, robots, and samurai warriors — all of them deadly, of course. This new clip doesn’t offer much more plot or character detail than the first trailer did, but it certainly confirms that the movie’s going to be a heck of a ride. Watch below and then let us know what you think in the comments. READ FULL STORY

'Gulliver's Travels' trailer is, well, exactly what you think

A scrappy, funny modern dude played by Jack Black, on a travel-writing assignment in the Bermuda Triangle, stumbles upon a society full of tiny people played by the likes of Jason Segel and Emily Blunt. He pretends to be a supreme ruler back where he came from, when he’s really just a struggling mail clerk with a dream. Jokes about the Millennium Falcon and Yoda ensue. (Wouldn’t it be great if just once, a hero tried that gambit only to find that the miniature people in medieval garb with British accents turned out to have satellite cable and have seen Star Wars?) In any case, have a look here: READ FULL STORY

'London Boulevard' trailer gives 'Departed' a Brit accent

Oscar-winning screenwriter William Monahan (The Departed) transports familiar themes of crime, loyalty, and passionate romance to the U.K. for his directorial debut, London Boulevard. Colin Farrell plays an ex-con who thinks he might be able to stay out of trouble by looking after a gorgeous actress (Keira Knightley). Unfortunately, his former boss (Ray Winstone) isn’t quite ready to give him up. Take a gander: READ FULL STORY

'Rabbit Hole' trailer: Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart move us ... to pack Kleenex

I’m a big fan of John Cameron Mitchell’s last movie Shortbus, so I was excited to see him take on an emotionally complex project like Rabbit Hole, a drama based on the Broadway play of the same name. In it, a successful suburban couple (played by Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart) cope with the accidental death of their young son. The duo are already earning Oscar talk after the film’s well-regarded showing at Toronto and now the trailer has landed online. See it embedded after the jump. READ FULL STORY

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